Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can

Last updated date: January 16, 2020

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Overall Take

Although the Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can comes with a reusable liner that can be washed, car owners also have the choice of adding a disposable liner. The unit has a larger capacity than other models and is able to hold up to 2.5 gallons of trash. It can fit in any model car and we like that comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. In our analysis of 130 expert reviews, the Lusso Gear Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note January 16, 2020:
Checkout The Best Car Garbage Can for a detailed review of all the top car garbage cans.

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What experts liked
Overall, this product is one of the impressive car trash cans in 2019. If you are the type who love stylish products, you will enjoy having this item. It is also one of the smallest offered trash cans and bags in the market. It is very handy and easy to keep. Aside from all its features and benefits aforementioned, it is surprisingly long-lasting and has a guaranteed longevity.
Made from odourless and eco-friendly materials, this bag has enough features to impress you. Crafted from a combination of Oxford fabric and PVC materials it is waterproof and easy for you to clean. I
- All Listings
With this car trash can, you don’t have to worry about trash piling up in your car. It was specifically meant for you, and you can use it whether you are taking your family out for a short or long drive. The Lusso Gear Car Trash Can can be hanged or mounted anywhere in your vehicle and when you need to dispose of something, you only need to open the lid and toss it in. The can hold up to 2.5gallons of trash, so you don’t necessarily have to empty it frequently.
- Buying Hack
March 28, 2019 | Full review
Made with removable, leak-proof and washable trash liner for mess-free and odor-free cleaning. Comes with additional 3 storage pockets where 1 zippered and 2 mesh. This pockets will help you to hold your charging cable, phone, hand sanitizer, tissue, and other small items.
- HQ Review
So functional and flexible that all the hassle of managing your trash is reduced to the bare minimum. To add further trust, the Lusso Gear Car Trash Can is guaranteed for life under no condition; that shows just how much Lusso Gear trusts in their product.
- Top 10 Focus
Comes in a variety of different colors, so now you have the option to choose a model that suits the interior of your vehicle best. The model has three storage options, which make it truly versatile especially when it comes to storing things. The mechanism involved is lifting the flap and throwing the trash in. The capacity of the can is 2.5 gallons, making it suitable for long drives.
- Quick Seekers
April 6, 2019 | Full review
Made from synthetic premium material, it features a vinyl interior lining to make it waterproof, plus a lid to top off its design. Stretches to 2.5 gallons when you unfold it. Lusso Gear additionally backs it with a lifetime warranty.
- Car Care Total
Our absolute number one pick for a boat is this Lusso Gear garbage can. It is not only the best trash can for a boat but you can also use it for camping or your RV. This hanging trash can is easy to install, empty and clean. It is a multi-purpose 2.5-gallon trash can with a cool look. It fits every type of vehicle. The trash can is available in different colors. The back is flat so it is easy to hang against a wall or on a chair.
- Best Garbage Disposal Units
August 8, 2019 | Full review
The leakproof, detachable, and washable vinyl liner of this bag supports easy cleaning as well as keeps car odor-free. The hooks of the unit optionally hold your disposable bags inside the water-basket. This trash can also come along with three storage pockets to keep your small gadgets, phone, and other miscellaneous items. Furthermore, the bag is suitable for storing tissues, hand-sanitizer, plastic bags, and more.
- Idses Media
June 10, 2019 | Full review
Connect it to the headrest in the back of the seat, soothe the side entrance, the front seat, the glove box, or any other location you would like to. This auto waste can be equipped with an airtight / removable / washable vinyl garbage bag for odorless use and chaos-free cleaning! It also contains slings where you can keep your own disposable consumer bags inside the bushel to get considerably more accommodation. T
- A Best Pro
August 12, 2019 | Full review
Useful in cars, offices, homes and other places. It works well and needs a small amount of space. It does not also affect the car’s interior. It is made of solid and durable material for longevity. It will withstand tearing, ripping, shrinking, or fading.
- iPerfect List
July 25, 2019 | Full review
The combination of a hanging strap and Velcro pads means you can attach it just about anywhere. It works as well on the center console as it does on the back of a seat and can even be attached to the glove compartment. The capacity is very large, indeed, at 2.5 gallons, all of which is contained in a leakproof vinyl coating. Small clips on either side hold your liners in place, while multiple storage pockets add utility.
- Heavy
April 18, 2019 | Full review
It sports a tall design and comes in 13.5” H x 9.5” W x6” D and bag hold 2.5 gallons of waste for prolonged use. When full, it bag be easily emptied by opening the flip top lid and tossing out the contents. With an adjustable buckle strap, it bag be installed anywhere inside of your car and with the clips on the side you bag attach disposable plastic bags to the bag.
- Techy Beasts
A hanging car trash bag. It can be installed to the back of a headrest, to the console, to the side of the door, or to the glove box. Because its strap is adjustable, you won’t have a problem installing this can to your car.
- AutoWise
August 5, 2019 | Full review
What experts didn't like
For some, it may easily get scratched up.
Straps aren’t versatile. The bag isn’t stretchable.
- Quick Seekers
April 6, 2019 | Full review
Needs stretching to reach its 2.5-gallon capacity. Relatively costlier than most other offers.
- Car Care Total
The lid doesn’t have a way of fastening, it is just a flap to hide the trash.
- Best Garbage Disposal Units
August 8, 2019 | Full review
Feels a little bulky for small cars.
- iPerfect List
July 25, 2019 | Full review
May be too large for smaller cars. Fairly rigid, which may make installation awkward. Lid is only a flap that falls closed.
- Heavy
April 18, 2019 | Full review
May be too big and conspicuous for some tastes
- AutoWise
August 5, 2019 | Full review

From The Manufacturer

Lusso Gear Keeps Your Vehicle Clean & Trash Free! With our Lusso Gear Car Trash Can you’ll never have to worry about garbage piling up in your vehicle again! Mount it or hang it anywhere in your automobile and when you have trash to throw away, simply lift the flip open lid and toss it in. It holds over 2.5 gallons worth of trash, so there’s no need for frequent emptying! Waterproof Oxford & PVC Materials For Easy Cleaning Flip Top Lid Opens Effortlessly & Closes Automatically Hooks For Attaching Optional Disposable Bag Large Zipper & Side Pockets For Additional Storage Adjustable Strap to Install Anywhere in Your Vehicle Optional Velcro Adhesive to Attach/Detach Trash Can Precision Hand Crafted Creation 13.5" Tall x 9.5" Wide x 6" Deep Lusso Gear Car Trash Can Lusso Gear Car Trash Can Mount it or hang it anywhere in any vehicle and when you have trash to throw away, simply lift the flip open lid and toss it in. It holds over 2.5 gallons worth of trash, so there’s no need for frequent emptying! Keeps Your Vehicle Trash Free Trash Liner Adds Storage Handcrafted Quality Made From Finest Materials Keeps Your Vehicle Trash Free Wherever You Go Never worry about trash again Mount or hang anywhere Holds 2.5 gallons of trash Flip open lid No frequent emptying Easy to Install, Empty, & Clean Anywhere Attaches anywhere in vehicle Leakproof vinyl liner Lineer is removable/washable Hooks to use your own bags Empties effortlessly Universal Fit In Every Type of Vehicle Imaginable Perfect size for every vehicle Cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs RVs, campers, boats, trailers Semis, buses, cabs/taxis Universal install in any vehicle Handcrafted From High Quality Materials Handcrafted stylish design Extra storage pockets 2 mesh pockets (1 on each side) 1 zippered pocket on front Holds phone, gadgets, hand sanitizer, bags, & more Tired of Trash Piling Up In Your Vehicle? Car Trash Can Before After Trash is a thing of the past with Lusso Gear's Car Trash Can! With our Lusso Gear Car Trash Can you’ll never have to worry about garbage piling up in your vehicle again! Mount it or hang it anywhere in your automobile and when you have trash to throw away, simply lift the flip open lid and toss it in. It holds over 2.5 gallons worth of trash, so there’s no need for frequent emptying! Arrives Ready to Install In Any Vehicle - Universal Fit Lusso Gear Car Trash Bin No tools required! Attaches quickly and easily virtually anywhere in your vehicle! Installing the Lusso Gear Car Trash Can is easy! Attach it to the headrest in the back of the seat, console, side door, front seat, glove box, or virtually anywhere else you’d like to have it at the ready. This car garbage can includes a vinyl leakproof/removable/washable trash liner for odor-free use and mess-free cleaning! It also includes hooks for holding your own optional disposable bags inside the waste basket for even more convenience. Lusso Gear Handcrafted Car Accessories Inspired by Italian Design Check Out Lusso Gear's Complete Line of Interior Car Accessories On Amazon Established in 2016, Lusso Gear has been an esteemed believer in making cars safer for kids and parents. We have diversified our range of products to ensure your safety along with your family’s protection. We understand that driving with babies and infants in your car can become quite a daunting task at times. Crying babies can divert a mom’s attention. Our products aim to help you organize your car rides with your kid. Automobiles and car rides can be quite a hassle all on their own, especially when you have babies accompanying you. All their toys, food essentials and other stuff are scattered everywhere. We understand that you don’t ever want to compromise on their safety. Acquaint yourself with our finest range of handy products designed to make your life simple and easy. Our car seat protectors, kick mats and back seat organizers are ideal for anyone who has to deal with a mess in their car on every other occasion. You can enjoy a smooth comfortable ride, while you buckle in and make your child feel comfortable and secure with car seat protectors and upholsters. We have upheld the standard and quality of our products to provide you with the most durable collection of our finest range of car mats and back seat organizers. Say goodbye to the mess in the back seat; with clustered toys and books lying around. Equip yourself with our organizing heavy duty back seat kick mats for storage purposes. Our custom designs are highly modifiable to your needs. If you wish to change or to reevaluate any modification in our sleek design we are more than comfortable to abide. Lusso Gear takes pride in providing safe applicable devise for your cars and automobiles. Our premium range of high quality products are bound to impress you.

Overall Product Rankings

1. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can
Overall Score: 9.6
Expert Reviews: 18
2. High Road Console Car Trash Can with Lid
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 18
3. KMMOTORS Jops Car Garbage Bin
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 19
4. Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 14
5. IPELY Back Seat Headrest Garbage Bag
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 17
6. EPAuto Car Trash Can with Lid
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 9
7. Lusso Gear Compact Spill-Proof Car Trash Can
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 1
8. The Keep it Clean CarBage Auto Trash Can
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 14
9. Idefair Car Trash Can with Lid
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 0
10. ROYAMY Car Trash Can with Lid
Overall Score: 6.8
Expert Reviews: 6

An Overview On Car Garbage Cans

If you have a family, or you spend a lot of time traveling from place to place in your car, you know it doesn’t take long for trash to accumulate. Having a garbage bin in the car is the best way to keep snack wrappers and empty juice boxes from making their way to the floor of the vehicle. Car garbage cans are also easy to empty at the end of the week. As you shop for the best bin, you’ll want to keep the following information in mind.

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Determine whether you’d like the garbage can to have disposable liners or a reusable liner. The Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can gives you the option to take out the inner liner when emptying trash or using the provided hooks for attaching disposable liners that can be tossed at the end of the week. Some models come with a set of disposable liners, but even if they don’t, most models work well with old grocery bags.

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Examine the materials used to make the car garbage can next. Is it made following eco-friendly practices? Is it waterproof for handling drink spills? The KMMOTORS Jops Car Garbage Bin is made using a high-quality Oxford cloth. It is leak-proof and extremely durable, which is important if you’re traveling with children or pets. Some models are made with a vinyl lining that protects the can against stains.

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Review your needs to determine what capacity you need your vehicle garbage bin to be. You’ll find models typically collect between 1.5 and 2.5 gallons of trash before they need to be emptied. If you have a large family, you’ll want to go with the 2.5-gallon version. Otherwise, you’ll be emptying the bin every other day instead of once a week.

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Look at how the car garbage can is secured. The High Road Console Car Trash Can with Lid offers two methods for holding the bin in place. You can use the cinch-lock cord over your console to keep the can on the floor or the strap to hang the bin from your headrest. There are models with extra-long adjustable straps that pretty much allow you to secure the garbage can anywhere you’d like. These cans can also be used on a boat or in an airplane.

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Consider any extras that the car garbage can offers. Some models come with lids to help keep odors contained, while other units, like the Drive Auto Products Can Garbage Can, come in a choice of colors. There are even bins with as many as three pockets for storing everything from hand sanitizer to a travel pack of tissues.

DWYM Fun Fact

Most ancient civilizations reused much of their items and when they had leftover food scraps, they fed them to their animals. What little items they couldn’t find a new purpose for, they buried. The Romans were the first to organize a team to walk the streets to pick up garbage for transport to a sort of dump location. In 1354, King Edward III had men collect garbage once a week that was to be thrown into the river. This practice continued for 30 years before a new law was passed that forbid trash from being dumped in any public waterways.

In 1875, England created garbage bins for homes. Each week, workers would come and empty those bins and charge the homeowner for their service. The United States first tried this system out in 1885 in New York, but it wasn’t until 1914 that garbage collection became a common practice. First, workers used horse-drawn carriages to pick up trash from residents. Second, motor cars became used for collection. Today, we have garbage trucks designed solely for the task of pick-up and transporting trash. We also have a variety of trash cans within our home, and even several models made for collecting the trash that ends up in our cars.

The Car Garbage Can Buying Guide

  • Always look for a money-back guarantee or a product warranty before you make a purchase. Some companies believe in their product, and as a result, offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. That means you won’t have any trouble getting a full refund if something happens to your car garbage can.
  • While disposable trash bag liners are handy, you may want to go with a reusable model to cut costs. If you do, you’ll need to remove the liner once a week or so and wash it. You can do this with warm water and liquid dish soap, but you’ll also want to disinfect the liner every once in a while. Vinegar is an excellent option, or you can go with the handy cleaning wipes that state they kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Sprinkling a little baking soda at the bottom of your car garbage bin is another way to help keep odors to a minimum in between emptying.
  • Proper placement of your car’s trash can is important. You don’t want to open your car door only to have the trash fall out and roll away on a windy day. Use the provided straps and make sure they are snug, so the bin can’t move around.
  • Vehicle garbage cans don’t have to be used just for garbage. Instead, you could place them next to your children to hold a few toys, coloring books or gaming devices. This will keep them occupied during the ride. Some cans are even insulated, which means you can use them as a cooler when traveling to visit family. You can fill them with water bottles and juice boxes and use the side pockets for snacks and plastic utensils.
  • Consider signing your family up to participate in a community cleanup day. This is a great way to educate children on the importance of proper trash disposal and it’s also a wonderful way for the entire family to keep the environment healthy.
  • The best way to compare car garbage bin prices is to look at how many gallons of trash the model can hold. The Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can, High Road Console Car Trash Can with Lid and KMMOTORS Jops Car Garbage Bin are all comparable in price because they all hold around 1.5 gallons of trash. The Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can, however, commands a higher price, as it can hold a total of 2.5 gallons of trash before needing to be emptied.