Liquid I.V. Rapid Absorption Electrolyte Powder Supplement

Last updated: June 28, 2023

Available in flavors like lime and acai berry, this electrolyte supplement will likely be the powder you find tastiest. Plus, they come in pouches that are easy to toss in your gym bag and mix into a water bottle.

Liquid I.V. Rapid Absorption Electrolyte Powder Supplement

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Key Takeaway: You have plenty of flavor options with this electrolyte supplement to help you find the taste you like best.

In our analysis of 32 expert reviews, the Liquid I.V. Rapid Absorption Electrolyte Powder Supplement placed 5th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

liquid IV DO YOU DRINK ENOUGH WATER? Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that utilizes the breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. 1 Liquid I.V. can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. Liquid I.V. WHY LIQUID I.V.? Liquid I.V. THE BENEFITS OF PROPER HYDRATION Liquid IV Liquid IV Hydration Liquid IV Hydration Liquid IV Hydration Improve Performance Optimize Travel Enhance Mental Clarity Reduce Signs of Aging THE WINNING DIFFERENCE Liquid I.V. OUR MISSION: CHANGE THE WORLD We’ve partnered with you, the LIV community, to help save lives around the world. WITH EACH PURCHASE YOU MAKE, WE DONATE A SERVING OF LIQUID I.V. TO SOMEONE IN NEED. We are on a mission to help people live better lives everywhere, and we could not do it without you. Together, we will Change The World! #CTW

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Liquid I.V. tastes amazing and does the job of keeping me hydrated. I think it is the best drink product out there for athletes and travellers.
I first tried the passion fruit flavor because I thought that it was the most unique. The flavor was rather light. I then tried the lemon lime flavor and found it to be stronger. The acai berry was somewhere in the middle. The flavors of Liquid IV are not as sweet as other mixes like Gatorade or PowerAid, which is a good thing. I've stopped drinking traditional sport drinks because of their high sugar content and overly sweet flavor. The Liquid IV solution was about right for me.
Non GMO electrolyte powder mixes into 16oz of water for rapid hydration. 75 percent of americans suffer from chronic dehydration, that means you are probably dehydrated right now. Even breathing and walking cause the body to lose water & can lead to dehydration. Three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with less than half the sugar and calories. Contains 11 essential minerals and vitamins & more Vitamin C than an orange, more potassium than a banana. 110 percent Daily Value of Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, and B12. 1 packet can provide the same hydration as drinking 2 3 bottles of water. Maximize your hydration, replenish your body. Daily dangers of dehydration include headache, dizziness, confusion, muscle fatigue, muscle cramping, fainting and fuzzy thinking.
I hydrate well during the week I also don't like drinking this sports drinks that have all this colors and massive amount of sugar that's not necessary ,so when I got introduced to liquid IV I took them with me everywhere I went and man I enjoyed them especially when I am trekking long distance miles I love how it keeps me well hydrated and I don't have to consume a lot of water.The acai berry is amazing taste I am going to order a 2nd bag.
If you are looking to maximize your hydration, then this is an ideal product for you. The electrolyte supplement will replenish your body and has great taste. This is composed of 100% vegan ingredients and is safe to use. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial colors or flavors and is free from preservatives. This is a gluten-free product and provides you with a wholesome experience. This is a non-GMO product and is very easy to use.
This is a product that works well and is effective. It is a great way to hydrate yourself in a quick and safe way. The minerals and vitamins contained in this product will support your body and replenish what was depleted during the day. There are also vitamins that will work to give your body an overall boost, leaving you feeling great.
Liquid I.V. tablet is among the best supplements that have a pleasant taste. Some powdered and fluid concentrates leave the user with a yucky after taste. It features a non-GMO design that utilizes efficient cellular transport for additional hydration to the bloodstream. As an added advantage, this product provides the same amount of hydration as 2-3 water bottles. With the use of safe ingredients and no sweeteners, artificial coloring, preservatives or gluten, it a great addition especially to vegetarians.
Reduces stress. Contains different essential minerals. Great for exercising. Ideal for all sporting activities. Complements your daily diets. Dissolves easily in water. It helps to maintain water balance in the body. Affordable. Good for use in summer.
Efficient Delivery System - Even though it made the water a little thick, I do like that Liquid I.V. is very open about the ingredients they use and the ethical sourcing of these ingredients and that there's not a lot of extra stuff in between me and the electrolytes I'm trying to get

What reviewers didn't like

Packaging could be simplified for easier opening. Packaging could be minimized.
I didn't feel any more hydrated after drinking this and it wasn't easy to get down due to the salty taste.
Not enough flavors to choose from
Cannot be used instead of food.
Acquired Taste: If you aren't use to similar products used by athletes or wilderness enthusiasts, it will take some time to get use to the taste of Liquid I.V. - I imagine it would taste better if diluted and cold, but the instructions are there for a reason. Some people claim that it has an "oily" taste; I found it to be kind of thick, almost gel-like. The lemon-lime flavor is the best introduction to Liquid I.V. in my opinion, but go in with an open mind
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