Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Gas Grill

Last updated: June 3, 2020

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In our analysis of 147 expert reviews, the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Gas Grill placed 14th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

This portable stainless steel table top gas grill is built for the BBQ-grillers on the go. The long-lasting stainless steel construction allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking wherever you enjoy it most – on picnics, camping, boating, tailgating or even in your own backyard. The compact design, with locking lid, folding legs and large front carry handle makes this grill very portable and easy to transport or store. The grill operates on small, disposable one-pound propane cylinders (not included), which are available nationwide as a common camping accessoty item. Grill/Smoker Features – Grease Pan,Heat Thermometer,Warming Rack

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

There is also a warming rack and temperature gauge, which allows you to keep some food warm while you continue to cook or the variety you may need to perfect specific meals without overcooking your meal.
Great value, secure lid, good size and heat output, stainless throughout
The Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill has a very durable and sturdy frame and build. It makes it great for small family gatherings and small cookouts.
What I love about this grill is that while it is budget priced the little guy is actually built to last. This particular grill was salvaged from a trash pile by a friend of mine.
The Smoke Hollow 205 features a temperature control and can reach high temperatures of over 500°F in less than five minutes, which is pretty impressive for a small grill!
They’re easy to refill, too. Instead of working with a huge propane tank like the standard grill, this cylinder can be removed quite easily and ported with the grill in the back of your car or truck.
What impressed me the most was how quickly this grill reached optimal grilling temperatures. It can reach 500°F in as little as 5 minutes, which is ideal for grilling burgers and chicken quickly and thoroughly.
The large carry handle is a great feature when transporting your grill. But that’s not all it does, as it also doubles as the handle for opening and closing the locking lid.
Thanks to the stainless steel construction both the interior and exterior of the unit are easy to clean.
Another great thing about this stainless steel grill is that it has a locking hood for transport and storage. You can use one pound propane cylinders with it (not included).
Fueled by compact, disposable one-pound LP bottles, it puts out a whopping 10,000 BTUs of energy for whipping up a spectacular spread wherever you've got hungry mouths to feed.
This model is designed to be stable, with a foldable leg system, and it weighs a total of 20 pounds. When the lid is down, it resembles a suitcase, and that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be carried when not in use.
legs on grill allow you to place it onto most surfaces
The warming rack gives you the ability to cook sides and toast buns while grilling your main. A stainless steel drip tray is included to keep grease away from your food and help prevent flare-ups.
This gas grill has a stainless steel grease collecting tray on the bottom. This tray collects the excess oil from the cooking surface.
Its hood is also durable and locks for easier storage and or transportation. You will appreciate its value.
It has a stainless steel U burner that plays a major role in cooking the food faster as well as maintaining an even food cooking.
It is made from long-lasting steel that makes it possible for anyone using it for outdoor services to use it comfortably without any stress, it is ideal for boating, picnics, camping, tailgating and even at your backyard.
To make sure it is portable, they have designed this one with the locking lid, the foldable legs and the carry handle so that you can transport and store easily.
It is a versatile unit that’s ideal for camping, picnics, tailgating, boating or anywhere adventure takes you.
- The Z9
There are some mentions about the regulator no working but that can also be one of the easy to solve gas regulator problems . like I wrote about.
It has a compact design and can be easily taken anywhere ad it folds down and has a large carry handle.
If you are travelling, then you can even lock the legs for better portability and convenience. This best outdoor gas grill is perfect for camping, boating, picnics or tailgating.
What makes this grill different from others is that it has a less high price
As for portability, this grill comes with a locking lid, foldable stainless steel legs and a big, easy-to-grab handle on the front, making it very easy to transport or store.
The perfect tailgating or barbecuing companion, this portable table top grill will satisfy any grill master.
The lid locks for safety and for easy transport there is a practical carry handle in front of the unit. The legs can fold down trouble-free, making the unit easy to store or place in your trunk.
I really like the thermometer on the top of this grill. To the left side is electronic ignition and the regulator on the right does all the work of adjusting the flames.
The burner is pretty powerful, able to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 5 minutes which means that your food can go from grill to table in a shorter amount of time.
It can easily cook eight burgers at once! The “U” burner emits about 10,000-BTU's, so you’ll be able to easily cook your food as quickly as possible.
Some other features I really like are the stainless steel drip tray and the foldable legs. This grill has a wide handle so it is easy to transport and the lid locks securely closed.
It has a drip tray that is made of stainless steel thus making it durable and rust proof.
It’s quite versatile: It can be used for various activities including camping, tailgating, boating, and picnics thanks to its flexible design.
The compact size and large front carry handle make the grill very portable and easy to move from one place to another.
It has a stainless steel construction which makes it both sturdy and durable.
The grease catcher seems to do the job. Drip pan is easy to remove and clean. Excess grease can be emptied easily by rotating a sping tab and sliding the tray out from under the grill.
The Smoke Hollow 205 offers plenty of cooking area, further supplemented by a warming rack, so you will be able to handle a large number of people in one go.
With stainless steel everything, you have to admit not much cleaning effort is needed. I know of folks who barely clean their units at all while out and about.
Also, the legs on the grill are foldable so you can easily fold them when you are going home. Just place the folded gas propane grill in the trunk and you are good to go
I also liked that it’s portable and lightweight. We can take it anywhere we are camping, tailgating or picnicking.
With the Smoke Hollow Table Top Propane Gas Grill, you get a table top grill that is perfect for tailgating, camping, picnics, and just about anywhere you want to set up a gas grill and cook some brats or burgers and create an outdoor party.
The cooking surface is great for cooking meal for even small family at the same time. The compact design makes transporting easier.
Durability and portability are extremely important when it comes to a great camping or tailgating grill. And, that is exactly what you will get when you invest in the Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill.
- 5Best
It is light in weight and has foldable stainless legs making it portable.
This U Shape burner allows the food to cook really well on the inside with the use of aerodynamics.
Moreover, it is provided with thermometer on top side to show mealtime temperature inside grilling section ! cleaning is also easy and it cooks really well and heating catches within few minutes.
A warming rack is a bonus for keeping buns toasty or garnishes warm while cooking your favorite barbecue dishes.
This gas grill is portable, thanks to its carry handle, foldable legs, and small-sized body.
This expansive grilling area makes grilling anything from steaks, sausages, and hamburgers to chicken breasts and vegetables an easy job.

What reviewers didn't like

However, be careful not to scrape down to the bare metal because your food will begin to stick to the grill, same as with a frying pan. Merely letting the grill heat up for five minutes beforehand should kill off any bacteria that may be on the grill, so you can start cooking quickly and safely.
Burner easily disengaged, imprecise burner control
The alignment of the igniter is a little off. Due to this reason, it takes a few tries for the igniter to light the flame, it needs some practice.
The only obviously low quality component on the grill is the heat deflector that is directly over the burner. The deflector metal is pretty thin and, while fully intact at this point, probably won’t last more than another year if the grill gets serious use.
Small in terms of size if cooking a large amount
There is one critical point I’d like to make about the Smoke Hollow’s design in conjunction with portability. I don’t like how the regulator assembly sticks out. I feel that the way the valve sticks out, it’s too easy bump, possibly dislodging it.
The only catch is that this grill can be quite hefty to transport over long distance especially by hand.
One thing that you must keep in mind is because of the units stainless steel construction it can take a fair while to cool down – Do not try to clean this unit when it is still hot, you will get burnt.
Difficult to control for some users
doesn’t heat up as quickly or evenly as some larger grills
The manufacturer should improve the performance of the gas control, otherwise, the entire unit works great.
- The Z9
Electronic ignition not that great
This best small gas grill under $300 is not suitable for big gatherings as it has a medium sized cooking area and will have less cooking time compared to big grills on our list.
Burners breakdown so fast
You Need to Monitor Temperature Regularly
Tends to overheat and does not cook evenly
This portable grill can easily reach high temps but has difficulty maintaining low temperature.
Current buyers have claimed that while the lid doesn’t necessarily rust, certain parts of the grill have been known to break down, so use proper care to extend its service life.
The burner may fail to line up
One complaint that has been made about the grill relates to temperature control. It gets really hot even at low setting.
The low-temperature range will make it somewhat hard to operate precisely, but this is a common problem with these types of items and is slightly justified by the low cost.
If you’re doing the assembly yourself not knowing squat about assembling grills, you’re screwed, buddy. You may need a little extra help with the user manual.
Lower BTU rating
The Piezo igniter burns out quickly, but the company is quick to replace it
It is a bit hard to align the igniter hence it takes a few tries to light the flame using the igniter.
While this is completely convenient it doesn’t offer the cooking time that most big-time tailgaters and partygoers are looking for.
- 5Best
Limited gas control options
May be difficult to light
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