Lodge 17L9OG3 Cast Iron Crepe Pan Griddle, 10.5-Inch

Last updated date: June 9, 2020

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Lodge 17L9OG3 Cast Iron Crepe Pan Griddle, 10.5-Inch

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We looked at the top Crepe Pans and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Crepe Pan you should buy.

Update as June 9, 2020:
Checkout The Best Crepe Pan for a detailed review of all the top crepe pans.

Overall Take

If you're searching for a versatile crepe pan that has a variety of uses, this model is your best bet. Not only can it be used over any heating source, even a campfire, but it's also ideal for frying, baking and sautéing foods. The pan gets high marks for its longevity and ability to heat foods evenly.

In our analysis of 71 expert reviews, the Lodge Cast Iron Crepe Pan Griddle, 10.5-Inch placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle has slightly raised edges to keep oil, batter, and other ingredients neatly contained. The easy-grip handle allows for better control and hanging storage. It provides excellent heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking. Seasoned and ready to use.

Expert Reviews

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8,942 user reviews

What experts liked

The thick bottom of the pan counters the weight of flipped crepes and provides that extra balance that feels so good in the hand.
- Best Choice Reviews
You can use it on with any heat source, including induction cooktops and ovens, and you can also use it to make anything you might want – be it crepes, tortillas, or omelets – this pan will deliver amazing results.
- Alice's Kitchen
The cast iron material makes this product a versatile choice even with its very shallow ¼ inch lip. Any small or flat dish you make in a skillet, you can do with this pan.
- Simple Green Moms
This pick has lower side walls and a wider cooking surface, which means it’s shallow enough to make excellent crepes, but you can flip the treats without having to worry too much about them falling out of the pan upon landing.
- Bustle
It heats super quickly and maintains perfect temperature consistency.
- New York Mag
It can be used on the hob, in the oven, or even on an outdoor fire.
- Kitchen Fold
The pan is seasoned using natural vegetable oil for easy cooking without food sticking. This is a pretty safe pan without any chemical coating.
- Popkh
With its long handle, your hands stay away from the heat and protect you from being burned.
- PremiumTopList
This solid frame and construction ensures lifetime durability.
- Home Gear X
Seasoned cast iron is naturally non-stick, and Lodge uses vegetable oil to pre-season the griddle – no synthetic coatings or chemicals to worry about!
- Veg Byte

What experts didn't like

It does need regular maintenance.
- Alice's Kitchen
Might be too heavy for some.
- Simple Green Moms
The only downside to this U.S.-made option is that it's hand-wash only.
- Bustle
The handle gets very hot: since it gets very hot after cooking, people have recommended to always use a potholder to grab the handle.
- Kitchen Fold
Since the material used here is cast iron, you sometimes might have to struggle with the sticking batter.
- Home Gear X
Tends to rust if not cleaned and dried correctly
- Veg Byte

An Overview On Crepe Pans

Depending on your chosen fillings and toppings, crepes can be used to make a mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert. Since certain pans aren’t favorable for cooking crepes, you’ll want to invest in a crepe pan. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent options to choose from.

Start your search by reviewing the type of material the crepe pan is constructed from. Aluminized steel is a great choice, as it has the ability to conduct heat evenly. That means your crepe won’t be undercooked in the middle while the edges are burnt. Cast iron is another option, as this metal is extremely heat resistant. In fact, it can be used over any heat source, including a campfire.

Check the crepe pan’s interior next. If it contains a nonstick coating, you need to make sure the coating is PTFE and PFOA-free. 100% natural pure iron pans can be seasoned with beeswax, which also keeps the crepes from sticking during the cooking process. The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan, 10-Inch is unique, as it uses a patented quantanium interior that eliminates the need to cook with fat.

Examine the weight of the pan. If the crepe pan is heavy, you won’t be able to use the pan to flip the crepes. A lightweight model, like the Cook N Home Heavy Gauge Crepe Pan, 10.25-Inch, gives you more control as you cook and plate the crepes.

Keep an eye out for a few extra features that make the crepe pan more functional and easier to use. For example, a pan with a sloped edge is ideal for gliding the crepes from the pan to the plate. A pan with an ergonomic handle is also optimal, as it is comfortable to both hold and lift. This is especially important if you have a large family and a big batch of crepes to make.

The Crepe Pan Buying Guide

  • It’s important to always read the crepe pan’s product care guide, as some models are listed as dishwasher safe, while others must be hand washed. If you need to wash the pan by hand, use gentle dish soap, warm water and a non-abrasive sponge. Abrasive cleaners and sponges may remove any nonstick coatings, making the crepes stick to the surface of the pan when you cook. Pans made of pure iron must be deglazed with hot water and sterilized with coarse salt.
  • Not all crepe pans are safe to use on an induction stovetop. Check the product guide’s list of approved heat sources before you begin cooking breakfast.
  • Avoid using high heat unless the crepe pan’s instructions say it’s OK. High heat leads pans that are not heat resistant to warping.
  • If your crepe pan has a handle that gets hot easily, you’ll want to use a potholder when operating the pan to prevent accidental burns.
  • Some crepe pans require you to season them with oil after each use. This preserves their life and keeps the surface nonstick.
  • Crepes can be filled with a variety of delicious foods, which means you can don’t ever have to eat the same crepe twice. A few options include cream cheese, cinnamon and chocolate, eggs and cheese, chicken and chives, creamy sausage, Greek yogurt and caramel and bananas.
  • Just as the crepe filling options are plentiful, so are the toppings. You can cover your crepes with fresh fruit, whipped cream, maple syrup, yogurt, lemon juice and powdered sugar.
  • Size and design both play a role in the overall price of a crepe pan. The Cook N Home Heavy Gauge Crepe Pan, 10.25-Inch is among one of the most affordable models, while the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Crepe Pan, 10-Inch and the Lodge Cast Iron Crepe Pan Griddle, 10.5-Inch are both moderately priced. You’ll pay a higher price for the De Buyer MINERAL B Carbon Steel Crepe Pan 10-Inch, as it is made from pure iron and seasoned with beeswax.