La Crosse Technology Auto Updates Weather Monitoring Clock

Last updated date: January 15, 2023

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La Crosse Technology Auto Updates Weather Monitoring Clock

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We looked at the top Weather Monitoring Clocks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Weather Monitoring Clock you should buy.

Update as January 14, 2023:
Checkout The Best Weather Monitoring Clock for a detailed review of all the top weather monitoring clocks.

Overall Take

You can get up-to-date, accurate temperature readings both outside and inside your home with this weather monitoring clock. Unlike other wall clocks, you can place this clock anywhere in your home without worrying that the sensor will lose strength. It also has 12 icons letting you know what moon phase you're currently in, although that feature may not be valuable to everyone.

In our analysis of 50 expert reviews, the La Crosse Technology Auto Updates Weather Monitoring Clock placed 3rd when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Wirelessly monitor the indoor and outdoor temperatures with the digital atomic wall clock with indoor & outdoor temperature in brushed steel finish from La Crosse technology. The ws-8117u-it-c features 12 Moon phase icons, atomic time and date, a perpetual calendar & 4 languages (EN, FR, ger & SP), and automatically updates for daylight savings.

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What experts liked

The La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature is a highly raved about atomic clock in the market. It comes in a stylish design with a black frame and a silver aluminum finish on the sides. It’s measured at 12.2 inches wide so you can easily read what’s written on it. it doesn’t only give you an accurate reading of the time, but it also gives you the date and even temperature readings. Both temperatures for indoor or outdoor settings could easily be detected so you can place it anywhere in your home. It also shows 12 icons of each moon phase and it’s based on a perpetual calendar.
- Review Alley
These are pro-grade atomic wall clocks in black and aluminum themes with temperature sensors which generate precise metrics for effective planning. They also generate automatic date and time metrics. Their perpetual calendars they come with also are precise and their automatic self-adjusting and self-setting (wireless) technology keep their statistics and data precise to a second. They also feature daylight adjustments, amazing 330-foot range of transmission, time zone setting, as well as transportable battery-run designs that work almost maintenance-free for a lot of time.
- Toppers World
January 1, 2019 | Full review
Featuring some of the best temperature sensors on our list, the La Crosse Technology indoor weather station is a handy gadget to have around the house. It displays time and dates with impeccable accuracy in addition to providing highly accurate temperature readings for the atmosphere within the house. It also features a stylish design and a brushed aluminum finish that makes it capable of perfectly blending in with the home décor.
- AnoBIT
The attractive look of the clock is very crucial especially when we talk about hanging clock because you need to see it every time so if the clock you hang is in a very good looking, it may make you feel comfortable as well. That clock is La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and it does not only have attractive look, but also have special function as well. Initially, it is made of Brushed-aluminum atomic material whose date, time, and indoor and outdoor temperature function are provided which can be used to replace calendar.
- Trust Reviewz
It offers twelve moon phase icons, calendar, and it automatically updates for daylight savings. It is made with brushed aluminum making it attractive. The wall clock has multiple functions from being able to tell time, date and temperature. The user can enjoy time zone setting and remote transmission up to 330 feet. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table top. The clock requires 4 AA batteries for it to be operational.
- Best Pro Review
With it’s brushed aluminum appearance and clear time, date and temperature functions, this striking atomic wall clock provides premium quality features and functionality without compromising on the aesthetic. Though this is definitely not a decorative item, it looks great and would fit perfectly anywhere that needed thermometer to be displayed. There are 12 moon phase icons displayed on this model and it also shows the atomic time and date.
- Best 10 Best
The WS-8117U-IT-AL is another amazing unit and is one of the 10 best La Crosse weather stations. It serves as a weather station and an atomic wall clock at the same time. The device comes in three different color designs and it also works in four different languages. It has a snooze feature and weather alarms to keep the user notified at all times. The sensor could be placed up to 300 feet away and it automatically resets the time settings based on the current time zone. It also includes a calendar display and an adjustable temperature display setting (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
- Clean Air Mom
The La Crosse Atomic Wall Clock is currently one of the most acclaimed time and temperature gauge devices in the market. This clock, which doubles as a thermometer, is a timeless piece that you need to consider getting. The La Crosse Atomic Wall Clock is radio-calibrated for improved accuracy and can automatically adjust itself. The clock is able to provide both indoor and outdoor temperatures, and comes with a 12 ¼ by 8 by 1 ¼ inch display that makes it easy to read all sorts of information being displayed.
- Involvery
November 17, 2019 | Full review

What experts didn't like

The brushed aluminum can get scratched or marked, meaning that the device won’t look as good as it did when it was new. There are also some issues around the 12 moon phase icons as this might be a feature that doesn’t interest everybody, though it cannot be removed or turned off.
- Best 10 Best
Glass windows or metals may reduce the signal transmission or may cause signal interferences.
- Clean Air Mom

An Overview On Weather Monitoring Clocks

You probably have clocks around your home, but how helpful are they? Do they tell you the temperature, day of the week and date? What about moon phases? If they don’t automatically update the time, you’ll have to reset your clocks twice a year, due to the time change, and you may even have to reset them if there’s a power outage.

A weather monitoring clock keeps you up to date on the outside temperature and, in some instances, the temperature inside your home, as well. Some update you on the outdoor humidity and others provide icons keeping you updated on the current moon phase. You’ll probably also want a weather clock that displays the current time fairly prominently, as that’s the information you’ll probably view most often.

When looking for a weather clock, the thermal sensor is the most important feature. Chances are, your clock will be remotely sensing the outside temperature, and you’ll want the freedom to be able to set it anywhere without having to worry about interference. Look for a clock that has a strong thermal sensor that can monitor outdoor temperatures from the area you plan to place it.

Modern weather stations use wireless technology to get the latest weather readings. You’ll place a wireless transmitter outside your house, then set the clock in an area of your home where a connection can be maintained at all times. The best weather monitoring clocks can read from as far as 300 feet away, but there are factors that can interfere. You shouldn’t attach the sensor to a metal fence or near electrical wires, for instance, because you’ll experience interference if you do. Within your home, items like metal objects, concrete walls and wireless routers can get in the way. The best course of action is to set your transmitter and clock up, then if you experience issues, troubleshoot what objects might be interfering.

The Weather Monitoring Clock Buying Guide

  • The strength of the sensor is perhaps the most important feature in a weather monitoring clock. You’ll need a built-in wireless sensor, as well as a remote sensor that you’ll place outside. The indoor remote sensor will give you input on the weather conditions inside your home, including humidity and temperature, while the outdoor one provides the outside weather information you want.
  • The next deciding factor will likely be the type of information you see on the screen. As useful as the weather is, it also helps to have an all-in-one unit that gives you other data you need. You’ll find many weather monitoring clocks provide the date, time and day of the week. Many others go beyond that. If you want your temperature displayed in Celsius, for instance, you’ll have to search for a clock that offers that. You may also like clocks that provide graphics with your weather, such as rain or snow, in the temperature area. If you’re interested in the current phase of the moon, you can find weather monitoring clocks that address that, as well. If you don’t want a particular information type, make sure the clock you choose allows you to turn that part of the display off and, ideally, replace it with something you find more useful.
  • You’ll either hang your weather monitoring clock somewhere or you’ll set it on your desk. It can help to have the option of both if you ever change your mind. Make sure your clock comes with a mount for hanging, a stand for setting it on a table or desk or both, if you think you might want to change it up someday.
  • As you’re shopping, pay attention to how your clock will be powered. A clock that includes extended-life batteries can be well worth the extra expense over one that will need its batteries replaced regularly. If your clock will plug into a wall outlet, this might not be the best option for hanging on the wall. Even if your clock will be on a desk, make sure you can install a backup battery to keep your clock functional during power outages, particularly if you’ll rely on it to wake you up in the morning.