Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress

Last updated date: September 10, 2020

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Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress

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Overall Take

The addition of a memory foam topper makes this tri-fold bed comfortable for overnight sleep. You can use this bed for camping or during a sleepover. It has high-density construction that will not lose its shape. In our analysis of 71 expert reviews, the Milliard Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress placed 1st when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note September 10, 2020:
Checkout The Best Folding Mattress for a detailed review of all the top folding mattresses.

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12 expert reviews
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1,739 user reviews
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What experts liked
Our Editor’s Pick, the Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress from Milliard, is a standout for several reasons. For one, its 6″ profile makes it thicker than average and suitable for heavier individuals. The mattress is also constructed with a comfort layer of memory foam over 4.5″ of high-density polyfoam. These components create a ‘Medium Firm’ feel that offers even conforming and good pressure relief.
- Tuck
It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are out traveling or have unexpected guests coming over, you can make great use of this mattress. The mattress is also made portable so that you can carry it wherever you go. All you need to do is fold it and pack it in the back of your car. It provides you with an instant sleeping solution wherever you go.
- Foam Globes
Millard’s six-inch twin memory foam option checks all the boxes. With a 1.5-inch memory foam topper supported by 4.5 inches of polyfoam, this twin should offer enough support to make sleeping on the go comfortable and easy, without breaking the bank, or your back.
- Sleep Advisor
Using the safest construction and passing all consumer use standards, this mattress offers a reliable service free from ozone depleters, CFC’s, lead, heavy metals, prohibited phthalates or PBDE flame retardants. This ensures your health is safe together with the environment’s safety as it only emits lowest VOC.
- Industry Ears
Awesome mats! We bought 5 for when we get company and everyone that sleeps on them is so impressed with the comfort. Several now have asked where we got our mats and purchased them as well.
- Millard Bedding
The memory foam content offers breathable and ventilated surface that regulates sleep temperature with the boost of the ultra-soft and removable jacquard bamboo cover that keeps the mattress in place with the anti-slip bottom.
- Hands on Mattress
The addition of memory foam takes this mattress to the next level. Memory foam is a special type of foam that cushions the body, providing superior comfort and support during sleep. The memory foam in the Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is ventilated to ensure adequate airflow.
- Fold Up Mattress
The layers of foam create a medium firm feel that can accomodate most sleeping positions with pressure relief and support. Heavyweight sleepers, who tend to sleep hot, will also enjoy the bamboo cover, which is naturally breathable and cooler than other fabrics.
- Mattress Nerd
Considering that most folding mattresses are quite thin, Milliard’s 6″ mattress really stands out from the competition. It’s constructed of two layers, where the support layer is made of high-density foam. On top of it, there’s a layer of memory foam, which provides nice pressure relief.
- Disturb Me Not
The Tri-Folding Mattress is notable for its removable cover, as that simplifies a lot of the cleaning and maintenance. The bottom is also non-slip so the mattress does not move around while you are sleeping.
- Mattress Guide
The second part of this mattress is the 4.5 inches of the base that supports the memory foam. The thick base supports the memory foam to give you both comfort and stability.
- Sleep Standards
Since it folds up for convenient storage, you can have more than one Milliard Tri Fold Mattress available for guests or other special occasions.
- Best Mattress Report
What experts didn't like
Doesn’t come with a storage bag. Smells bad.
- Foam Globes
There is one big issue I have with this mattress, it stinks. It smells like chemicals. I’ve been trying to air it out to no avail. Wished I could have been forewarned as I would not have purchased it.
- Millard Bedding
Might not be ideal if you’re looking for a folding mattress you can take on the road with you. Even the smallest size, the twin size, is fairly large when folded up, measuring 38 in. x 26 in. x 18 in. The mattress does not come with any sort of carrying case or bag, and there are no handles on the mattress, either.
- Fold Up Mattress
All cost more than the average foldable bed.
- Mattress Nerd
Not supportive enough for some stomach sleepers.
- Disturb Me Not
Not as soft as other mattresses. It takes several hours to expand to full size.
- Mattress Guide
Extra heavy people may need to add a Milliard 2-Inch gel cover for maximum comfort.
- Best Mattress Report

From The Manufacturer

An ample 4½ inches of medium-firm polyurethane foam supports a 1½ inch layer of spongy soft memory foam for an ideal balance between supple body support and rich softness to send even light sleepers into dreamland without clunky springs or bed frames to creak or poke. Perfect for an unexpected sleep over guest, camping and traveling. Wherever you go and whatever you do, use the Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress for the sleep you love. For over a decade, customers have favored the comfort and reliability of Milliard products as a brand they can trust. Our design has you in mind, so you know your mattress is just right the first time, every time.

Overall Product Rankings

Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress
1. Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 12
Milliard Space Saver 4-Inch Tri Folding Mattress
3. Milliard Space Saver 4-Inch Tri Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 3
Olee Sleep 4-Inch Folding Memory Foam Mattress Topper
4. Olee Sleep 4-Inch Folding Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 9
Best Choice Products Foam Folding Mattress
5. Best Choice Products Foam Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 4
Inofia 4-Inch Memory Foam Bamboo Folding Mattress
6. Inofia 4-Inch Memory Foam Bamboo Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 9
Inofia Memory Foam Tri-Fold Non-Slip Folding Mattress
7. Inofia Memory Foam Tri-Fold Non-Slip Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 4
Cushy Form Compact Tri-Fold Folding Mattress
8. Cushy Form Compact Tri-Fold Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 4
Cozzzi Lightweight Trifold Foam Folding Mattress
10. Cozzzi Lightweight Trifold Foam Folding Mattress
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 4

An Overview On Folding Mattresses

A folding mattress is a cost-effective and portable sleep surface that comes in handy whenever you have extra guests or are traveling. They typically have either two folds (also called a bi-fold mattress) or three folds (known as a tri-fold mattress). The number of folds affects how small you can fold the mattress, which is useful for traveling and storage. A folding mattress works well in small spaces because they are fairly thin, with the average measuring between four and six inches high. This way, they are easy to tuck into small spaces when you don’t need them.

Folding mattresses are usually made out of polyfoam or memory foam. Polyfoam is similar to a regular mattress and is extremely comfortable and durable. Memory foam is an option that offers pressure-point relief and a good night’s sleep. It also has some polyfoam in it but the top layer is usually made of memory foam.

If you often have overnight guests and don’t have room for a guest bed, a folding mattress is useful to have. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, such as on the living room floor. This is also a good choice for kids’ sleepovers. You can send them with a folding mattress and a sleeping bag to their friends’ house so they have a comfortable night’s sleep. Plus, many foldable mattress covers are washable, so it’s not a problem if anyone has an accident or spill.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, a folding mattress provides the extra padding you need to have a restful sleep in your tent. Folding mattresses can compress enough to fit in the trunk of your car or in a large backpack. This way, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the uneven and hard ground.

DWYM Fun Fact

Keeping your folding mattress clean is important, especially if it’s used by multiple people or taken outdoors. Check to see whether your folding mattress has a removable cover. These can usually be washed in the washing machine. If not, you’ll need to spot clean the mattress. Keep in mind that you cannot put a foam mattress in the washing machine because it will tear.

Begin by vacuuming both sides of the folding mattress well. Then you can deodorize the mattress by mixing one part laundry detergent with two parts warm water in a spray bottle, and gently spraying the surface of the mattress. Do not spray enough to soak the surface. Getting too much moisture on the foam can damage its structure.

The Folding Mattress Buying Guide

  • When you’re shopping for a folding mattress, consider how you will mostly be using it. For example, will this be primarily for overnight guests or will you be taking it outdoors camping? Is this for your kids to take to sleepovers or just an extra bed in case you need it? This will help you decide what kind of mattress is best for your needs.
  • Check to see what kind of protective cover the folding mattress has and whether it can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. Some folding mattress covers cannot be removed. If your mattress is mostly for outdoor use, look for one that is waterproof.
  • Many folding mattresses have non-slip padding on the bottom. This is great for making sure your mattress stays put while in use. Some can shift around, particularly on hardwood or tile floors without the non-slip padding.
  • Consider how much storage space you have for the mattress. Keep in mind that tri-fold mattresses typically make a smaller but wider package once folded, as compared to bi-fold mattresses, because they have an extra folded layer. Most folding mattresses are between three and eight inches thick.
  • Did you know that folding mattresses come in different sizes, just like regular mattresses? You can find ones in king, queen, double and twin sizes, in addition to other custom ones.  Decide what’s best for your needs and storage space.
  • If you’re planning on taking your folding mattress with you on any travels, take a look at the weight. A heavy and bulky mattress will be difficult to carry. Many folding mattresses weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, but you can also find some that weigh up to 30 pounds.