LPHUMEX Indoor Hollywood Style Vanity Lighting

Last updated date: September 19, 2022

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LPHUMEX Indoor Hollywood Style Vanity Lighting

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We looked at the top Vanity Lighting and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Vanity Lighting you should buy.

Update as September 19, 2022:
Checkout The Best Vanity Lighting for a detailed review of all the top vanity lighting.

Overall Take

Place this vanity lighting anywhere, thanks to their waterproof construction. The adjustable strips can be applied to most mirror frames or directly to the mirror itself. The smart touch dimmer makes adjusting the brightness easy.

In our analysis of 24 expert reviews, the LPHUMEX Indoor Hollywood Style Vanity Lighting placed 3rd when we looked at the top 19 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Are you worry about the color difference when do makeup? Doing your makeup in front of your normal yellowish light and then using these blueish lights is such a game changer. You can actually see and apply your makeup perfectly instead of thinking it looks good and leaving the house and seeing too much blush or your eyeshadow is too dark. You can’t believe how you went your entire makeup life without led vanity mirror lights like these. Do you want to own a Hollywood makeup mirror and dragged your feet because you didn’t want to deal with wiring something like that or the high cost? If you were to buy such a big mirror with lights on, it would have cost you easily too much. but buying a less than one 65” mirror with 1 or 2 sets of these Led vanity mirror lights, you now have such a glamorous Hollywood led mirror. You will love love the lights which are also dimmable. Makes you feel like a star! Led Vanity Mirror Lights Feature: Power:1.2W/3led (60 Led beads(20 x 3LED) ) Output Voltage:DC 12V 6000K Up to 1200lm brightness MIRROR LIGHTS led vanity mirror lights kit: Multiple uses led vanity mirror lights is easy to install, it can be stick on mirror, frame or wall directly. You can adjust the brightness of your led vanity mirror lights with a smart touch dimmer. It is soft and not dazzling, so your eyes won’t be hurt and it’s no problem to makeup for a long time. Perfectly engineered with low flicker frequency and a working voltage of 12V. Very safe for children. Led vanity mirror lights: 1 x 118inch Hollywood LED light kit 1 x smart touch dimmer 1 x high quality adapter 1 x instruction manual Some extra adhensive pads Ceiling Fan Remote Control kit Main Technical Parameters Peel off and stick; Plug and play. Cut the extra length(at the end) if too long Fits any shape of mirrors, Attach on any flat surface. Easy to remove and re-position with the included extra stickers. High quality adhesive backing, and it comes with extras if you need to replace! Dimmer touch to adjust brightness Super Stick,won’t drop down off easily IP65 Waterproof, indoor use only, or use in the bathroom mirror Cautions: They are not a replacement for your bedroom light, please do not leave lights on for very long periods of time. They are vanity lights meant to be on for 1, maybe 2 hours while you do makeup, hair, etc. NOT ALL DAY. Any light can get really hot if left on for a very long time which may cause some of them to melt the stickiness and fall. Just be patient when installing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take the time to wipe the mirror with alcohol and press them on well. The sticky part of the back of the bulbs really stick to the mirror so be careful when placing them on it. They are indoor use mirror lights. Can not be submerged in water. The bulbs may fall off if they’re not secure. Please make sure they are fixed on a flat surface. If not you may personally be using a bit of glue on these, but if you’re putting them in a flat surface they will be fine.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

It comes with smart touch dimmer key for adjusting the brightness. You can use this light anywhere as it is waterproof.
- The Home Digs
There is no assembly required with this mirror. All you need to do is stick it on the wall or the frame and you are good. You can place it in the bathroom or the living room with the assurance that it is waterproof.
- Top Ten Products
Fits any shape of mirrors. Attachable on any flat surface. Waterproof & safe for children. Great for home use. Easy to install. Bright & chic. Engineered with low flicker frequency and a working voltage of 12V.
- Need For Home

What experts didn't like

Gets really hot if on for a long time.
- Need For Home

An Overview On Vanity Lighting

Vanity lights, the lights above the mirror in your bathroom, are designed to illuminate your face when you’re looking into the mirror, and they are an integral part of most modern bathrooms. As with most lighting fixtures, vanity lights can add an architectural design element that helps you complete the look of your bathroom decor. This combination of function and form makes vanity lighting an important item that you’ll want to consider carefully before buying.

When you’re taking a bathroom break to check for any spinach that might be showing in your teeth, you don’t want to have to squint to figure out what’s going on in the mirror. A vanity light should spread out a lot of light that will bounce directly off your face and off the mirror and reflect back to you. This combination makes your face light up from all angles, removing dark shadows that your cheeks or nose might cause. A good vanity light will be spread out wide, sometimes with three separate lights, which will be sure to cover a large area with illumination for when you need it. 

Bathroom designs can vary wildly when it comes to ceiling height as well. Some vanity lighting pendants will hang low with more of a chandelier-style design. But if you’re on the taller side and want to avoid hitting your head on a low-hanging lighting fixture, there are vanity lights that don’t hang down as far. Look for a light that doesn’t dip down much lower than the base where it attaches to the wall. They typically use a fun design element that gives a look of depth and design, but they don’t actually lower the lights down too far. Having to dodge and duck when you’re dipping your head down every time you brush your teeth will become quite a tedious task if you fall into the taller category.

Having bright light bulbs shining directly into your eyes as you put on your makeup is going to make you squint, which isn’t the look you want when you’re putting on your face. Most fixtures will be set to avoid this issue by having covers to dim the light before it comes to you. Other designs use the popular and energy-efficient Edison-style light bulbs that emit a warm and comforting light.

Not all vanities are built equally. If you have a vanity mirror that is freestanding or you don’t have the ability to hardwire a full lighting fixture into your wall, you can find lights that will line the edges of your mirror to encapsulate your face in bright lighting from all directions. Some kids don’t come with a mirror though, as they are simply a string of LED lights designed to line the edge of your existing mirror. This provides great lighting from all angles too, eliminating unwanted shadows and allowing you to see yourself quite well.

After you have sorted out which of these features and elements you are leaning toward, the rest is finding a lighting fixture that will look good in your space and have the quality to last a long time. Maintenance is an ongoing issue with any light, so look at how many bulbs it has and know that they will likely need changing over time if they’re not LED bulbs. LED bulbs will give the best return on investment as they are so energy-efficient that they make negligible impacts on your energy bill, and as an added benefit, they will last decades before needing replacement. The materials of the lamp hardware can vary as well, so find metal fixtures that look higher in quality to ensure they last as long as you need them to.

The Vanity Lighting Buying Guide

  • When working on electrical fixtures, you should always respect electricity and the potential to be harmed by it. If you are a DIY advocate and plan to wire one of these vanity lights up to replace an outdated one, make sure you turn off the power at the breaker box and test that the wires you are working on are not energized. Otherwise, you can call an electrician, and they can have the light installed in a jiffy.
  • Vanity lights are generally mounted in the center of the mirror so they can spread light evenly across. Today, we see a lot of double sinks in bathrooms, which could mean you want a really long vanity light or possibly two separate lighting units.
  • Be sure to think about the dimensions and mark it out with painters tape on the wall if you can’t visualize how much space the fixtures will take. If you are entirely lit from one side, the far side of your face will constantly be darker and shadowed, adding inconvenience and frustration every time you use the mirror.