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Last updated: October 19, 2021

This wine decanter is made from lead-free hand-blown glass for flavor enhancement and a unique look. Designed specifically to hold the contents of a 750-milliliter bottle, this decanter has a wider surface area to promote better oxygenation. It also has a sloped spout to help prevent spills.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Hand-blown glass and a unique design make this wine decanter a real conversation piece.

In our analysis of 59 expert reviews, the Le Chateau Wine Decanter placed 9th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

wine decanter Le Chateau crafts the world’s most elegant and lasting wine decanters. Our hand-blown lead-free crystal adds radiance to any room while our perfectly engineered design enhances the purity, aroma, and taste of your favorite wine. At Le Chateau, we achieve perfection through detailed R&D and relentless testing. Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers claiming that volumetric capacity matters. It doesn’t! What does, is how much breathable surface area one 750ML bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe. Our coveted decanter is forged with an 8.5 in. wide bottom diameter, the largest you’ll find in today’s market, ensuring maximum oxygenation of your wine. Elegantly designed, it’s as gorgeous as it is durable and functional. Trust us, your wine and your taste buds are in good hands! wine decanter wine decanter wine decanter 100% LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL Add radiance to any room with our modern yet elegantly designed carafe that will have you wanting to display it even when it’s not in use. LARGE SURFACE AREA When an entire bottle of wine is poured into OUR decanter, the wine reaches the widest diameter on the decanter allowing for maximum aeration. EASY POUR SLANTED SPOUT Avoid spills & drips effortlessly with our specially designed large slanted spout. wine decanter wine decanter wine decanter MAXIMUM AERATION Give your wine the breathable surface area it needs and free it from the grasps of an air restricting bottle to truly experience its rich aroma and flavor. PERFECTLY ENGINEERED FOR A STANDARD 750ML BOTTLE Effortlessly decant an entire bottle of your favorite wine. Simply uncork the bottle, pour its entire contents into the decanter, and enjoy. EXCELLENT ADDITION TO ANY WELL-STOCKED BAR Our decanter is as beautiful as it is effective in aerating your wine. This is one of the only wine accessories you can’t live without. wine decanter

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It’s also 100% lead-free and blown entirely by hand, so you don’t have to worry about leeching impurities or poor quality of construction due to the use of machines in the process.
This wine decanter is made with a lead-free crystal glass that surely makes wine nothing but great-tasting.
Made from hand-blown crystal, its charming design appeals to most people. The material is also durable and lacks irritants such a lead.
This decanter is made from lead-free crystal, so you’ll never have to worry about impurities getting into your wine, and it’s hand-blown for that artisan feel.
A larger surface area is important because it facilitates optimal oxygenation of your wine to enhance its purity, taste and aroma. The decanter is specially designed to perfectly house a standard 750ml bottle.
The taste and aroma that comes with a good red wine are solely dependent upon the amount of breathable surface area that a 750ML bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe.
Will purify wine, enhance the ambiance and serve to taste wine which all your guests will appreciate.
It’s designed with a slanted spout to avoid drips and make pouring easy.
The vessel is engineered to perfectly hold a standard 750-milliliter bottle, and the wide bottom measures 8.5 inches, ensuring maximum oxygenation of the wine.
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Slanted spout to eliminate drips and spills.
The 8.5" bottom is the among the widest of decanters we considered, optimaizing aeration of your wine. Lead-free. Dries faster than some other models
Spout ensures smooth pour.
Offers a great breathable surface area with wine reaching the widest diameter for maximum aeration.
It is engineered to provide housing for a standard 750ml bottle with its 8.5″ diameter. When you pour the wine into this decanter, it reaches the widest diameter on the decanter to allow for maximum aeration. As such, you can be sure to have it maximumly oxygenated for the best taste.
Has a large, slanted spout that makes pouring a breeze. It won’t drip or spill as you pour your wine, keeping everything below your glass clean and reducing wasted wine.
The slanted top is for avoiding spill and drips when using it. It allows for maximum aeration so that wine lovers can enjoy the enhanced taste. It perfectly holds wine from a 750ml bottle.
The design of this decanter is simple, with a broad, round base and a more focused neck. The top of the decanter is at an angle, making it easy to pour your wine back out once it's full oxygenated and ready to serve.
This decanter has been made using hand-blown crystal which makes it have a very charming appearance. The material is very durable & it does not come with irritants like lead.

What reviewers didn't like

It has no filter.
The only issue with this wine decanter is the fact that it is not dishwasher safe, hence, cleaning can be quite an issue.
Lightweight, prone to chipping.
No top or stopper. Angled top may make drying challenge. Some models arrived with chips or imperfections i the glass, thought they are replaced under the warranty.
The downside to this wide spout is that it may be hard to find a proper stopper for it to keep fruit flies or dust out.
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