Lasko Nighttime Setting Tower Floor Fan, 13-Inch

Last updated: January 14, 2022

The Lasko Wind Curve Portable Oscillating Tower Fan offers consumers the Best Overall product for a floor fan. With a remote control, a nighttime setting and even an air ionizer, this fan has amazing capabilities. This Lasko Tower Fan provides a user-friendly floor fan for every space in your life

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: In addition to cooling a phenomenal amount of square footage, this Lasko Wind Curve Portable Oscillating Tower Fan has a setting to ionize the air.

In our analysis of 110 expert reviews, the Lasko Nighttime Setting Tower Floor Fan, 13-Inch placed 14th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Lasko T42954 Tower Fan is 42. 5” tall with a woodgrain face and grey body. The sturdy plastic base assembles easily with a Philips-head screwdriver, and occupies a 13” x 13” footprint on your floor. This sleek, vertical space saving design allows you to put the fan in small places, where pedestal & box fans won’t fit, without sacrificing air circulation, comfort or style. Powered by 3 quiet speeds, this fan helps you beat the heat. This standing fan delivers excellent air flow but is still quiet enough to hear the TV – even on HIGH. It creates just the right amount of white noise making it ideal for sleeping at night when it’s warm and stuffy. Perfectly sized to aim over a high bed and powerful enough to reach across the room. If you live in the heat with no central air, and window units do a poor job of moving air around your home or apartment, this fan creates excellent air flow and will help make you feel cooler. The fan is portable and easy to operate and comes with remote control, optional oscillation, 7. 5-hr programmable timer and a Nighttime Setting that automatically dims the control display and puts the fan on High for an hour, then Medium for an hour, and then stays on Low until you interact with the fan again. The remote is the best for when you don’t feel like getting up to change the settings. Brand Story By Lasko

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Quiet and easy to use tower fan on the lower end of the price range.
It is easy to use and comes with a remote control. Apart from cooling and enhancing air circulation, this tower fan also ionizes air.
Includes a nighttime setting that reduces the fan speed automatically over time.
Not only that you get a top quality product with the Lasko Wind Curve Fan but it also features a built-in ionizer. This addition refreshes the air by adding millions of negative ions to it.
This tower fan comes fitted with fused safety plug that protects the fan from dangerous electrical currents.Includes a remote control that you can use to set, speed, control oscillation, set the electronic time and so much more.
This fan takes a little of your space and consumes less energy compared to the tower fans.
It has the function to tilt the grates if you want to cool up rather than down. Lasko is one of the best tower fans home depot brand from which you can purchase your fan at any time. The Lasko Wind Curve tower fan unit features a robust design, with a decent oscillation capability.
This amazing tower fan features fresh air ionizer alternative, powerful wind curve profile as well as 42.5-inch height assist reduce air distribution.
This is a perfect feature when you want to sleep peacefully. It automatically dims the panel light, operated at high for an hour, then reduces to medium for an hour, and then switches to low speed and continues to operate until you set it off.
This elegant multi-functional tower fan not only cools and evenly distributes air around the room but also ionizes and sanitizes it by killing airborne bacteria, germs and viruses. Its curve profile is not only stylish but also helps maximize air distribution efficiently.
There is also a convenient electronic timer that you can set as well as three very quiet speeds to choose from.
With its smooth, sophisticated design and slim construction, it fits well in any corner of your space without taking up any extra room or looking out of place.
The fan has an ionizer built in, so it purifies the air in a way few fans do, weighing down dirt particles. This heavy ionized dirt can later be swept, mopped, or vacuumed away.
It’s a nice touch, and the remote allows you to control the Lasko T42951 comfortably from your bed or couch.
Very quiet for the price you pay, this tower fan won't wake your dog up every time you turn it on. In addition to the peace it allows, the Wind Curve offers three settings from a low to a high-velocity blow to make sure you are saving electricity use and not overcooling your dog.
The whole unit has a wind curve design that is sophisticated. It also has some metallic accents that can easily blend in with a lot of home interiors.
It looks amazing thanks to its wind curve front profile which give it a unique and interesting look.
It also comes with a fused safety plug which cuts off the current to the fan in case there is an electrical problem with your power source. This fan can be controlled by a remote or panel.
The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is 42” tall and comes in a simple silver that will blend into most design settings gracefully. Its elegant design makes it portable and easy to move around the room.
One of the things we did like is the fact that it includes an air ionizer. You won’t notice that it’s operating unless you smoke or have several pets, but it is removing pollen and dust from the air which is a very good thing, particularly if anyone in the house has asthma or breathing problems.
Its ionizer eliminates allergens, bacteria, pollen, and other contaminants from your indoor air.
Featuring a fresh air ionizer which is also CARB compliant. The oscillating tower fan ionizer is designed to release negative ions and thereby brings that sweet, fresh outdoor smell right into your house.
This powerful (yet quiet!) tower fan is strong enough to cool an entire apartment with no air conditioning, even when the air gets humid.

What reviewers didn't like

Design isn't as sleek as other models we looked at, and the construction feels less durable.
Dust may accumulate inside if not kept well maintained.
A few complaints about the airflow being very weak.
Not powerful enough for very large rooms
The Base Has to Be Assembled Separately With a Screwdriver (Philips).
This tower fan only has three speeds and is not as powerful as some of our other picks considering it’s rated at 262 CFM.
Made from plastic which gives it a cheapish look and feel.
The plastic parts can easily break away from the glue.
The control panel works perfectly but it looks cheap. It doesn’t have digital display rather it comes with cheap indicator light.
It's expensive.
The smell on arrival and the more limited range of options on this model may be offputting for some.
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