La Crosse Technology Wall Clock with Moon Phase

Last updated date: December 7, 2019

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La Crosse Technology Wall Clock with Moon Phase

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We looked at the top Weather Monitoring Clocks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Weather Monitoring Clock you should buy.

Update as January 2, 2020:
Checkout The Best Weather Monitoring Clock for a detailed review of all the top weather monitoring clocks.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 50 expert reviews, the La Crosse Technology Wall Clock with Moon Phase placed 10th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

La Crosse Technology WS-8418U-IT Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Moon Phase Watch it work for you! Self-setting atomic time piece is sure to please in a modern mocha finish. This eye-catching clock automatically sets your time & date and resets itself at Daylight Saving Time. It features your Indoor & Outdoor Temperature (F/C) and Moon Phase that will keep you entertained and time alarm with snooze feature to keep you alert! Clock will display in 4 different languages: English, French, German and Spanish and updates within seconds from the included wireless temperature sensor which can be placed up to a 330 ft distance away. Wall hang or stand alone onto table or desk includes wireless transmitting sensor TX37U-IT View larger Self setting Atomic time & Date Select your time zone from 0 GMT to +/-12 hr settings, face the clock towards the direction of Ft. Collins, Colorado and watch it automatically update the time. This clock has a built-in antenna to receive the WWVB radio signal, from NIST radio station, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Transmitting the exact time radio signal continuously throughout the United States at 60 kHz. The signal has a range of up to 2,000 miles. Radio reception can be limited during daytime hours, so its strongest signal will be reached in the evening. Daylight saving time resetting twice a year a bother? This clock automatically adjusts for you every March & November, when recognized. Optional on/off feature for those states who do not adjust for DST. Wireless outdoor temperature Included with clock is a weather resistant transmitting outdoor sensor that sends outdoor temperature values inside to the clock. Viewable in either Fahrenheit or Celsius with a range of 330 ft in open air. Some metals and glass can decrease range. Time Alarm with snooze Time alarm indicator icon displays when alarm is activated. Snooze features allows for 10 extra minutes. Low battery indicators The clock features low battery icon for both the clock & wireless sensor letting you know when batteries should be changed. We recommend using brand name standard alkaline batteries (no heavy duty, lithium, or rechargeable) with an expiration date of 7 years in advance of the current year or tested to 1.48 on a voltmeter. Time digits measure 2 inches tall View larger Calendar Clock shows your Month & Day with weekday view, which displays in any of the 4 programmed language settings -US: English (default setting); F: French (Français); E: Spanish (Español); d: German (Deutsch) Also, displays current moon phase Benefits Time digits are 2 Inches tall Wireless OUT Temp (F/C) Monitors IN temp (F/C) Moon phase Atomic Time and Date (Manual Setting) Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option) 12/24 hour time display Perpetual calendar 4 Different Language settings: English, German, French, Spanish Time zone setting Time alarm with snooze Wall hanging or free standing Specifications: OUT Temp Range: -39.8 F to +139.8 F (-39.9 C to +59.9 C) IN Temp Range: 14 F to 100 F (-9.9 C to 37.8 C) Power Requirements: Clock: 2 AA Alkaline batteries (not included); Sensor: 2 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)

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This Atomic indoor wall clock has a large digital display that is very easy to read. The user can be able to know the time, both indoor and outdoor temperature, and moon phase. It has an alarm clock function that helps in waking up most heavy sleepers. The manual setting option allows the user to set the watch when need be. It has a low battery indication icon for the clock and the sensor.
- Best Pro Review
One of the higher end atomic clocks from La Crosse Technology is their WS-8418U-IT Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Moon Phase. It comes in 2 classic and elegant colours which are white or black. This atomic wall clock is best placed indoors but you can track the temperature from even the outside because of the included TX37U-IT sensor which transmits temperature readings every 4 seconds. The sensor can be placed at a huge distance of 330 feet away from the clock. The clock automatically sets with the use of signals coming from the WWVB. It’s also larger compared to other clocks on the list measuring at 10.25 x 9.75 inches with a thickness of 0.0625 inches.
- Review Alley
This new type of clock has many amazing features which is so suitable for human being in this era. Its first ability is that the clock attached directly to WWVB signal and it has indoor and outdoor showing function displaying from La Crosse. Furthermore, there is a snooze button on this alarm clock function and it needs isolate purchase of 4 AA batteries. On top of that they is a graphic of battery shown for both clock and sensor. Last but not least, if you are about to make up mind buying this clock, you will get warranty for 1 year.
- Trust Reviewz

What experts didn't like

An Overview On Weather Monitoring Clocks

You probably have clocks around your home, but how helpful are they? Do they tell you the temperature, day of the week and date? What about moon phases? If they don’t automatically update the time, you’ll have to reset your clocks twice a year, due to the time change, and you may even have to reset them if there’s a power outage.

A weather monitoring clock keeps you up to date on the outside temperature and, in some instances, the temperature inside your home, as well. Some update you on the outdoor humidity and others provide icons keeping you updated on the current moon phase. You’ll probably also want a weather clock that displays the current time fairly prominently, as that’s the information you’ll probably view most often.

When looking for a weather clock, the thermal sensor is the most important feature. Chances are, your clock will be remotely sensing the outside temperature, and you’ll want the freedom to be able to set it anywhere without having to worry about interference. Look for a clock that has a strong thermal sensor that can monitor outdoor temperatures from the area you plan to place it.

Modern weather stations use wireless technology to get the latest weather readings. You’ll place a wireless transmitter outside your house, then set the clock in an area of your home where a connection can be maintained at all times. The best weather monitoring clocks can read from as far as 300 feet away, but there are factors that can interfere. You shouldn’t attach the sensor to a metal fence or near electrical wires, for instance, because you’ll experience interference if you do. Within your home, items like metal objects, concrete walls and wireless routers can get in the way. The best course of action is to set your transmitter and clock up, then if you experience issues, troubleshoot what objects might be interfering.

The Weather Monitoring Clock Buying Guide

  • The strength of the sensor is perhaps the most important feature in a weather monitoring clock. You’ll need a built-in wireless sensor, as well as a remote sensor that you’ll place outside. The indoor remote sensor will give you input on the weather conditions inside your home, including humidity and temperature, while the outdoor one provides the outside weather information you want.
  • The next deciding factor will likely be the type of information you see on the screen. As useful as the weather is, it also helps to have an all-in-one unit that gives you other data you need. You’ll find many weather monitoring clocks provide the date, time and day of the week. Many others go beyond that. If you want your temperature displayed in Celsius, for instance, you’ll have to search for a clock that offers that. You may also like clocks that provide graphics with your weather, such as rain or snow, in the temperature area. If you’re interested in the current phase of the moon, you can find weather monitoring clocks that address that, as well. If you don’t want a particular information type, make sure the clock you choose allows you to turn that part of the display off and, ideally, replace it with something you find more useful.
  • You’ll either hang your weather monitoring clock somewhere or you’ll set it on your desk. It can help to have the option of both if you ever change your mind. Make sure your clock comes with a mount for hanging, a stand for setting it on a table or desk or both, if you think you might want to change it up someday.
  • As you’re shopping, pay attention to how your clock will be powered. A clock that includes extended-life batteries can be well worth the extra expense over one that will need its batteries replaced regularly. If your clock will plug into a wall outlet, this might not be the best option for hanging on the wall. Even if your clock will be on a desk, make sure you can install a backup battery to keep your clock functional during power outages, particularly if you’ll rely on it to wake you up in the morning.