Mountain Grillers 12-Inch & 16-Inch Heavy Duty Grilling Tongs, 2-Pack

Last updated date: October 7, 2021

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Mountain Grillers 12-Inch & 16-Inch Heavy Duty Grilling Tongs, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Grill Tongs and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Grill Tong you should buy.

Update as September 9, 2021:
Checkout The Best Grill Tongs for a detailed review of all the top grill tongs.

Overall Take

Available in your choice of two different sizes, 12 or 16 inches, these grill tongs have all the basics covered. You'll get a locking mechanism to keep them snugly stored, as well as a round loop that can be used to hang them. The nonslip grip will help you avoid messy accidents as you're moving food from the grill to your plate.

In our analysis, the Mountain Grillers Mountain Grillers 12-Inch & 16-Inch Heavy Duty Grilling Tongs, 2-Pack placed 6th when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Size matters – be the envy of your buddies: don’t be judged by the length of your handle, there’s no need to get too close to that roaring fire as you turn and handle your cuts of meat and veg like a pro! Go long with the mountain griller tong set 12 & 16″ and have complete control of your cooking zone! No more burnt arm hair: cook with the confidence that you will keep your hands away from the heat with the Mountain Grillers extra long metal tongs with a non-slip grip. The quality design allows for easy handling at safe distances from the flame. The varying size gives your tong set the versatility all great grill masters look for in their tools! Save your money and your meat: buy 2 lengths of tong you’re gonna use, rather than 1 you’re not. It’s easy to purchase the first thing that looks ok, but, he or she who buys cheap buy twice! The quality is apparent and the ease of use a bbq geeks dream! Look the part and keep the tongs apart: it’s important to know what your doing come meal time and the first rule of barbecue is not to mix raw with cooked by turning your chicken and then your steak for example – protect your reputation when cooking up a storm and throwing awesome backyard parties. You’re the king now! Cleaner tools = meaner meat: store your tongs and tools on your barbeque by the hanging loops so your grill accessories are always close at hand. Made to fit weber grills. There’s nothing worse than having a messy environment when your cooking, keep organized, and rule your cooking zone!

An Overview On Grill Tongs

If you’re going to spend some time cooking outdoors this summer, you’ll need a good set of grilling tools. One of the most vital every grill master needs is a pair of tongs, which help you easily flip items and remove them when they’re done.

But tongs for your outdoor grill have distinct differences from the kind you’ll buy for indoor cooking. First up, there’s the length. A pair of grilling tongs should be longer to keep your hands protected from the intense heat inside a grill. Tongs for grilling are typically at least 12 inches long, but you can find some as long as 18 inches.

Of course, those longer, heavy-duty tongs can make it tough to control smaller items you’re cooking. For that reason, many grilling tongs feature ridged or scalloped edges in the gripping area to make it easier to grab onto the food. Also take a close look at the handle of the tongs you’re choosing. One that’s designed to provide a comfortable grip will make your grilling sessions much more pleasant and result in less hand strain.

Of course, most of the time, your tongs will be in storage, awaiting use. Before you start shopping around, consider where you’ll store them when you aren’t grilling. If you want to hang them on a hook, you’ll need a pair that has a loop built in. For tongs that will be stored in a drawer, a locking mechanism that keeps the tongs in the closed position can come in handy.

The Grill Tong Buying Guide

  • Grilling tongs can be exposed to extreme heat. Make sure you choose a pair that can hold up well in those conditions. Stainless steel is a durable material that can also be tossed in the dishwasher after each use.
  • Rust resistance is also important in a pair of grilling tongs, particularly if you’ll be washing them in the dishwasher or leaving them in the elements.
  • With any grilling tools, it’s important to make sure the design is long enough to keep your hand safely away from the flames that will inevitably jump up as you shift your food around on the cooking surface.
  • In addition to tongs, your outdoor grilling will also likely call for a spatula and basting brush. You’ll also need a platter for transporting your foods, and bowls to hold your sauces. For cleanup, you’ll need a grill brush and scraper.
  • Storing your tongs between uses is important. If you are adding your tongs to other tools specifically for grilling, consider a case that will keep everything in one place. But if you’re storing them in a drawer or on a hook, choose one that will make that process easier with features like a hole or locking mechanism.
  • Comfort can make a difference when you’re grilling for a while. This is especially important if you’re hosting a cookout where you’ve invited a large group of people. You could find yourself standing in front of the grill for hours. Having tongs and other tools that have a comfortable handle can make a big difference.