Leifheit Stone Catcher Container Cherry Pitter

Last updated date: December 31, 2020

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Leifheit Stone Catcher Container Cherry Pitter

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We looked at the top Cherry Pitters and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cherry Pitter you should buy.

Update as December 31, 2020:
Checkout The Best Cherry Pitter for a detailed review of all the top cherry pitters.

Overall Take

If you're preparing cherries for canning or a few pie recipes, you'll want to go with this cherry pitter. This unit is best for larger batches, as it is able to rapidly remove the pits from the cherries. The plastic base catches the pits and juice, leaving your counters nice and clean while you work.

In our analysis of 68 expert reviews, the Leifheit Stone Catcher Container Cherry Pitter placed 12th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Having fresh cherries is a seasonal favorite. Desserts and preserves are best when made with fresh cherries but who has time to remove the pits from the large amount of cherries needed for a recipe? Leifheit’s Cherrymat Stoner offers the most efficient way to stone cherries. With the Cherrymat Stoner, you can achieve rapid removal of stones from fresh and conserved cherries, leaving the fruit intact. The Cherrymat processes 25-pound of cherries in only one hour. A stainless steel plunger removes the pit from the cherry and captures it in the container. Canning and baking with cherries has never been faster or easier. Dishwasher safe; 2-year warranty.

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What experts liked

Get your summer fruit fix in a simple, efficient manner with the hand-operated Leifheit 37200. It can make quick work of large quantities. Sturdy stainless steel plunger. Clear container to see results.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Above all, this cherry stoner is easy to use and clean. It has an attached container to catch the seeds as they are removed. In addition, the container can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It has a two-year warranty and comes with one replacement seal.
- Chef's Resource
But if you want a fool proof, mess free time-saving tool then the Leifheit 37200 Cherry pitter is the one you need. The 37200 is a hand operated pitter with a non corrosive stainless-steel plunger. The plunger is dishwasher safe; it can be hand washed using mild soap water. The manufacturer assures the user that you can pit up to 25 pounds of cherries in one hour; a time saver when you need several pounds of pitted cherries for preservatives, compotes and jams and jellies.
- Consumer Epic
Leifheit is designed to remove a lot of pits at a rapid pace. The company claims it can extract up to 25 pounds of cherries in one hour. This German designed and engineered device measures 10.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches, which provides plenty of storage space for both the whole fruit on top as well as the leftover seeds and juices in the bottom container.
- Foodal
The Leifheit Cherry Pitter is a great choice. You can throw literally a pound of cherries in this bad boy and have them pitted in an hour. Ideal for cooking and baking, it’s also a winner for people like me who tend to lose all sense of control while eating cherries. It’s also not too much of a hit on your bank account.
- The Kitchen Professor
An ideal choice if you want something super simple to use. Leifheit 37200 is a hand-operated cherry pitter with a very original design. It is a feature that makes removing pits an extra easy task. Also, this product has a stainless-steel plunger. With this, it is possible for you to remove the pits in a precise manner.
- Kitchen Tools Tips
An ideal product for those in the search of the best cherry pitter for speed and convenience. It's modern, fast, well-designed, and offers a high level of convenience.
- Home Gear X
The seed goes into a container at the bottom of the pitter, so there is no mess, no splattered juices, and no need to clean your tabletop afterward.
- Food Shark Marfa
The prongs are made of zinc which makes it very sturdy and reliable. The base has a no-skid feature, so you don’t have to worry about its stability. The pit holder is very wide and can hold a number of pits, so you don’t have to remove it after every use. It also catches all the juice, so your hands and the work area remain clean during the process. It is also removable, which makes it easy for use as well as cleaning.
- EatrBox
Unique design with large pit compartment perfect to pit a large amount of olives. Cleanup is easy thanks to dishwasher-safe removable parts. Plunging mechanism is manageable for all ages and strengths. Well constructed to last a long time.
- BestReviews

What experts didn't like

You'll have to be careful when pressing down, because it does tend to miss a stone every once in a while. Chute is too low for tall bowls.
- Wiki EZ Vid
It works better on large sweet cherries than it does on smaller sour ones. Punch requires a fair amount of pressure.
- Chef's Resource
The major complaints from verified buyers on Amazon were that olives and cherries would get stuck in the chute because they were too big, and that the plunger would miss removing an occasional pit.
- Foodal
it cannot remove pits from several cherries at once. The cherries tend to stick.
- Kitchen Tools Tips
Although the plunger is stainless steel, all other parts of this cherry pitter are plastic, so there are definitely concerns about durability. There's only one plunger to pit one cherry at a time.
- Home Gear X
This equipment is great for a large number of cherries but if you are going to pit only a few cherries then a smaller pitter might be better for you.
- Food Shark Marfa
Not very durable.
- EatrBox
Must hold pitter during plunging so it doesn't move around too much. Larger than other models.
- BestReviews

An Overview On Cherry Pitters

Whether you enjoy baking fresh cherry pies, creating your own homemade jam or preparing Shirley Temples to share with a few friends, you’ll want to invest in a cherry pitter. This handy kitchen tool does all the hard work for you, while also significantly cutting down your food prep time.

Before selecting a cherry pitter, you’ll need to determine how many cherries you typically use in a recipe. If you don’t bake that often or you only create dishes that call for a small number of cherries, then a simple single pitter will do. Avid bakers and canners, however, will want to opt for a model that can de-stone multiple cherries at a time.

Most cherry pitters are manual. Some require more pressure than others to operate. Individuals with arthritis or other types of joint pain will want to look for a cherry pitter like the Progressive Prepworks Cherry-It Cherry Pitter. This unit has a non-skin bottom to hold it in place. It also requires little effort to remove the pits from the cherries.

To reduce the amount of mess in your kitchen, you may want to go with a cherry pitter that has a splatter guard. Otherwise, some juice may squirt out from the cherry as the inner prongs dislodge the pit. The OXO Good Grips Cherry & Olive Pitter is one model that offers this protection.

Another important feature to keep an eye out for is a removable base that catches the pits as they are released from the cherry pitter. For example, the Ordekcity Dishwasher Safe Cherry Pitter has a large container attached to the pitter. After you’ve finished removing the pits from your cherries, you can release the container and empty it into a trash can.

Individuals who live in a small apartment or have limited storage would do well with a compact cherry pitter. The pitter may even come in a decorative box that would make it a great housewarming gift.

The Cherry Pitter Buying Guide

  • If your cherry pitter doesn’t have a splash guard, you’ll need to hold it over a bowl or kitchen sink. It’s also advisable that you not wear white, as any juice that gets on your clothes can leave a stain.
  • It is important to note that cherry pitters made using white plastic can become stained by the red cherry juice.
  • Store pitters with sharp shears away from the reach of small children.
  • Some chutes are too low for use with tall bowls.
  • Take a look at the cherry pitter’s chute and choose one based on the size of the cherries you typically buy, as large cherries and olives can get stuck in a small chute, while small cherries fall right through large chutes.
  • Review the product label to determine who to best clean the cherry pitter. While some are dishwasher safe, others must be hand washed using dish soap and water.
  • Both the construction material and the number of cherries a cherry pitter can handle at one time affect the overall price of a stoner. Since the Progressive Prepworks Cherry-It Cherry Pitter is made out of plastic, it costs a bit less than the OXO Good Grips Cherry & Olive Pitter, which is made out of iron. You’ll find the units that remove multiple pits at once tend to have similar prices.