Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

Last updated date: August 25, 2020

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Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

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We looked at the top Modkat Litter Boxes and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Modkat Litter Box you should buy.

Update as August 25, 2020:
Checkout The Best Modkat Litter Box for a detailed review of all the top modkat litter boxes.

Overall Take

If you’re looking for a cat litter box that’s actually nice to look at, you’re going to love this one. The modern design keeps litter in the box to stop messes. Plus, it comes with a reusable tarp liner for easy cleanup.

In our analysis of 21 expert reviews, the Modkat Top Entry Litter Box placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The patented design of the Modkat top-entry litter box nearly eliminates litter tracking. The locking lid acts as a walk-off mat that keeps litter in the box and off of your floors.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Aesthetically modern and sleek design that blends with any room decor. Easy to clean the unit.
- Cat Food Dispensers Reviews
Design-wise, the Modkat cat litter box is one of the more aesthetically pleasing products available in the market. The enclosed and durable design gives privacy to your pets, and also protects the litter from being uncovered by the most creative diggers. The unit has a rooftop access where the pet can enter.
- Angela's Cat Care
It’s by far the best looking cat litter box we’ve ever laid eyes on, and you’ll be pleased to hear that there aren’t many sacrifices made in order to look this good. It also excels practicality-wise when compared to it’s competitors. The removable and re-usable liner that you’ll find inside the box makes emptying and refilling a total breeze.
- Idlecat
The scooper is fantastic. I’ve used a lot of litter scoopers and this is by far one of the best. It’s sturdy, the holes aren’t too big or too small, it’s curved perfectly for the corners of the Modkat Litter Box, honestly there’s nothing to complain about at all there.
- Kittyclysm
When it comes to cleaning, the Modkat Top Entry Litter Box has a few advantages over other types of litter boxes. The lid connects directly to the body of the box, but it swivels, providing easy access for scooping. Swiveling the lid causes any litter that is collected on the surface to fall back into the box. Once you finish cleaning the box, the lid locks back into place.
- Mr. Catmandu
Modkat is a spacious litter box that will allow your cat to go in and out of it without any problems. Your pet will also be able to squat or turn around quite comfortably once inside the box. The patented design of Modkat Litter Box will almost eliminate litter tracking in your home. Its locking lid also acts as a walk-off mat that will keep the litter where it belongs – in the box.
- Top Litter Boxes
Manufactured by Modkat and made from BPA free ABS plastic, this top entry litter box has a stunning mirror finish. This award winning litter box has even been featured in the new york times and Animal Planet’s show “My Cat from Hell”. You really get the impression a lot of thought has gone into the litter box.
- Grubby Cat
Combines sophistication with practicality. Cats seem to like the design, plus it’s super easy to assemble and clean.
- The Pets Master

What experts didn't like

High price. The unti does not cover feces completely or urine smell as it has an opening on top.
- Cat Food Dispensers Reviews
Plastic material will start to smell after years of use. Metal component wears after constant use. Finds it hard to prevent litter from touching the floor.
- Angela's Cat Care
Some have reported issues with urine soaking into the seams of the lining after prolonged use.
- Idlecat
I’m not the biggest fan of the price tag.
- Kittyclysm
Reusable liners must be replaced approximately once every 3 months, or potentially more frequently if you have more than one cat. Liners can be scratched by more aggressive cats and are a pain to clean.
- Mr. Catmandu
Not designed for larger cats. It should not be used for older or disabled pets either since they will not be able to access the entry on top and go in and out as they please.
- Top Litter Boxes
- Grubby Cat
The only downside lies in the fact that extra-large or older cats may have a hard time using this box, so it may not work perfectly for all kitties.
- The Pets Master

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Modkat Litter Boxes

If you have a feline friend in your home, it’s likely you have encountered a litter box. This is an indoor collection box for a cat’s feces and urine so that they can do their business in one place instead of elsewhere around your home. Inside the litter box there is usually cat litter, which is a sand-like material that absorbs odors so that your home doesn’t smell of cat urine. Modkat is a high-end cat litter box company that creates aesthetically pleasing, stylish and highly functional litter boxes that not only look nice in your home but reduce mess and odors as well.

One of the problems with having a cat litter box in your home is that cats often spray the litter around while they are using the box. This means you have granular particles all around the floor of your litter box, which can create a big mess if not cleaned up right away. The Modkat litter box is enclosed in such a way so that the cats cannot spread the litter outside of the box.

Another issue is odor. Some cat litter is actually designed to deodorize the area, but it may not be strong enough to capture all of the smell from the box. A cat litter box that is designed with odor in mind helps to keep your home smelling fresh.

The Modkat Litter Box Buying Guide

  • When you’re looking for a Modkat litter box, the first thing to consider is what style of box you need. They specialize in creating tray-style, flip-style, front-entry and top-entry litter boxes. Your cat may prefer to get into the litter box in a particular way. Plus, your cat’s size, age and any mobility issues may also affect which kind of Modkat littler box it can use. For example, a top-entry litter box is only suitable for cat up to 12 pounds.
  • Take a look at how much space you have for the litter box, depending on where in your home you’re keeping it. Many people put a cat litter box in the bathroom or in the laundry room, for example. Your space will also affect which kind of box you can accommodate. Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your cat with enough room around the box to get in and out conveniently.
  • Most Modkat litter boxes use a reusable liner. This is a great way to keep the litter box clean and make it easier to ensure everything is hygienic.