Makita Electric Chain Saw

Last updated: May 16, 2019

With 14.5 Amps of power, the Makita Electric Chain Saw can tackle small and midsized logs fairly easily, although it may struggle a little with much larger logs. Rubberized coating helps keep your hands comfortable while you work, and the design keeps the weight balanced to provide stability. You'll get peace of mind with the polycarbonate build and a one-year warranty.

Makita Electric Chain Saw

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Product Details

In our analysis of 118 expert reviews, the Makita Electric Chain Saw placed 1st when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chain Saw is built heavy-duty for fast and efficient cutting with easy operation and maintenance.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The design is pretty conventional, and it doesn’t contain any impressive elements. However, apart from the fact that it’s more or less a standard design, it is definitely well-made and was thought through. In other words, many manufacturers oversee certain parameters, and their design consequently suffers. This one, on the other hand, will certainly meet your expectations and requirements. The chassis is sturdy and lightweight. The hand grips are rubberized, but the rubber coating doesn’t decrease the vibrations as much. We would have liked to see a better anti-vibration concept, especially from Makita.
The saw’s lightweight build does a lot to help with your comfort and control of the saw in general, but the Makita goes beyond that. It’s also very well balanced, with the weight distribution throughout the tool feeling steady and controlled in your hands. You’ll also enjoy the Makita rubberized ergonomic handles… They really are a treat to use, especially as compared to the handles on lesser saws which basically amount to rounded plastic poles. These handles are shaped specifically to fit nicely into your hands, which adds further to not only your comfort but also to your ability to control the saw.
The Makita UC4051A chainsaw is lightweight, coming in at a total of just 12.3 lb. In this sense, it is easily portable around your yard.
A high-performance corded chainsaw that's match for gas models of a similar size.
The UC4051A is the exception to the rule; it’s from a high-end manufacturer, it’s durable, and it’s powerful and aggressive without strong kickback issues. You can do almost anything with the 16-inch chain bar of this Mikita that you can do with its gas-powered cousin reviewed earlier, without the noxious exhaust or the need to fiddle with gas/oil mixtures. In short, it’s the perfect chainsaw for those who don’t like gas units.
This is a powerful for a mid-size saw. It has great safety features. Nice and comfortable grip.
The fact that you just have to plug it in and use immediately is a bonus associated with electric chain saws. With a chain speed of 2900FMA, the Makita UC4051A guarantees efficient trimming and cutting. The worry of a burnt out motor is eliminated by the built-in current limiter. It efficiently reduces power when an overload on the saw is detected.
- The Z9
The automatic chain oiler means that you cut uninterrupted. To accommodate enough oil, it comes with a large reservoir that has a view window to allow you to monitor the oil levels as you cut easily.
Ergonomic and comfortable grip handle.
Since the Makita UC4051A is an electric model, users will not have to contend with gas or petrol fuel in order to operate the device. This is a safer alternative for the environment and is quieter compared to gas-powered models. The device has a hand protector included whose purpose is to repel flying debris, plus it is double-insulated to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. Its 12-inch guide bar is there to penetrate straight to any item you plan on cutting. It has a casing that is tough and hardwearing, composed of polycarbonate for a lighter feel and enhanced durability.
Nicely executed safety and convenience features and one of the best built and performing electric chainsaws.
The Makita UC4051A cordless chainsaw comes with user-friendly features for exemplary user experience. A design engineered for carrying out of fast cuts saves you time and energy. On top of this, as an electric chainsaw, maintenance costs are kept as low as possible. Another unique feature that prolongs tool life is the inclusion of a current limiter within the motor. This features works by reducing how much current the motor draws, especially when the chainsaw is overloaded.
Its gear casing is made out of tough, durable plastic that is both lightweight and easy to grip. Equipped with two large handles located at differing spots, it can be easily grabbed onto with two different hands.
One feature that we find to be quite useful is the current limiter, which offers overload protection to the motor in case of excess current. It will reduce the power flowing through it and thus help you avoid a burnout.
Best value for money twisting unwanted bushes.

What reviewers didn't like

While it has a ton of great features, it won’t ever be a logging chainsaw. It might not be a downside per se, but you should be aware of the certain limitations coming with this particular model. As we said, it will cut through many things, but large trees aren’t one of those things. Even though it may be considered affordable, it’s still on the expensive side of the spectrum. In other words, it might not be an ideal solution for people who are on a tight budget.
The main downside of using a corded chainsaw is the cord itself. It can be a real pain – Firstly, it restricts you to working within a certain distance of your power outlets (unless you want to string extension cords all over the place). Secondly, you’ve got to manage the cord as you’re using the saw… It’s a tripping hazard, and it can also get snagged in something and pull the chainsaw from your hands or throw you off balance.
However, you will need to keep in mind that this is a mains powered saw, which means that you won’t be able to go beyond the recommended maximum cable length of 100 ft.
Difficult to find problems or critics. The only negative is the price.
Of course, you’ll have to deal with the cord issue if you go electric.
The wheel may break during assembly hence advisable to do it carefully.
- The Z9
This chainsaw is expensive and heavy.
There were a few complaints about this Makita model coming from consumers. According to one customer, the anti-kickback guard of the item, which is positioned on the bar’s noise, was bothersome to manage for users who have experienced handling chainsaws. There were also consumers who complained about flying debris whenever they used the device. In this case, you have to wear protective gear each time you use the chainsaw, from protective glasses to gloves.
Expensive and relatively heavy.
It is pricey and not so good at planking of wood.
It has only 1-year warranty.
This is expensive. Oiling system known to have leaking issues.
Weight slightly more than comparison.
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