Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder Indoor Exercise Mini Trampoline

Last updated: July 17, 2020

If you're searching for a mini trampoline that provides a full workout routine, this model is your best bet. This indoor model is able to support up to 310 pounds and provides a low impact workout that is easy on your joints. It even comes with a full set of accessories and exercise DVDs to get your started on the right track.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: With this mini trampoline, you'll get two workout DVDs, resistance bands, sand weights and a storage bag.

In our analysis of 225 expert reviews, the Maximus PRO Folding Mini Trampoline placed 3rd when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Maximus Life mini trampoline fitness logo The established world wide MaXimus Life fitness company was started by James Winfield, sports scientist & health practitioner, and business and technology design expert Heather Moore. Our vision has been to design the most effective and exciting exercise programs, manufacture our own high-quality rebounders and produce professional fitness video’s that deliver all the benefits that rebounding can offer. We are passionate about making rebound exercise accessible to everyone whatever the age, gender or ability. By following our fitness workouts on our uniquely designed, well balanced and perfectly sprung mini trampolines, coupled with eating healthily and making better lifestyle choices everyone can improve their fitness, health and mental well-being. MaXimus is Latin for ‘The Greatest’ and we believe you deserve the MaXimus Life!! The Maximus Pro mini trampoline is one of our superior range of folding rebounders made high quality, extremely efficient mini fitness trampoline designed to burn fat and help you get in to great shape and lose weight fast. Its clever unique design allows it to be folded in half and then in to quarters for easy space saving storage. It is used by fitness professionals, sports men and women and home fitness enthusiasts around the world because of its super strong design and versatility providing awesome cardio and strength training workouts that deliver amazing results. Exercising on the MXL MaXimus Pro rebounder forces your core muscles to engage involuntary,so your deep abdominal muscles (the muscles that give you a flat belly) are worked naturally and without effort! Bouncing on this indoor mini trampoline gives a very effective lymphatic drainage and in doing so detoxifies the body. As fat cells store unwanted toxins, it’s these toxins that make you hold on to stubborn fat, so by following our professional designed rebounding exercise program, on our low impact rebounders, you can detoxify your body effectively and shift stubborn fat and unwanted cellulite more efficiently. Toning and pumping muscles will tighten and plump the skin making us look and feel younger. ✔ MaXimus Pro folding mini trampoline is made of high grade steel and precision machined component parts that make it extremely robust for everyday use. ✔ Package comes with handy storage/carry bag making it very easy to transport so you can take it with you anywhere. ✔ A stability handle bar that is easily fitted to provide extra balance support for the beginner or if rehabilitating an injury. ✔ Great rebound compilation DVD with 3 progressive workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including bonus core and stretch sections. ✔ Specially designed resistance bands that clip on to the rebounder for performing more body toning exercises to increase lean muscle tone. ✔ 1lb Sand weights that can be used for extra resistance for an even greater calorie burn and desired body shaping. ✔ Read on for more features of this product and the amazing benefits from exercising on the low impact MaXimus Pro mini trampoline. Choose MaXimus Life professional exercise trampolines that are kind on your joints and deliver great results! Maximus Pro package close up of strong high quality springs Maximus Pro rebounder with resistance bands for upper body strength Maximus Pro rebounder quarter folding mini fitness trampoline Quality Design & Reliability Our sports scientists and fitness experts have tested g-forces produced by bouncing on trampolines, with different tension settings, to find the best bounce and feel for producing high calorie burning workouts that maximize results from your workouts. Our adult mini trampolines are made with high quality, specially tensioned muscle shaped springs that are perfectly calibrated to provide a consistent, soft but resilient bounce that is perfect for our home and gym Rebounding fitness workouts. Choosing a good high-quality exercise trampoline sprung at the right tension is very important for delivering optimum health and fitness benefits. The MXL MaXimus Pro Brand is a time tested trusted brand that delivers great results every time. Our indoor trampolines are designed to last, are incredibly reliable and all the component parts are replaceable. We’ve thought of everything! Our design team have come up with the ultimate fitness rebounder package that includes everything you need in the way of accessories to ensure your workouts are optimized so you get the best results possible and great value for your money. Our MaXimus Pro folding trampoline comes complete with resistance bands and extra sand weights for toning and conditioning muscles to ensure a full-body workout is achieved. There is a stability handle bar included for complete beginners or those recovering from injury. Following our professionally designed rebounding DVD workouts will safely progress you through various fitness levels starting with beginners’ level, and then progressing to more challenging workouts when you are ready. Always keeping you focused and motivated which is key to reaching your goals. The MaXimus Pro package is perfect for anyone wanting to burn fat, tone up, strengthen joints, improve balance and co-ordination & overall health fitness well-being! Easy Storage and Transportation The unique MaXimus Pro Rebounder has a very neat quarter folding design feature that has 4 strong hinges that allow it to be folded in half and then in to quarters in to a very small space. It comes with a smart strong canvas storage bag that makes it really easy to transport so you can even take your folding trampoline away with you. The six very strong steel legs are attached by robust spring and can be folded flat in a matter of seconds rather than the old-fashioned screw in designs. You can keep the rebounder set up or fold the legs down and store flat or folded if you prefer. This makes it one of the most well designed and versatile home exercise trampolines on the market. All the component parts on our rebounders are fully covered and we supply spare parts directly from our USA warehouse if ever needed. Read more Discover the Body you Deserve Woman on mini trampoline for fitness weight loss Woman squat on mini fitness trampoline, rebounder for weight loss and low impact exercise Man on mini fitness trampoline boxing to lose weight and create lymphatic flush Woman on rebounder, weight loss, lymphatic drainage and fun fitness workouts Incredible for Weight Loss and Toning Muscles Exercising on a well-sprung professional rebounder trampoline, with good technique and following a professionally designed exercise program will kick start your metabolism, burn unwanted fat and improve cardio-vascular health. Just 30 minutes of rebounding a day could help you lose 1 stone in 3 weeks, burning many more calories than you would by jogging for the same period – without all the strain on your joints! The rebounding exercises in our video routines target all the muscles in the body especially our deep core and abdominal muscles that are key for helping us maintain a flatter tummy. Kind on Joints – Improves Posture Rebounding is the “King” of low impact exercise Rebounding reduces up to 90% of the shock of impact compared to working out on a hard surface when using a very high-quality mini trampoline. It is also a weight bearing exercise so helps to maintain and increase bone density important for bone health. As well as toning and strengthening the larger muscle groups of the body rebounding will also stimulate the important smaller stabilizing muscles in and around the joints which are crucial for improving joint integrity and stability, overall joint health and very importantly our flexibility. All of these are vital for maintaining and improving our posture. Incredible Lymphatic Drainage The energizing and bio-mechanical effects of Rebounding using a professional low impact rebounder on your lymphatic system helps flush harmful toxins, bacteria and other unwanted waste products from your body. By constantly opposing gravity, the up-and-down rhythmic gravitational force caused by jumping on a mini trampoline, forces the one-way lymph valves to open at the top of the jump/bounce and close at the bottom of each bounce creating a pump effect on our lymphatic systems that provides an invigorating detoxifying flush! Research shows that having a healthy functioning lymphatic system can improve our immune system and reduces the time it takes us to recover from physical exercise. Fitness just got FUN! Rebounding, or mini trampoline exercise, is so much fun and suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels. You are in total control of how hard you work by how hard you push into the mat surface through your legs. This controls the intensity of your workout and allows you to increase your fitness levels gradually. All these special, safe rebounding postures and techniques are demonstrated in all our videos. In the beginning 5 minutes might be enough for you to work up a sweat and this is still very beneficial. You can gradually increase the rebound exercise time and intensity of your workout by using the resistance bands and sand weights and by pushing down in to the mat surface with more force. Progressing through the different levels on the DVD when you feel ready will also give you extra motivation. The MXL MaXimus Life Fitness team have designed a whole genre of exciting rebound workouts to suit all different populations making exercise FUN – as it should be!

Our Expert Consultant

Stephanie Mansour   
Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Expert

Stephanie Mansour, host of “Step It Up with Steph” on public broadcasting, has been coaching women for over a decade on how to lose weight and make it last. She has a Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis on women’s studies and psychology from the University of Michigan. She holds certifications in life coaching, personal training, yoga and Pilates.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The steel tubing is surprisingly capable, with a generous 300 lbs weight limit (about 140 kilos). That’s more than enough for most use cases. In any case, it never feels unsafe to use. It is extremely stable, aided with black rubber pads on each of its six legs.
This trampoline offers an amazing resilience. Its has a double stitched mat with giant jumbo coiled springs to support weight and reduce impact.The handlebar is easy to attach to the frame and offers excellent support to maintain balance while performing resistance training.
Its unique design allows the user to fold it in half and into quarters for easy storage. It also comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to transport.
It folds into quarters and is ideal for those who need to stow it away when not is use.
Those who buy the Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline will find an extremely mobile construction. As the name suggests, this trampoline is capable of quick and easy deconstruction, and folds in the middle. The spring loaded legs allow for quick reconstruction. You can take this trampoline with you anywhere and keep the exercise routine going, regardless of your location.
Comes with a travel bag.
You will enjoy a lot of accessories that come with this product. The extras make the product unique and one of a kind. They include 3 level workout DVD, resistance bands, a stabilizing bar, and sand weights.
It comes with a storage/carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Its stabilization handle bar is easily fitted and will add extra support for the beginner.
Despite having the ability to fold up for storage, it is surprisingly durable and sturdy, capable of supporting users weighing up to 300 pounds.
The package comes complete with a DVD with amazing jumping sessions covering beginner to advance lessons.It also comes with a deluxe bag for easy carrying or storing.
- The Z9
As a low impact workout mini trampoline, it comes with a carry and storage bag ready for you to take it elsewhere. With an included stabilizer bar for helping you to balance, it seems very resilient as it can take up to 300 lbs of weight.Recommended by and for most personal trainers out there, the mini trampoline is also ideal for seniors due to its safety features. With resistance bands that are built well, it will also benefit fitness instructors who want to give the best fitness advice for their students.
This is an awesome trampoline that has the ability to fold. This makes its transport and storage easier.
Once it is folded into quarters, the trampoline can be stored in the provided storage bag. With its durable design, this trampoline helps build core muscles and coordination with ease.
It has a durable grip and is robust. Its advanced large spring system has a low impact bounce which has a non-slip surface and allows training.
We are glad to hear that most customers find the Maximus Pro rebounder easy and quick to assemble as this can often be an issue with rebounders.
It comes with a clever, unique design, where it allows you to fold it in half and then into quarters for easy storage. This enables you to easily free up more space when not in use. As if that’s not enough, it comes with a smart string canvas storage bag that makes it pretty easy to take you with to any place you want.
The price! We’ve managed to find this excellent mini trampoline for under $200. For such a low price you get not only a top-quality trampoline but also all the add-ons that come with it. To give you an idea, mini trampolines that include Companion DVDs, stability bars, resistance bands and sand weights usually cost over $400.
Sturdy frame is another most impression of using this rebounder. It equips 6 W-legs, whereas the others offer 4. Therefore, it enhances the durability and safety of this tool for the weight capacity of 300 pounds.
The feature I like the best is that it folds us. This trampoline folds up to a quarter of its actual size. This means you can store this super easily.
The setup of MaXimus rebounder is a breeze owing to great instructions that we wound easy to understand, and so should you. There’s plenty of drawings and detailed explanations, plus you’re also left with a couple of extra parts, just in case. Fantastic!
It is made of high-grade steel and non-marking rubber feet. This trampoline features jumbo coiled springs and mat to give a quiet bounce.
With the ability to easy fold and store, the trampoline is perfect for those looking for a workout tool that has the ease of being portable as well. This is also a great feature for those who do not have a lot of workout space in their house.
The frame is made of a durable steel that comes in a nice black finish. The frame comes with six legs that are uniquely shaped like a "W". With the unique design of this item, it allows the jumping mat to hold up to three hundred pounds.
This sturdy rebounder is easy to assemble, making it something that you can do on your own without extra help.
It is a foldable trampoline hence can be easily stored and transported with its carry bag.
This mini trampoline is ideal for not only experienced users, but also newbies, the elderly and even people healing from injuries because it is made with a stability handle bar that will give added balance support.
The Maximus pro is a foldable mini trampoline for adults which incorporates an instructional DVD with all around considered schedules that incorporate arm activities utilizing the restriction bands and sand pack loads up to its full extent.

What reviewers didn't like

However, take care when folding it (yes, it is quarter folding; it folds twice), as it’ll require a lot of muscle strength to do for the first few times.
Squeaky springs after some time.
Is a bit heavy and hard to move.
Be careful opening the legs, they can hurt your fingers!
Not suitable for children
A bit heavy and expensive.
It is relatively heavy
Maybe hard for one person to fold it up the first time
Manual labor is required to set up the trampoline.
We feel that the Maximus Pro rebounder could be improved with a safety pad to cover the springs. If you overbalance, it is possible that your foot could become lodged between the jumping mat and the frame. This may cause you to trip and could lead to injury.
A few customers mentioned a slight squeaking sound appearing now and then.
Quite heavy.
The biggest negative with this trampoline product is that after some time the springs do break after about a year.
The stability bar cannot be adjusted. It is set at a fixed height of 3 feet from the pad. This height is comfortable for people under 6ft 5in, so unless you’re very tall, the bar will be fine to use.
Trampoline is made of poor quality materials.
The MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder claims to be extremely portable, but it may not be that easy. For the first few uses, the rebounder may be stiff upon folding, making it difficult to fold or open by yourself. Similarly, with a weight of 32 pounds, it may not be viable for all users to be able to carry it. This could be frustrating and possibly taxing on your body.
It requires more than 1 person to fold.
Manual force required while setting up the mini trampoline.
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