JumpSport Durable & Silent Bounce Premium Fitness Bungee Mini Trampoline

Last updated: July 17, 2020

With 30 bungee cords, the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline offers a safety and durability you won't get with spring-based trampolines. Tension adjustment lets you customize your workout to your own weight and desired intensity. You'll also get a weight limit of up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for both kids and many adults.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: The 30 bungee cords used to provide the tension on this JumpSport Fitness Trampoline allow you to adjust them to fit your own unique needs.

In our analysis of 225 expert reviews, the JumpSport Premium Fitness Mini Trampoline placed 7th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONAL FITNESS INSTRUCTORS and gyms across the world for higher intensity workouts. See the mini trampoline commercial classes videos! ALMOST FULLY ASSEMBLED! Be bouncing within minutes of opening the box. Just attach the easy-on legs and go. BUILT EXTRA TOUGH with our strongest frame for the rigors of group fitness and personal training, as seen in gyms everywhere, providing a roomy safe exercise platform. PATENTED PADDED PETAL SKIRT COMFORTABLY EXPANDS WORKOUT AREA whether standing, sitting or reclining. The 250 comes with our exclusive Padded Petal Skirt which moves with your bounce and provides a larger more comfortable surface for varied exercises like abdominal and leg lift work. NO-TIP PATENTED ARCHED LEGS lets you safely jump with stability and confidence. Frame is sealed and protected with a tough, durable 2-coat, striking black finish for lasting durability. These technologies combine for our smoothest, most cushioned, exhilarating bounce helping you feel buoyant and happy! CYCLE-TESTED TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BOUNCES. You get 30 of our premium (8mm) EnduroLast 2 cords cycle-tested to 400 thousand bounces, 3× to 4× longer life than all competitive products. NO SQUEAK SILENT BOUNCING! The virtually silent bounce allows you to use this anytime, day or night. Maximum user weight rating of 225 pounds. WARRANTY – Residential Use: Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime, Mat & EnduroLast 2 Elastic Cords – 2 years, All Other Components – 1 year JUMPSPORT IS A SMALL, USA, FAMILY-OWNED, 20 YEAR-OLD BUSINESS. Our founder, Mark Publicover, known as The Father of Trampoline Safety, is the inventor of the trampoline safety enclosure that protects millions of bouncing kids around the world every day. JumpSport is the industry-leading innovator in trampolines. Feel good about buying the highest quality products available. INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE EXERCISE DVD.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The rim of both the 250 and 350 measure 39 inches, but the actual surface area for exercising is larger for the 250 because of the unique way the skirt that protects the elastic supports is constructed with 1030 square inches of exercise space compared to the 882 with the JumpSport 350.
Assemlby of Jumpsport 250 is incredibly easy. It will take you only several minutes to get it assembled and try it out. Assembly only consists from attaching legs into holes, without any tools needed. Kids stuff!
Top tier materials;top notch product. Arched leg construction provides more stability.
Extremely safe due to the thick padding and use of cords rather than springs.
This trampoline is designed to hold up longer that similar workout trampolines. It doesn’t have springs or a slippery spring pad, and it’s rated for high intensity exercise. You can run, jog, or jump in place without fearing a spring will pop out on you.
JumpSport’s patented FlexBounce III technology gives you the freedom of adjustment. You’ll be able to adjust the tension of the Endurolast cords, giving you more or less resistance. You’ll have much more freedom of choice with this trampoline than with most others on the market.
This JumpSport 250 rebounder is one of the best rated mini trampolines out there, no doubt due to its quiet operation, padded petals that cover the bungee, deep impact absorbing bounce and high quality.
The cords are also covered by petals that are unique to JumpSport. This patented design allows for 60% more space on the mat so you can move as you need to.
All of JumpSport’s models have either a 250 lbs or a 300 lbs weight limit. Also, two of their three series offer adjustable mat firmness, which in turn means adjustable bounce. Some of the models fold in half.
The extra-wide surface, available handlebar and arched legs provide additional stability to resist tipping, making the JumpSport 250 a great option for both extreme fitness jumpers and those who are new to the workout.
The highlight of the rebounder is its 30 elastic cords underneath the mat that improve the overall experience.
Its patented no-tip arched legs are easy to attach and offers safety and stability before you can go exercising without waking up your asleep family members.
30 bungee cords spaced around the edge of the trampoline are more durable and offer softer and quieter bounces than metal springs.
It features no less than 30 patented elastic cords of the highest quality that offer a 40% reduction on impact when compared to most rebounders out there.
Patented easy-to-adjust bounce tension.
This trampoline is built to last, with a bungee system that bounces better and lasts longer, with 30 elastic cords reducing the strain of impact and prolonging the life of your purchase.
Great stability and durable.
Has patented covered cords that offer up to 60% more exercise space when compared to other rebound trampolines.
The petals are padded to expand the exercise by 60% and boosting safety. The legs are No-Tip and arched. This trampoline guarantees superior performance, thanks to the high quality bounce provided by the Enduro Last-2 bungees.
This trampoline is surprisingly quiet, allowing you to bounce at anytime indoors without affecting someone else at home.
You will enjoy bouncing on this trampoline because it gives a better bounce and enables you to enjoy high-intensity workouts, thanks to the strong frame and extra tough make. It also features a sealed frame with a double coat for lasting durability.
The product designs from enduro last-2 bungee material for the surface. This fabric is two times stronger than most traditional materials offering a deeper bonces thus better performance, unlike those regular models. Additionally, the 30 patented elastic cord alignment aids to reduce the bounce impact.
- The Z9
The Fitness Trampoline 250's legs are arched; this type of construction provides more stability than models with straight legs. The legs are permanently attached to the frame, so the unit cannot be folded.
This fitness trampoline doesn’t have any springs that are noisy while you’re training. Instead, it uses elastic bungees (i.e. cords) that provide a silent jumping experience as well as smooth jumping rhythm.
The frame is of steel construction and is under warranty for the lifetime of the trampoline. It has six feet to ensure stability and keep the trampoline from tipping during use.
It's also very easy to replace the bungie cords when they break, and you won't find that you're unable to do it by yourself. This is an extra level of quality that is definitely worth paying for, and it gives the trampoline a gym-like quality that takes it to the next level.
According to Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline reviews, this trampoline is constructed to hold up more than similar workout products. It doesn’t have springs or a slick spring pad, and it’s rated for high-intensity training. You can run, jog, or jump in place without dreading a spring will pop right on you.
It is easy to set up.
The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a patent pending for the arch leg support system. The arched legs provide superior stability and support. It is a nice feature that allows the user to not have to worry about tipping over during even the most extreme workouts.
The frame and the legs are made of steel so it is a durable unit and the legs are actually designed with special arched design, to improve the stability of the trampoline.
JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline is a very sturdy rebounder that is designed to accommodate high-intensity workouts. As a matter of fact, some professional fitness instructors and gyms use this same model for their exercise programs.
Quite because it doesn’t use springs.
The pad is soft and very firm making sure you are comfortable with no jarring and it has a bigger area to jump on, to give you more flexibility in your exercising.
But what’s impressive about this model is that it is fitted with the same frame and legs that Jumpsport uses for its high-end fitness tramps.
It also has pretty strong arched legs that add to the stability, as well as padded petals to cover the bungee cords for safety while providing more jumping space than a regular trampoline.
The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline comes with a workout DVD which is excellent to follow. You can use this DVD understand the various kinds of workouts that you can do on this product.
The biggest difference in performance noticed between this Jumpsport 250 and other mini trampolines is the Endurolast 2 cords compared to the typical trampoline springs. The Endurolast cords feel significantly more secure when jumping and do not have any of the loud noises that are associated with springs. Springs also have a greater chance of causing injury than the Endurolast 2 cords do.
It boasts one of the JumpSport’s strongest frame—which is built extra-tough to stand up to the rigors of personal training as well as group fitness. This frame is then protected using a tough 2-coat black finish for maximum durability.
Like all other bungee rebounders, the JumpSport 250 is extremely quiet. This is one of the main advantages of choosing a bungee system over a spring system.
this trampoline is extremely safe thanks to the cord design and thick surface padding, offering users a comfortable and smooth bounce. Because the cord tension and jumping surface are highly adjustable, this trampoline is the perfect option if there is more than one person in the home that will use it.
This trampoline has received rave reviews for its quality and soft, quiet bounce. A few have compared it to the Bellicon because of its elastic cords, but with a much cheaper price tag.
The trampoline features a frame that has durable 2-coat and black finish that provide long life. You will enjoy smoothest and exciting bounces without creating noise.
It comes with DVD of workout and hence helps you getting in better shape.
Padded cushions over spring cords for added safety.
This mini trampoline makes use of the Flexbounce III technology to allow the used to make adjustments to the tension thus making the bounce more personalized during workout sessions. The advantage it has over similar items is the arched legs which provide an extra layer of support to keep the mini trampoline in place when working out.
The trampoline offers high-quality deep bounce for extreme performance. Its EnduroLast-2 bungee cord makes the trampoline stronger that last two times longer.
The black arched legs enables the trampoline to distribute the force of the user evenly

What reviewers didn't like

Not for recreational jumping.
Sometimes the cords snap, but that usually requires months and months of repeated usage.
There’s no realistic way to replace EnduroLast 2 cords after they’ve broken. They’re difficult to break and designed to last a very long time, but you may be out of options after you’ve actually broken a few. You should be able to safely jump after one or two of the cords have snapped. When the rest of them go, you’ll need to get a new trampoline.
Not suitable for children.
Many users note one or two broken bungees after 6 months to 1 years time.
JumpSport does not offer a carrying case. Also, while the quality is decent, it’s not top-of-the-line: A few customers said the trampoline gets a bit loose after bouncing sessions, and they needed to tighten it.
A few straps might unravel with time.
Takes up considerable space and does not fold down for storage.
6’3 user estimated rooms need to be about 8 feet high to avoid hitting the ceiling.
My only problem with this trampoline is its small size. The trampoline bed is a mere 22 inches in diameter, which might be fine for kids, but doesn’t give a lot of room for adults.
Bungees are prone to breaking.
The skirt is a magnet for animal hair, so a lint roller may be a good idea to keep on hand.
Cords become loose if not well fitted.
Not for recreational jumping. (Designed specifically for rebounding exercise programs.)
This rebounder doesn’t have an adequate jumping surface for backflipping, dunking or any other spectacular stunts.
However, while the manufacturer claims they are tested to over 2 million bounces, some users have reported a shorter lifespan. Replacing the cords can be pricey.
Another thing that may happen is that the straps could come unraveled. This could happen as early as three months into your owning the trampoline. If all the straps come unraveled, then you're certainly unable to use the trampoline at all.
However, this trampoline comes with rubber covered legs; it may still harm delicate flooring. If you have undressed hardwood or ceramic tile, think about placing it on a gym rug before you use it This will secure your floor from any scratches or dents associated with a hard workout.
Price might be high for some people.
The major gripe that people had with this model is that the cords tend to snap easily. It’s not actually a common thing but when it does, you will need to buy a new one.
Jumping mat should be larger.
You aren’t able to fold the legs for easy storage in a closet or under a bed. If you going to be using it every day, you will eventually have to buy more bungee cords.
The elastic cord system of the 250 isn’t adjustable.
The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a tiny jumping area. Many customers have complained regarding this fact. One of them said, “However, it has a tiny jump area. Because of this I can’t really do jumping jacks or much of anything but jump straight up and down. If it were 10 inches wider, there would be much more flexibility and creativity.” Thus, the jumping up and down does not add much to the physical activity.
However, be aware that this rebounder does not include an enclosure net so if you have children younger than 3 years old, you should keep them off of the trampoline.
Some consumers have reported that the cords snap after several months of use.
There were a few complaints that there is no way to adjust the firmness setting.
It cannot be folded. So, you may require big space for its storage.
Trampoline straps do not last long
More costlier compared its peers.
Some questioned about the quality of cords.
Some customers complained that the jumping area is quite small
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