Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Last updated: February 21, 2024

This massager's combination of Shiatsu and deep tissue strokes provide relief from every angle. There are also heat and air options for further customization. It's designed to hit pressure points to ease foot pain.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This foot massager is a heated to treat discomfort from every angle.

In our analysis of 188 expert reviews, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager placed 4th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Brand You Can Trust At Miko we strive to deliver the best in home massage systems, but we don’t stop there. With this powerful shiatsu foot massager with air pressure, you’ll be able to enjoy spa grade massages in your own home. Best of all it’s way below the cost of going to the spa, massage parlor, or salon. Enjoy a light or deep massage with kneading at the touch of a button. With the Miko Shiatsu foot massager you have the ability to personalize your massage with our various settings. Give your aching feet the luxury they deserve. Ease Of Use Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat rejuvenates tired leg muscles and aching feet. * Washable cloth cover * Standard plug-in power source The Best Investments In Life Are Investments In Yourself Kick back. Relax. Melt your stress and tension away. Allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate to recharge your batteries and promote efficiency. With this powerful yet portable shiatsu foot massager by Miko, you can relieve those tired, aching feet as well as a professional does. The foot massager by Miko requires no effort, and does not ask for anything in return; kick back and read your book, watch that movie, have that glass of wine, or do nothing. You’re sure to love our machine and cherish the time you have to use it. Features – The independent foot chambers delivers a shiatsu massage to bottom & sides of feet – Deep-kneading & soothing natural vibrations relieve tired muscles – Center control panel w/soft-touch buttons; dial in personalized massage settings (strength, massage type, and heat) – Independently selectable heat function applies gentle warmth to tired muscles – Ultra portable, easy to clean, removable washable cloth cover; standard plug-in power – Compact; can be stored under most standard sofas while not in use World Class Product, World Class Staff What Can It Do ? – Relieves tightness in the pressure points of your feet – Massages the bottom of your feet and delivers soothing heat – Independent chambers fill with air to apply pressure to those tired feet – 5 Different adjustable pressure levels – Fits up to size 12, 15 minute auto shut-off Specs & Details – Product: 43x40x20 CM – Packaging:44x42x22 CM – Weighs:12 LBS – Massage Strength: 5 Levels What Is Included? – Miko Shaitsu Foot Massager – Power Adapter – Wireless Remotes – Manual The Best In Luxury AIR COMPRESSION WITH HEAT Fully customizable massage preference settings allows for the perfect massage experience. 5 different pressure levels with a deep-kneading feature for pressure point stimulation to improve blood flow. Air pressure pads allows your feet to be fully encased in the massager to reach those tough areas. Heat feature it presented to loosen those tense muscles and ligaments after being over-used. WIRELESS REMOTES Our 2 wireless remotes helps prevent strain to your back by not having to crouch down to change modes. The massager is simple to use and easy to control the settings that you prefer by simply clicking the options on the remote. Our customers have let us know how convinient the remote has been to them and we are so glad to include it with our massager. COMFORT WHEN YOU NEED IT Enjoy the Miko massager at the comfort of your own home while getting a spa grade massage. We spare no expense in the design phase of massager and we make sure that functionally comes first! The massager is portable and extremely sleek. Take it with you and enjoy the benefits of the shaitsu foot massager.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Combines deep Shiatsu massage,air pressure and heat for one of the most complete foot masages available.
The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is one of the most advanced options available, and after a few weeks of using it daily, we found it lived up to its caliber. The massager features two cloth-covered foot chambers which apply soothing shiatsu massage to the bottom and sides of feet.
Wireless Remotes – The Miko foot massager comes with not one, but two wireless remote controllers. The remote controls will allow you to change the unit’s settings without having to bend over. This can be very useful for elderly users.
This foot massager is powerful and tends to offer an invigorating massage even on its lowest settings, which is a boon for people who stand on their feet all day.
The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager earned the top spot on our list thanks to its many settings and easy-to-use adjustments that help people find the best mode for their needs. It offers an optional heat setting for added comfort and relaxation, while the two independent foot chambers provide a soothing massage experience to all sides of the feet.
Along with having the most positive reviews of all electric foot massagers on Amazon, this heated shiatsu model is also a hit among Strategist readers. Earlier this year, it was one of our best-selling products, not surprising when you consider that Amazon reviewers describe it as “wonderful,” “amazing,” and the “best investment EVER.” Three reviewers are “obsessed” with this foot massager, and one even says it’s “so much better than [a] human massage therapist.”
If you are worried about the cleaning process, fear no more, the cloth cover is washable, removable, and easy to clean.
It applies air pressure around the entire foot in each chamber separately while rollers and kneading nodes work on the sides and bottoms. Also, vibration is applied into the chambers. You can also activate heat for extra relief if you want to.
It is very compact in shape and occupies very little space. The charcoal gray color makes it look classy and stylish.
It has 2 independent foot chambers massage each foot independently. This massager from Miko comes in a stylish charcoal gray color so it won’t be an eyesore in your home or office. It has shiatsu nodes to give your feet a complete massage that can closely replicate what you get in a professional massage facility.
This beast looks like a virtual reality system, but, in fact, it’s just an advanced and rather sophisticated shiatsu foot massager. The design is certainly ultra-sleek and super polished.
This massager has 5 pressure and heat settings and includes air compression chambers which work to reduce tension along with rollers relieve muscle tension. The fabric liners of the Miko are removable for washing.
The design of this foot massager gives you two independent spaces for your feet to find comfort. You should slip your foot into the massager like you’re wearing a slipper and the equipment does the rest of the work for you.
The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager offers a number of neat features, including remote control operation, adjustable heat, and two different massaging actions (kneading or vibrating).
The machine is easy to maintain and clean as it comes with a washable and long-lasting cover.
Compact and easy to store under most sofas. asy to clean. Attractive design. 2 wireless remotes included. Heat function. Vibrating, kneading and rolling massage. Quiet.
The control panel in the center and has different buttons for pressure, massage type, and heat. You can also use one of the 2 included wireless remote controls to customize the massage session. In terms of safety, the unit features a 15-minute automatic shut off.
This massager delivers deep-kneading and soothing vibrations to alleviate aches and tired muscles. Its center control panel comes with soft-touch buttons that let you adjust massage settings, including type, heat, and strength.
The foot massager works pretty smoothly and there are just 3-4 buttons to set the mode, intensity, and heating. There are two remote controls provided for ease of use.
It has excellent heating function. This is essential in enhancing blood circulation around your feet.
The Miko Shiatsu provides a soft touch panel in the center between the two foot chambers.
You can easily operate the machine using remote control which is associated on top of the machine. It has vibration and soothing which is natural which suits your demands.
It has 5 adjustable pressure levels. You can select the heat settings independently for each chamber. This device is perfect for rejuvenating tired feet and aching leg muscles.
The unit is fully portable which is ideal for sufferers of plantar fasciitis.
This massager has a center control panel with soft-touch buttons to dial in your personalized preferences regarding the strength, massage type, and heat level of your massage.
This electric foot massager applies air pressure in each chamber simultaneously while rollers and kneading nodes go to work. After that, it adds in vibrations and activated heat to help soothe your sore muscles. You can personalize your foot spa grade session with 5 levels settings.
The machine is easy to clean as well. It comes with a durable and washable cover.
The Miko Foot Massager offers a superior built-quality that’s becoming more common among higher-end foot massage devices nowadays. This isn’t just a foot vibrator with a tepid heating pad, oh no. Placing your feet into the foot massager and activating it causes the surfaces around the foot to inflate and hold the feet firmly in place as the heating and deep-tissue massaging elements go to work.
This is a very hardy massager that comes with two independent massaging chambers to provide a brilliant massage as the air pressure evenly air massages the legs.
- Popkh
One thing I really like about it is it has a 15 minute automatic turnoff, so if you’re doing this and you’re sitting in front of the TV and you start to drift off and you fall asleep, you’re not going to wake up six hours later with your feet a mushy pulp. That wouldn’t happen anyway, but after 15 minutes it just automatically turns off.
It features independent foot champers created to effectively treat the sides and bottom of your feet.
We love that the foot covers are removable and washable, which makes it easier to keep the massager hygienic.
On to the other specs and their benefits – whereas the air pressure pads reach all the difficult areas of the foot stimulating better blood circulation, the heat functionality simply slackens the tensed muscles and knots. And thankfully, the 2 included wireless remotes will let you control the temperature and pressure settings without bending.
Effective in relieving tightness and soreness of the feet by specifically targeting pressure point of the feet
This model is compact and ultra-portable. So, you can bring it to your office and take a break when you need it. It will easily fit under the desk. Removable washable cloth cover ensures your foot massager stays clean and hygenic.
One of the best things about Miko foot massager is that it is very user-friendly. You have the option to control this unit by using one of the two remote controls provided by the manufacturer or use the straight-forward and simple control panel to operate this massager.
- Ewash
The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is a cool, covered contraption.Designed with adjustable pressure and heat settings, your feet can feel cozy and relaxed several times a day.
When we say that the Miko allows you to enjoy a personal massage experience, we mean it in every sense of the words. With up to five pressure settings, it enables you to target specific pressure function. According to its manufacturer, you’re better off starting with the lowest setting and increase the intensity gradually. That way, you will get the most of what it has to offer.
The control panel includes 5 buttons and a red-numbered display showing a countdown time – this works in 15 minute intervals. It can also show the pressure level. There are light-up buttons for heat, pressure +, pressure -, toggling the kneading feature, and of course, power.
Much more adjustable than the Nekteck and the Homedics – more massage types and intensity settings
If you're looking for the best, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is our overall top scoring foot massager you can buy. If you just want the best, get this.
The machine is best for treating plantar fasciitis. It has an ergonomic design. Two independent chambers help in contributing a more enhanced level of comfort. You can get an enhanced blood circulation by using this device.

What reviewers didn't like

It's expensive and the unit is somewhat large and awkward to store. The kneading function can't be turned off.
One drawback we noticed was that the massager applied a lot of pressure to the front of our foot but wasn’t as effective at massaging our arches or heels. That said, the targeted pressure points may depend on the shape of the user’s foot. With a slightly higher arch, our feet didn’t rest entirely flat on the unit.
Heat Feature Could Be Better – This unit’s heat feature is not very powerful. If the heat feature would be more powerful, the massages would be more comfortable.
It’s a bit bulky to pack and carry around with you.
This massager is very expensive.
It doesn’t specifically target the heel and ankle areas. Air bag massage motion may be too intense for some people.
There is no way to change the massage settings on this unit. You must use the rolling and kneading feature for every massage and the kneading can be uncomfortable until you get used to what it can do.
The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager provides an intense massage that may be painful for some users.
Feet size that goes beyond 12 may not fit in.
The heating function could be more powerful. Doesn’t focus that much on the heel.
Some people find the air pressure too strong, even on the lowest setting. The remote controls have a short range.
Unless feet are really small, it may not reach the heel.
Massager doesn’t get the heel of the foot.
Focus only on the bottom of the feet. Does not focus on the heel as much to relieve pain and stress.
It has no screen.
The inconsistent pressures.
Only fits up to size 12.
Some male buyers complained that feet compartment is too small.
It's expensive.
Feet size larger than 12 might not fit in.
It weighs in at about 12 pounds, so carrying it for long periods can be problematic.
Short 15-minute sessions. Mild heating.
A few users felt the massage little bit intense. Not long lasting.
For older models, massage could become painful for users who have a low pain tolerance. Newest models have a softer massage function option. Only targets bottom and top of the foot as per actual operation.
Too intense massage for some people. Massage is not so strong on heels. No masage on ankles. Slightly expensive.
Although this massager provides soothing relief to your feet, it neglects to provide any comfort to the heels. This massager can only accommodate up to size 12 thus making it unsuitable for people with larger feet.
- Ewash
One is that a few people have reported the cheap plastic has an unpleasant odor. Another disadvantage is the weakness of the heat. It just isn’t that great, and it seems like the most likely part to break.
Not the best choice for people with sensitive feet (for example, diabetics). None the less, we’ve found a very good review by someone with diabetes and neuropathy on Amazon.
The machine can be really painful at times. For those who find it hard to have massage therapy from the machine can use a towel as a separating medium.
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