madesmart Large Silverware Tray

Last updated date: May 16, 2020

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madesmart Large Silverware Tray

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Overall Take

Tired of your cutlery moving this way and that every time you open your kitchen drawer? Thanks to madesmart Large Silverware Tray's soft-grip inner lining and non-slip rubber feet, you won't have to experience that ever again. Although this unit isn't expandable, it does contain six compartments, which is enough to hold a standard set of utensils. In our analysis of 51 expert reviews, the madesmart madesmart Large Silverware Tray placed 3rd when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note February 26, 2020:
Checkout The Best Cutlery Tray for a detailed review of all the top cutlery trays.

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6 expert reviews
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4,295 user reviews
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What experts liked
It features one extra-wide slot that can accommodate bottle openers, corkscrews, and other gadgets with somewhat odd shapes.
- Wiki EZ Vid
This Silverware Tray features 6 compartments that can provide spaces for your kitchen utensils. It also features an interior overmold and rounded corners that make it more stylish and appealing.
- Top Ten Review Pro
The internal overmold keeps the cutlery from sliding around in their compartments while the non-slip rubber feet ensure that the entire tray doesn’t move inside the drawer.
- A Web To Know
Thanks to the rounded corners, the tray is very easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. The non-slip rubber bottom ensures the cutlery stays in its place at all times.
- Knife Verge
This practical flatware tray is easy-to-clean with soft-grip lining and non-slip rubber feet to ensure that forks, knives, and spoons stay neatly in place.
- Working Mother
Non-slip rubber feet keeps the tray in place no matter what happens.
- Simply Healthy Family
What experts didn't like
Too big for many drawers
- Wiki EZ Vid
Shallow containers which limit the capacity.
- A Web To Know
This tray might be large for some drawers so make sure to take measurements before ordering.
- Simply Healthy Family

From The Manufacturer

The madesmart Classic Large Silverware Tray is a 6-compartment tray that fits in any kitchen to help with silverware and utensil organization. The rounded corners and interior soft-grip lining makes this silverware tray highly functional, easy-to-clean, and aesthetically pleasing. It features non-slip rubber feet and a soft-grip lining to ensure items stay in their place. Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic.

Overall Product Rankings

OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer
1. OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer
Overall Score: 9.6
Expert Reviews: 10
Sorbus Expandable Cutlery Drawer
2. Sorbus Expandable Cutlery Drawer
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 3
madesmart Large Silverware Tray
3. madesmart Large Silverware Tray
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 6
Bellemain Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer
4. Bellemain Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 8
ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer
5. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 2
YBM HOME Mesh Drawer Cutlery Organizer
6. YBM HOME Mesh Drawer Cutlery Organizer
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 0
Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer
7. Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 5
Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Tray Organizer
8. Rubbermaid No-Slip Silverware Tray Organizer
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 7
BINO Silverware Organizer
9. BINO Silverware Organizer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 0
Lipper International Bamboo Drawer Organizer Boxes
10. Lipper International Bamboo Drawer Organizer Boxes
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 2
Mindspace Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer
11. Mindspace Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer
Overall Score: 7.2
Expert Reviews: 2

An Overview On Cutlery Trays

In order to keep your utensils organized, so they are easy to grab when you need them, it’s essential that you have a cutlery tray. Since there are several different types on the market, it’s helpful to review the features before selecting the one that works best for your kitchen.

Simplemost Media

While traditional plastic cutlery trays work in a pinch, they are known for sliding all over the place each time the kitchen drawer is opened or closed. Look for a model that has non-slip rubber feet, like the madesmart Large Silverware Tray.

Simplemost Media

Once you locate a tray that won’t slide all over your drawer, you want to make sure it can also keep the silverware in place. There are models with a non-slip surface in each of their compartments, as well as units that have dividers. The OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer has these dividers and goes a step further by making them adjustable.

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Not all kitchen drawers are made equal. Some are rather slim, while others are extra-wide. Fortunately, there are cutlery trays that have extenders. For example, the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer can be used in smaller drawers with just seven compartments or extended out in larger drawers with up to nine compartments.

Simplemost Media

Caring for the environment is also important. Companies like Bellemain that offer the Bellemain Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer, harvest the bamboo they use from sustainable sources. That way, you can feel good about your purchase.

DWYM Fun Fact

Cutlery, also commonly referred to as silverware, has been around almost since the beginning of time. While early knives were made of metal, the first spoons were carved out of wood. If you’d like to learn a few more fun facts about your kitchen utensils, check out the list below:

  • Someone once invented a soup-cooling spoon that was equipped with a fan.
  • Most cutlery goes through around four levels of buffing before it hits the market. High-end silverware, however, can undergo as many as 27 rounds of buffing.
  • You can actually buy a cherry tomato prong and an edamame extractor.
  • Did you know a sporf is actually a combination of a spoon, knife and fork? One end of the sporf is a spoon, while the other end is a fork. The fork end has a sharp edge on the right-hand prong for cutting like a knife.

The Cutlery Tray Buying Guide

  • Not all cutlery trays are dishwasher safe. It’s always best to review the product label before attempting to clean the organizer for the first time.
  • Take measurements before ordering a cutlery tray, as some are wide and may not fit in your kitchen drawer.
  • Some cutlery trays aren’t made to fit utensils with rounded stems.
  • While the lower-priced cutlery trays don’t typically offer a product warranty, it is common to find them offered with the higher-end models.
  • Both, the construction materials used and added amenities affect the price of cutlery trays. The madesmart Large Silverware Tray is the most affordable, as it is made out of plastic and features a basic design. Although the OXO Expandable Utensil Organizer is also made out of plastic, it commands a moderate price thanks to the addition of a set of extenders. The Bellemain Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer and the ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer command the highest cost, as they are constructed from durable bamboo.