Lampat Natural Light Auto-Off Desk Lamp

Last updated: December 23, 2021

Lampat Natural Light Auto-Off Desk Lamp

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Overall Take

This powerful desk lamp switches between five levels of brightness and four operation modes with touch-sensitive controls. Its eco-friendly operation consumes less power than traditional desk lamps, and there's a shut-off feature that can be enabled if it sits idle for more than an hour. The rechargeable battery allows you to use it wirelessly if you need lighting on the go.

In our analysis of 58 expert reviews, the Lampat Natural Light Auto-Off Desk Lamp placed 1st when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Black 4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness USB charging port Natural light protects eyes 1 hour auto-off

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The LAMPAT desk lamp can be easily positioned over a key board, book, paper, or wherever your needs may be. The arm sits high enough that it will never block your line of sight and can be adjusted to meet your needs.
I can also say that this lamp is very bright and you do not have to strain your eyes. The lamp is also easy to set up because the instructions are very clear and simple to understand. It is also adjustable and has several levels of brightness.
LED light offers 4 different lightning modes for reading, study, relation and bedtime alongside 5 brightness levels. Includes an auto-timer and a built-in USB charging port
The lamp features five levels of dimmable lights and four separate lighting modes. It is a versatile lamp that allows you to choose brightness for reading, bedtime, relaxing and much more. Touch, sensitive control buttons, allow for easy operation of the lamp features. The lamp also features an automatic switch-off function when left on for an hour.
Provides energy-efficient service
Some of the other features that make this lamp stand out included the automatic turn off after one hour of being idle and a convenient USB Charging Port.
Its non-glare screen does not cause eyes to fatigue. Needless to say, it is equally energy-efficient as its competitors in this segment.
It can be rotated and adjusted by our preference to get good amount of light.
It is lightweight yet made with a non-glare screen protector to protect eyes.
The four separate modes are reading, sturdy, relaxation, and bedtime. I can easily change the setting from the study to relaxation to bedtime. The light is natural and does not glare. It is eye-friendly and eco-friendly. It also ensures less power consumption and that saves my energy bills.
Has 4 various lighting modes, it lets you choose your preference colour with ease. Its light is natural enough that provide no harm for your eyes.
The control panels have buttons to enable adjustment of brightness, lightning mode. When not in use it has an automatic switch that makes it switch off after one hour.
With this lamp, you can manage the brightness level easily to suit your needs. Additionally this stylish LED light occupies minuscule space and consumes very little energy.
When having this lamp, it provides 4 lighting modes hence great in choosing one correlating to your task. The 5 brightness levels to help in keeping your eyes safe.
- The Z8
Its long-life bulb makes it quite reliable.
What users also love about this LED desk lamp is its cordless design. If you charge it via USB cord, you can use this lamp anywhere you want. It’s clear to see it’s a standout option on the market – especially as it’s so affordable as well.
4 preset lightning modes (read, study, relax and sleep) let you choose the most convenient way of lightning according to your needs
It is a 5 watt lamp that permits you to tilt it and adjust it to your comfort level. It has a charging port and a sensitive touch control panel.
The user-friendly control panel is highly sensitive so you can stay in charge of the brightness. The automatic shut off time stands at one hour.

What experts didn't like

Light can be a bit bright for some. lamp base seems a bit oversized.
Slow 1A charging port
The LED are not recessed that irritates the eyes and distracts it considerably.
Light has a major design flaw. It sticks out below the edge of your lamp.
The light head doesn’t rotate
- The Z8
The charging port which boasts 1A is a bit slow for a reasonable charging. Its long-life bulb makes it quite reliable.
The light head does not rotate sideways


Those of us who spend a lot of time working at home barely even notice our desk lamps, and that’s a good thing. The last thing we want is a lamp that surprises us with a burned-out bulb, an easily toppled lamp structure or a light switch that sticks. Generally, we want a work light that works and stays out of the way.

That’s not to say that it has to be invisible or ugly. A desk lamp that fits in with the decor can brighten up a workspace in more ways than one. Finding one that’s right for your situation can be fun, but it’ll save you headaches to look at the boring specs first.

Foremost among these is the size of your lamp. Do you have a small desk? You’ll probably want a compact lamp, as well. (Although if it’s so small that every bit of surface area counts, you may want to consider a standing floor lamp instead.)

Bigger desks, of course, give you a little more leeway. But it’s also important to consider the size of your actual workspace. If most of your work is confined to a laptop screen, you really just need illumination in that small area. But if you’re using a larger area on your desk, make sure your lamp stands a little taller so that it can throw light in a wide arc. Of course, many modern desk lamps have a swivel head or points of articulation in the neck that let you adjust the height and location of the light. This can be a big help if you’re switching work areas often.

Many desk lamps might advertise their high-powered bulbs, throwing around lumen numbers into the thousands. Just remember that we’re talking about a desk lamp, not a ceiling light. Not many desks are large enough to need a high-wattage light, and 10W or so should be more than sufficient most workplaces. Some people might not even use desk lamps for work. A rustic retro lamp or stylish industrial model can add a great visual touch to any room, and the added functionality as an accent light can give it lots of versatility as an interior design element.

Finally, there’s the matter of the lamp itself. What sort of bulb should you have in it? Most desk lamps these days go with an LED bulb. For the most part, you should, too: They last about 50 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, which is not only great for the environment but key for your work routine.

Buying Advice

  • Modern lamps want to do a lot more than just light up your workload. There’s an increasing number of lamps on the marketplace that serve as miniature technology hubs. There are desk lamps that incorporate charging stations for your cell phone or smartwatch, some with wireless charging capability. There are even lamps that double as a Bluetooth speaker. This can be a great asset if you’re on a small desk where space is at a premium.
  • Older eyes need a little more care, and that’s especially important when you’re working close to a light source for extended periods of time. If your eyes are sensitive to glare, get a lamp with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) or adjustable brightness that you can tweak at different times of the day.