Judy Murphy Assertiveness: How to Stand Up for Yourself

Last updated date: July 7, 2022

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Judy Murphy Assertiveness: How to Stand Up for Yourself

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We looked at the top Assertiveness Workbooks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Assertiveness Workbook you should buy.

Update as July 7, 2022:
Checkout The Best Assertiveness Workbook for a detailed review of all the top assertiveness workbooks.

Overall Take

This assertiveness workbook has topped Amazon's bestseller list for nearly a decade. It is described as the gold standard for learning how to improve relationships, enhance your career and earn respect. It's a short, friendly reference that will help you assert yourself confidently.

In our analysis of 16 expert reviews, the Judy Murphy Assertiveness: How to Stand Up for Yourself placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The #1 Assertiveness Book on Amazon for Nearly a Decade. This book has become the gold standard for quickly learning and applying assertive communication. In fact, there are dozens upon dozens of books on Amazon that have copied this material. Everything from the intro, all the way to the concepts that are introduced, advice that is offered, and areas where this skill can be applied. Although heavily imitated, it is never duplicated because they miss the essence that creates the magical shift inside. So if you’d like to be a more confident, assertive individual, you are at the right place. The information in this guide will teach you the necessary skills to be decisive and in control. With this information, you will learn to improve your relationships, move your career forward, and earn the respect of your friends, family, spouse, co-workers, even your boss.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Judy Murphy does a fabulous job of coaching readers to not just be assertive, but to lead a confident and secure life without making excuses or feeling bad. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché, you have the power to live your life, but Judy Murphy shows you how to bring that out within yourself.
- Good Reads
I’m a sucker for a book that can share helpful advice in a short and concise format and doesn’t waste any time. “Assertiveness: How to Stand Up for Yourself” is one such books.
- The Power Moves
Written in a crisp and easy-to-follow style, and Murphy's authorial tone is informative and engaging, with no heavy-handed preaching or academically dryness that would turn off readers.
- A Certain Point of View
Going beyond the classification tool, Murphy gives practical strategies to use in group or individual settings so that readers can express their needs in a healthy, clear manner. This book is recommended for individuals who are looking for a quick read about developing assertive behavior. It would be ideal for teenagers and young adults who may be struggling and need a comprehensive introduction to expressing themselves in an assertive manner.
- Positive Psychology

What experts didn't like

It felt unorganized. The contents were good to read ,the examples were relevant to the real world, but the overall structure looked disparate.
- Good Reads
I disagreed with some of the communication examples. Some didn’t seem to be very effective to me, some not the best possible options, and some even slightly unethical.
- The Power Moves

An Overview On Assertiveness Workbooks

Assertiveness is the act of behaving confidently and boldly without aggression. Assertive people are able to stand up for themselves and their needs, set boundaries and communicate exactly what they want.

There are many benefits to being assertive. Acting this way fosters healthy communication between yourself and those you interact with, such as your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Assertiveness also ensures that others don’t take unfair advantage of you or bully you into doing things you don’t want to do. Being able to be assertive can reduce personal stress because you work to create an environment in which you feel satisfied — not one where you feel overwhelmed, trampled on or dominated.

Assertiveness is a skill you can use in many different situations. For example, if a co-worker asks you to take on their work for a project when you already have too much on your plate, you can set boundaries calmly and explain why you can’t do their job for them. Similarly, if a neighbor wants you to shovel their driveway every time you shovel your own, you can maneuver the situation in a confident yet friendly manner.

If you have trouble being assertive at home, at work or with your friends and family, you’re not alone. There are many people who have difficulty with this skill — but luckily, it is something you can teach yourself to do.

An assertiveness workbook is ideal for those who find themselves in situations where they wish they were empowered to say what they want without unreasonably damaging relationships. As a self-help tool, an assertiveness workbook can help you learn this important skill, practice in a theoretical setting and then apply what you have learned to the real world.

The Assertiveness Workbook Buying Guide

  • When looking for self-help tools, it’s important to not fall for hyperbole. Many books and workbooks promise results within a short period of time or make guarantees that are unrealistic. For example, they may promise changed behavior with just a quick reading, when most self-help goals take time to realize. Instead of going with tools that offer fast fixes, choose ones that promise change that lasts. After all, you don’t want to be assertive for just one day — you want to learn the skill so you can use it throughout your life.
  • Some people prefer worksheets with lots of exercises while others learn better from reading examples and stories. Consider what is more helpful for you and seek out an assertiveness workbook that provides that kind of tool. You know how you learn best, so choose resources that support your learning style.
  • Reviews are a great way to learn whether an assertiveness workbook will work for your needs. Check out online reviews from multiple sources to find out what people think about the book, whether it made a difference in their lives and what stood out to them about the book’s methodology.
  • As you’re shopping for any self-help book, consider the qualifications of the authors, along with their specialties and experience in this particular field. It’s important to use tools and resources created by professionals who understand the nuances and challenges you may face as you work to improve your life.