MATRIX So Silver Purple Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce

Last updated date: February 28, 2020

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MATRIX So Silver Purple Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce

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In our analysis of 64 expert reviews, the MATRIX MATRIX So Silver Purple Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 16, 2020:
Checkout The Best Purple Shampoo for a detailed review of all the top purple shampoos.

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7 expert reviews
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3,540 user reviews
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What experts liked
This purple shampoo is designed specifically to enrich gray and silver toned hair. This professional-grade shampoo by Matrix neutralizes brassy tones and illuminates highlights on blondes. Gray to white shades of hair will brighten with treatments.
- Idea Hacks
When it comes to the best shampoo for gray hair, our favorite is Matrix's Total Results So Silver. This powerful cleanser is used in salons around the world for one reason and one reason alone — it works. Not only does it neutralize any would-be brassiness or yellowing that may be occurring, it also does a great job of bringing a shining, shimmering quality to sterling tresses.
- Woman's World
The fragrance of this product is loved by everybody who uses it. Regular usage makes your hair lustrous and healthy with reduced dullness. The price is great as compared to the quantity. Brightens the silver tones of the hair and reduces yellow and brass tones.
- Womens Edge
Total Results So Silver by Matrix really gets the job done in producing a clean, healthy, and really purpled-down head of hair. This one is specifically formulated to work best on yellow tones, though it’s worth noting its great efficacy on reds and auburn browns, too. We also liked how this one actually hydrates and never strips while working so well in all other aspects. A fresh, salon-like smell finishes it all off quite nicely.
- Best Choice Reviews
If you have silver strands, this is for you. This professional salon clarifying shampoo cleanses and neutralizes unwanted brassy warmth and eliminates dull yellow tones.
- Revelist
Matrix Total Results So Silver will turn any greying women into a glowing goddess. And it is perfect for keeping natural white hair free from changing colors when exposed to damaging chemicals such as chlorine. It’s important to note that blondes will find this shampoo to give a wonderful glowing sheen to their golden locks when used once a week. Smells really good.
- The Cuddl
The shampoo is a rich dark iridescent violet designed to neutralise that undesirable brassy warmth and eliminate dull, yellowy tones because what's cooler than being cool? (ICE COLD). It works to illuminate highlights on blondes AND as a special bonus, adds brightness to grey and white hair which may be of interest to you.
- Almost Posh
What experts didn't like
Dries out the hair a little bit so it is better to use it with a conditioner or any other shampoo which hydrates the hair. Enhances the yellow tones if more product is used than required.
- Womens Edge
A little drying. If you leave it too long on your hairit tends to turn a little purple tint. If you over use it your hair may pick up a light lavender tone.
- The Cuddl

From The Manufacturer

So Silver Shampoo is a nourishing color depositing purple shampoo that cleanses and neutralizes unwanted brassy warmth and eliminates dull, yellow tones in blonde and grey hair. So Silver illuminates highlights on blondes and adds shimmering brightness for color treated and natural hair ranging from grey to white shades. Key Benefits: - Deposits violet pigment - Neutralizes brassy warmth and eliminates dull, yellow tones without stripping - Illuminates highlights on blondes - Brightens blondes & enhances silver tones How To Use: Wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair, lather and rinse well. Repeat if necessary. For maximum benefits, leave second lather on 3-5 minutes. Follow with Total Results So Silver conditioner.

Overall Product Rankings

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1. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, 11.8-Ounce
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Expert Reviews: 10
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Joico Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Set, 10.1-Ounce
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MATRIX So Silver Purple Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce
6. MATRIX So Silver Purple Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 7
Paisle Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair, 8-Ounce
8. Paisle Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair, 8-Ounce
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 0

An Overview On Purple Shampoos

Whether you were born with blonde hair or you pay for it, it can be tough to get the color just right. Even if it looks perfect the day you color it, it can gradually lose its luster and start to turn brassy. Those yellows, oranges and reds that make blonde hair look less brilliant than you’d prefer are hard to avoid.

Stylists typically add a toner to reduce those colors, known as undertones. But not everyone pays for salon color and, of those who do, the toner can lose its power over time. That means in the weeks following your appointment, you may find that your blonde takes on a bit of brassiness, which you’re stuck with until your next coloring.

That’s where purple shampoo comes in. If you look at a color wheel, purple is directly across from yellow, and colors located on opposing sides of the wheel cancel each other out. When purple is applied to your hair, it cancels out the yellow tones, providing that icy blonde color that is seen as the ideal.

But blonde hair isn’t the only hair color that can benefit from a tube of purple shampoo. Those with silver hair also find undertones starting to appear, and purple shampoo can help with that, as well. Some with dramatic blonde or silver highlights also find that purple shampoo provides better color, although it has no effect on other hair colors.

DWYM Fun Fact

Natural blondes are definitely in the minority worldwide, and even in the U.S. Globally, 2 percent of people are naturally blonde (or blond, going by the male spelling), and only 1 in 20 in the U.S. are. However, if you add in the 1 in 3 women who bleach their hair, the number of fair-haired people rises significantly. But even natural blondes may find they need to lighten a little, since blonde hair typically darkens over time. Being a brunette actually has its own benefits, though. Brunette hair is typically thicker, and it has more melanin, offering more protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The Purple Shampoo Buying Guide

  • You don’t have to have dyed hair to benefit from purple shampoo. In fact, those with naturally blonde and naturally silver hair find it reduces undertones.
  • Purple shampoo can dry out your hair. Look for one that is formulated to overcome that obstacle, leaving your hair soft, shiny and undertone free.
  • For those with damaged or dry hair, a nourishing toning mask will probably be better for your hair than a purple shampoo.
  • Just because you use purple shampoo, doesn’t mean you can do away with a toner. If your salon provides that service, use purple shampoo as a supplement. If you color your own hair, look for a toner that can reduce undertones.
  • Don’t use purple shampoo in the first two weeks after your hair has been colored. The hair is more porous following bleaching, making it more likely you’ll get blotchy, uneven results.
  • Follow the instructions closely on the bottle. If a time range is recommended for leaving the shampoo on your hair, go with the low end of that range at first, then increase as you get more comfortable with the results. Leaving purple shampoo on too long can create a lavender hue, although some like having that tint and choose to leave it on longer to get there.