Mother Nature Organics Organic Certified Premium Black Cumin Seed Oil

Last updated date: July 30, 2020

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Mother Nature Organics Organic Certified Premium Black Cumin Seed Oil

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Use this oil either topically, by rubbing it on your skin, or orally, either alone or mixed in with other liquids or foods. It comes in a glass container for those who are averse to plastic containers. It's great for those either on a vegan or vegetarian diet, as well as being GMO-free and free of solvents or alcohol. In our analysis of 22 expert reviews, the Mother Nature Organics Mother Nature Organics Black Cumin Seed Oil placed 3rd when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 30, 2020:
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What experts liked
Whether you talk about quality or effectiveness, this organic black cumin seed oil is not going to disappoint you in any aspect. The dark color and the taste of black seed oil makes it a more genuine and good quality product.
- The Keen Hunter
What experts didn't like
4oz or 8oz variant glass bottle and a 16oz and 32oz variant plastic bottle. Packaging may seem to be cheap.
- The Keen Hunter

From The Manufacturer

Mother Nature Organics Black Seed Oil is a powerful health supplementwith a vast number of benefits, cold pressed from 100% Organic Nigella Sativa. This black seed oil is in a GLASS BOTTLE, certified GMO-free, solvent-free, alcohol-free and suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet

An Overview On Black Cumin Seed Oils

Natural remedies are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been used for years for a variety of health benefits. One of those longtime remedies is cumin seed oil, which has been traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

Cumin seed oil comes from black seeds that are on fruits that grow on the Nigella sativa plant. They can be used in cooking or eaten on their own, although they do have a bitter taste that has been compared to cumin or oregano. But most commonly, you’ll see them used as supplements, either in capsule or oil form.

The oil is most commonly sought out as a possible remedy for inflammation. Black seed oil is thought to have antioxidant properties, and antioxidants are a staple of many households that seek out supplements.

Studies have linked black seed oil to a variety of health benefits, although no supplement should be a replacement for seeking medical advice. Among the conditions black seed oil is used to treat are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and stomach upset.

Cumin seed oil’s benefits don’t stop with your health, though. They can also be used in a variety of beauty treatments. Some people find when mixed with lotion, it can reduce acne, and it can also be applied directly to the skin to treat psoriasis. You can also add it to your favorite lotions and moisturizers.

In addition to your skin, the oil can help condition your hair, as well. Simply apply a little black seed oil to your hair to soften it up and enhance its shine. When trying a topical treatment, apply it to a small area first and monitor the results before expanding to a wider area.

DWYM Fun Fact

Black seed oil has been a popular organic treatment throughout history. In fact, the oil has been credited for Cleopatra’s silky hair and smooth skin. In Pharaoh’s time, physicians are said to have relied on the oil to help treat headaches, digestive disorders, toothaches and more. But perhaps one of the most well-known stories from history dates back to 1300 BC, when black seeds were reportedly found in King Tut’s tomb, put there for him to enjoy in the afterlife. Black seed oil was even mentioned in the Bible, referred to by the name ketzah, which is the Hebrew word for black cumin.

The Black Cumin Seed Oil Buying Guide

  • Before starting any regimen, even if it’s an over-the-counter supplement, be sure to check with your physician. This is especially important if you have health conditions or you’re taking medications that could cause a negative reaction.
  • Your biggest choice when buying black seed oil is how you’ll apply it. Capsules can be easy to take, but oil is more versatile. You can choose an oil you consume orally or apply it directly to your skin.
  • For oral consumption, make sure you choose an oil with a pleasant flavor. Ideally, find one you enjoy taking or can add to a beverage or food item. If you choose an oil that tastes bad, you’ll find yourself putting off taking it.
  • Those on specialized diets will need to look for an edible option that fits. You can find black seed oil that’s non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan friendly and made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Another safety consideration is whether the oil is sourced from seeds that have been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. Look for one that’s labeled safe from those chemicals.
  • When shopping products, pay close attention to any certifications, including those that apply to the plant where a product is manufactured. This helps verify that the claims made on the label are real.
  • The way the oil is extracted from the seeds is important. If heat is introduced into the process, it can reduce its nutritional value. Look for an oil that is labeled “cold-pressed,” which helps preserve the nutrients, flavors and aromas.
  • When it comes to black seed oil, not all seeds are created equal. You’ll find they come from different countries, with Ethiopia being one of the most desired. But Egypt, Syria and India all provide high-quality oil from their black seeds.
  • Light can degrade the potency, scent and taste of your black seed oil. Make sure your chosen oil is in a dark-tinted container and, for best results, store it in a dark, cool place.