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Last updated date: July 7, 2019

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Lionsgate The Choice

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We looked at the top Romance Movies and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Romance Movie you should buy.

Update as August 12, 2019:
Checkout The Best Romance Movie for a detailed review of all the top romance movies.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 87 expert reviews, the Lionsgate The Choice placed 9th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

From Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling author of The Notebook and Safe Haven, comes this heart-lifting romance about how far we go to keep the hope of love alive.

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What experts liked

The titular idea here is the importance of our decisions. Travis and Gabby both reflect on how small choices contribute to bigger ones with huge consequences down the road. It's a philosophical reminder that life consists of all the choices that we make each day, and we need to be careful and wise about them because we don't always know how they'll shape our future.
- Plugged In
The Choice is the cinematic equivalent of staring at a Hallmark Card for two hours.
- The Hollywood Reporter
February 4, 2016 | Full review
The small moments of humor uplift the movie and remind us that it’s not centered only on romance. Questions of faith, death and choices are brought up during the movie and they might make you question yourself along the way as well. The Choice is a more uplifting type of story, coming from a writer who we expect death and star crossed love stories from.
- The Young Folks
February 6, 2016 | Full review
In terms of pure eye candy, the cinematography—and the strong sense of place—the film provides is nothing short of breathtaking. The Choice is also a film that celebrates family, whether through honoring those who've gone before us or having meaningful, substantial relationships with siblings, parents, even neighbors.
- Crosswalk
February 3, 2016 | Full review
Families are portrayed as an essential element contributing to a happy life. And some of the characters demonstrate how their faith has helped them through difficult circumstances—although a prime opportunity to have our protagonist recognize this is missed.
- Parent Previews

What experts didn't like

But “The Choice” totally botches its central pairing, to the point where you might find yourself hoping the blandly irksome twosome fail to even get together.
- Roger Ebert
February 5, 2016 | Full review
But director Ross Katz’s “The Choice,” which mimics “The Notebook” in everything but meaningful conflict, believable characters, style and emotional honesty, is a very unsuccessful story.
- Variety
February 4, 2016 | Full review
This brings us back to the downward spiral, which is set about a decade after the film's start, yet no one seems to age or have so much as a different hairstyle. Even the lovable dogs here look as if they've been lapping from the fountain of youth.
- Los Angeles Times
February 4, 2016 | Full review
The main problem that the film had came from their need to fit everything vital in, and ending up rushing plots that would otherwise make more sense if they had the time to blossom more.
- The Young Folks
February 6, 2016 | Full review
Palmer and Walker really don't have that much chemistry. It's a substantial stretch to understand what Gabby sees in Travis, and vice-versa, honestly. We're told they're meant to be, but we don't see the reasons for that leap.
- Crosswalk
February 3, 2016 | Full review

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An Overview On Romance Movies

At the end of a long week, the best decompression is to cozy up on your couch and push play on an awesome romance movie. Unfortunately, there are so many romance movies that are just cheesy or are just plain boring. That’s why you should consider only the best romance movies as suggested by countless viewers. You will save time, and as a result, you will love the movie you choose.

What makes a great romance movie anyway? Although the genre has been around for so long, every generation seems to have a blockbuster movie that just touches countless souls. There are several things that all the best romance movies have as common denominators that make them out-of-this-world incredible. And you will know when you’ve found that perfect romance movie.

There are quite a few limitations placed on the romance movie genre, which makes it difficult for directors and actors to really impress their viewers. This calls for a very creative approach. With a bit of creativity, audiences will find that it isn’t just the same old story played by different actors. This could even mean a different angle of the same old love story, but with incredible details and imagination.

The characters must be likable. Whether they are witty, charming, sweet or funny, the characters should have something that diverges from the usual suspects of a romance movie.

Clichés in a romance movie can also be a huge turn-off. Directors try extremely hard to stay away from common romance scripts and scenes and put their best imagination towards spinning the scenes to an unexpected event.

Realistic plots are another must-have for a great romance movie. People want to be able to see the real reason for the attraction and the events unfolding in a somewhat natural way. This is another aspect that needs to reflect creativity from the directors. If the intriguing plot isn’t there, it is just on par with the other average romance movies.

One of the most notable characteristics of all the greatest romance movies is the chemistry between the actors. Audiences will always comment on the spark between the lead actors in a romance movie. That connection must be believable, or the movie won’t be as fun to watch.

An unexpected finale is something that tops off the most romantic of movies. So many times, in romance movies, the audience can predict the happily ever after ending. When a movie doesn’t have that predictable ending, you know you’ve happened upon a great romance movie.

With countless choices, you will surely find it hard to choose. There are several that stand out to audiences in particular. “A Walk To Remember” by Warner Bros. is definitely one for the records. This romance movie has all the elements to make it the best, including a beautiful ending that just tugs at the heart. Right alongside it, CBS Films delivered “The Words.” This romance movie gives the audience something to think about in the moral realm all while displaying well-developed and surprising characters.

At its heels stands the beloved Warner Bros. film, “The Notebook.” A whirlwind of emotions that are realistically portrayed, intense on-screen chemistry between the actors and an unexpected ending combine to give audiences one of the best romance movies of modern cinema.

Also suggested as one of the best romance movies is an Amazon Studios Original, “Life Itself.” This movie definitely gives audiences a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout the storyline. Any one of these flicks will give you a great romance movie experience.

The Romance Movie Buying Guide

  • Browse through different film production companies to find the best romance movies. Warner Bros., CBS Films and Amazon Studios are all great places to start.
  • Find a subgenre you love. There are drama romance movies, sci-fi romance movies, action romance movies, comedy romance movies and classic romance movies, among other varieties.
  • Be thoughtful of who you are watching the movie with. Some romance movies can hit home for some people. Others prefer to actively avoid the genre altogether.
  • There is an appropriate romance movie for every stage of your relationship (and every kind of relationship, even long-distance relationships) if you like watching them with your partner.