Kenneth Cole Reaction Reinforced Hardshell Suitcase, 20-Inch

Last updated date: September 20, 2022

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Reinforced Hardshell Suitcase, 20-Inch

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We looked at the top Suitcases and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Suitcase you should buy.

Update as September 26, 2022:
Checkout Secure Your Luggage With The Best Suitcase for a detailed review of all the top suitcases.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 104 expert reviews, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Reinforced Hardshell Suitcase, 20-Inch placed 17th when we looked at the top 19 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Travel comfortably with this durable, hard side, 4-wheel spinner carry-on suitcase from Kenneth Cole REACTION “out of bounds” luggage collection. Loaded with amazing features, including a spacious, fully-lined interior, Molded corner guard reinforcements for maximum impact resistance, and a large u-shaped zipper pocket that allows for double-sided packing. Also features multi-directional 4-wheel spinner wheels that allow for smooth, 360-degree rotation over any rough surface. This carry-on meets almost all U. S. Based airline carry-on size requirements, and fits into most airline overhead bin compartments. Designed to be considered a true carry-on. The perfect lightweight and dependable hard side carry-on suitcase for travelers and professionals who value both style and function. Overall size: 21. 75” H x 14. 5” with x 8. 5” d (including wheels & handle). packing Dimensions: 20. 0” H x 13. 25” with x 7. 5” d. Weight: 6. 25 lbs. Backed by a manufacturer 10-year limited .

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What experts liked

A rugged, lightweight, hard-shell suitcase with a spacious interior. Fits carry-on standards. Comes in several stylish colors,
- BestReviews
The Luggage is manufactured using highly durable revolutionized ABS or poly-carbonate ABS. So, you can carry this case to anywhere without the fear of crack and damage. ABS is the most preferred luggage for hard shell. Maximum impact resistance is achieved by molding corner reinforcement along with the exterior ABS.
- Best Luggage
The different design means better scratch resistance. With the previous suitcases, you could get a scratch on the smooth side that’s really noticeable. But the ribs on the Out Of Bounds will help hide all those scuffs and scratches, and help your luggage look brand new longer. These Kenneth Cole suitcases have single spinner wheels and a telescopic wheel handle which make it effortless to manoeuvre through the airport.
- Expert World Travel
The items that you pack inside will be well protected as the shell has been made by molded ABS, which gives top rate protection from any shock or impact damage. It may look relatively small on the outside, but inside it is spacious and will pack most of what you need and more for a few nights away from home. Coming in a wide array of colors, with a sleek and stylish exterior, you will be happy with the color you choose.
- Luggage Spots
This luggage is fabricated from industrial-strength construction, containing 95% ABS and 5% hardware. ABS makes most hardside luggage impact resistant. Because Reaction Out of Bounds is made with a hard shell, cracks and other forms of damage can be prevented. Reinforced molded corners further enhanced the durability of this luggage. This means you can squeeze more items, even heavy ones, without worrying about ruining the bag or rendering it useless in worst case scenario.
- iTravel Luggage
Can accommodate an impressive amount of packing while appearing deceptively small. Made from durable ABS, it boasts molded corner reinforcements and comes in a range of colors (including charcoal, navy and purple). Its fully lined interior features a set of garment restraints and a side zippered pocket. Keep your laptop or tablet in the sealed lid compartment, ready for easy removal and replacement at security.
- Trip Savvy
The look and style of this bag can be described with just one word-groovy! The ridged exterior coupled with the brand's stylish design has made it a looker. Sturdy build. Cheap.
- Travel Gear Zone
It’s got a few features that really set it apart — and for such a low price point, there’s not much not to love about it. First off, it’s a hardside bag, so it’s going to protect your belongings that much more during your travels, whether you’re using the bag as a carry-on or checking it. The shell is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes somehow getting soaked and ruined in transit.
- Travel and Leisure
If you’re looking for a stylish, modern-looking, functional carry on case that isn’t going to break the bank, this Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20” luggage could be an ideal option for you. Available in a huge range of colors, and priced at $49, this is a case that is likely to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.
- Byways
The outside of the bag is made from mostly ABS plastic. This design allows for very good durability against bumps, scratches and cracks. In our tests with similar ABS bags, they were pretty hard to damage in any way. You shouldn’t have an issue stowing and pulling down your bag from the overhead bins. One interesting thing about this particular bag is how the outer shell is designed to allow this bag to be able to stand upright on its side. It is flat enough on its side to make this possible. Surprisingly most bags aren’t able to boast this feature.
- Carryon Guru
20″ cabin bag weighs 6.25 pounds and measures 21.75H x 14.5W x 8.5D inches including the wheels and handles. It should qualify for most domestic and global airlines.
- Cold Turkey Now
The Reaction Out of Bounds spinner is hard sided, which will keep everything inside protected, while the smart design and unique colors will have you looking good on your trip. This bag is also lightweight, and the wheels move 360 degrees, giving you freedom of movement. Reinforced corners help keep dings and scratches to a minimum.
- Along For The Trip
Many users love how the wheels made it so easy to push along the narrow isles on the plane. A lot of users thought the shell of the suitcase is just as strong and durable. Some reviewers liked that it is light and flexible. Many users love how the zipper band has some stretch to it that allows for returning with extra 'stuff' a bit easier.
- MightyGoods

What experts didn't like

The quality of the wheels is not as good as the quality of the case, resulting in wobbling and/or breakage.
- BestReviews
It is not a great choice for those who like PC very much rather than ABS.
- Best Luggage
Sadly, there is only one tiny pocket in this entire suitcase, which isn’t really great for organization. No locks.
- Expert World Travel
Not all travelers share the same preference. If you’re not a fan of a 4-wheeled luggage or prefer plain polycarbonate material than ABS, then this product is not for you.
- iTravel Luggage
Not suitable for extended trips.The zippers seem a little flimsy.
- Travel Gear Zone
Some buyers may be looking for additional features.
- Byways
Underwhelming warranty. Zippers could be better. Interior mounted pull handle takes away from interior space.
- Carryon Guru
Others thought it’s good looking but fabric and zipper completely disintegrated and there is no easy fix. Some complained about how the wheel broke off on a two day trip.
- MightyGoods

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Suitcases

Even on your most uncomfortable economy flight, take heart in the fact that your luggage is probably having a worse time than you are. From the punishment of the initial packing ritual to the inevitable bumps and bruises administered by the baggage handlers, your suitcase bears it all without a complaint — if it’s made of quality stuff.

So how do you choose the right travel companion for your next trip? First things first: Consider the contents. Is this luggage going to be used for a short, solo trip or long family outings? If it’s the former, go with a compact carry-on bag. For the latter, you’re going to need an actual suitcase, the kind that will likely be checked in and stowed in a separate compartment during your flight.

Don’t fully trust the name given by the manufacturer, either. Many so-called “carry-on” bags may get rejected as such by some airlines, especially when they’re overstuffed. Check the dimensions: The standard size limit for carry-on luggage on most US airlines is 22 by 14 by 9 inches. For checked baggage, the general limit is 62 linear inches (that’s length, width and height added together). Whatever you’re choosing, make sure that it’s a bag you can move by yourself if you have to. Ideally, that includes the ability to lift it overhead at least once to stow it in an overhead compartment.

The next thing you’ll want to consider is structure. Luggage materials fall into two main categories: Hardside or softside. Hardside luggage is made of aluminum or polymers that offer lots of protection, making them the default choice for larger suitcases that will see lots of handling (and might need some extra security). Softside luggage is usually made from high-quality nylon or polyester, possibly with PVC panels or other reinforcing material to protect the inside. It’s more prone to scratches and wear, but offers a bit of flexibility when you need to stretch the capacity. This material is obviously lighter and most common for carry-on luggage.

Whatever the material, the details make a lot of difference. The first thing to check is the zippers. The most common types you’ll see on luggage are coil zippers or chain zippers. Coil zippers are typically made of nylon or plastic, and while they’re flexible and can “heal” if the zipper slips, they’re generally less durable and easier to tamper with. Chain zippers, as the name implies, are made with interlocking metal or plastic teeth. They’re more secure but a bit less flexible, and generally more expensive. Whichever the type, a good perk is a “closed-end” zipper style that can be opened from either end of the suitcase. Not only is this more convenient, but it also ensures that you can still open your luggage if one end breaks.

Just as you might with a used car, you’ll want to check the wheels. Spinner wheels are generally considered to be the best option for frequent travelers. They have a versatile mounting that allows them to rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to maneuver more easily in crowded airports. Just bear in mind that they can also roll off more easily when unattended. For that reason, those who travel in areas with a steep incline might go with a good set of fixed wheels.

Other factors to consider include the handle. In the best-case scenario, it will be retractable and built into the body of the suitcase so it’s harder to break or bend. And of course, you’ll want to consider the layout of the interior: Are there enough pockets for all your smaller items? Is there a separate compartment for dirty clothes? How much can you reasonably pack in?

For some of these questions, you’ll need to ask around, or check the reviews online. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the details! A good traveling companion is hard to find.

The Suitcase Buying Guide

  • One great perk of many modern suitcases is a USB charging port. They’re typically attached to a power bank so that you can juice up your phone on the go. While this can be a lifesaver on long layovers, make sure you can get a suitcase that allows you to easily remove the battery. Lithium-ion batteries can pose a fire hazard, and many airlines may require you to carry the power bank separately for that reason.
  • Want a little extra peace of mind? Luggage tracking tags are another high-tech innovation that travelers can take advantage of. They’re tiny tags that you can insert into your suitcase and track by way of an app. The batteries on these tags are usually much smaller but double-check with your airline to make sure they’re compliant with all current regulations.