Joyce Chen J22-0060 Traditional Lightweight Wok, 14-Inch

Last updated: January 6, 2022

The Joyce Chen Flat-Bottom Wok has one long handle and one assist loop handle, which stays cool during cooking. A unique feature is that it comes with a hanging loop to help save space in your kitchen cupboard. Keep in mind that it requires seasoning before it’s used. During our testing, this wok heated up very quickly and was lightweight. We also liked the feel of the handle.

Joyce Chen J22-0060 Traditional Lightweight Wok, 14-Inch

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: The Joyce Chen Flat-Bottom Wok is an easy-to-use pan for electric and gas ranges.

In our analysis of 190 expert reviews, the Joyce Chen Traditional Lightweight Wok, 14-Inch placed 15th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Joyce Chen opened her first restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1958. She found that the selection and quality of Chinese cookware in America didn’t live up to her high standards… so she developed her own. Today, Joyce Chen Products sources from all over the Pacific Rim to bring the best of Asia to you. These 14″ Carbon Steel Flat Woks feature a professional weight 2.0 mm, heavy-gauge carbon steel body. They have stay-cool Phenolic handles. Generous 14″ size.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

One thing we love about this pan is its ability to save energy regardless of whether you are using gas or electricity.
The handles are easy to grip and stay cool, even when the wok pan is sizzling.
As standard, this wok has two Phenolic handles, which will stay cool during any wok usage and they are easy to remove, which is quite good for cleaning
What really impressed us was the manufacturer's attention to small details. There is a small helper handle located on the opposite side of the main handle. It carries the same characteristics, so it will stay cool and allow an easy and stable transportation. Plus, there's a loop on the handle, so you can hang the wok.
The phenolic handle has an ergonomic design that enables the steel wok to remain cool during use. You can conveniently clean this carbon steel wok initially with hot water, soap and a scouring pad.
The handle and loop are firm and suitable for hanging storage.
The handle stays cool to the touch for improved grasp and confidence when moving food about the pan. There is a loop for easy hanging.
I love the wooden handle as not only does it stay cool but it’s long. This is important as woks get extremely hot and the further away you are from it, the better.
While we loved the traditional shape, we found the slopes too slippery to move food around effectively.
Both the long handle and the smaller helper one have stay-cool technology. They can be easily removed if you want to use the wok in the oven.
For easier and more comfortable handling, there are 2 phenolic handles (one is horizontal while the other vertical) which are ergonomic and remain cool during cooking.
It has two handles in different shapes, one is long and another one is the looped shape. Both handles remain cool while cooking so that you can hold. Holding the handle, it is quite easy to mix the food while cooking. And you can also store the wok in a hanging position with the help of looped handles.
The Joyce Chen wok has an ergonomic and handle that fits comfortably in your hands and provides the perfect grip, as well as a helper handle that makes it easy to carry your cookware around.
Furthermore, this wok features a flat bottom which makes it suitable for use on all kinds of stoves. It will work with induction too. If you regularly use a flat cooktop, a flat bottom wok is just the most practical choice.
The wok is light weight and carbon steel used for the construction ensures durability and the non-stick is strong enough to not peel off. It has a flat bottom with a diameter of 14-inch and is ideal for cooking on electric or gas
The phenolic handle that comes with this beautifully made wok is designed in such a way that it is both ergonomic and heat resistant. You can grip it elegantly and do all sorts of chef frying stunt with it.
It is made from a heavy gauge carbon steel, with a thickness of 2 mm—thicker than many woks available. The long handle and loop handle are made from phenolic plastic, which can withstand high heats, even the oven.
Quality is a good word to describe the Joyce Chen Pro Chef Bottom Wok, as it is made from heavy gauge carbon steel that is 2 mm thick. When a robust material like this is used, you can be assured that the manufacturer wants the wok to last a long time.
This Wok is ideal for cooking especially for those of us that like their stir fry a bit crunchy; the thicker carbon steel ensures higher heat retention
The ergonomically shaped phenolic handles are comfortable to hold and are easily removed for seasoning and cleaning.
It also gives you an extra helper handle for stability and easy movement of the wok, plus an additional loop on the handle which allows you to hang the wok on the wall for even more convenience.
Another great thing about this carbon steel wok is that it is highly ergonomic. It comes with multiple handles that will make tossing the food inside the wok as easy as pie.
Beautiful and affordable, the Joyce Chen 22-0060 features a non-stick inside covering to allow easy to keep clean. It has a flat bottom and dramatically works on both electric and gas stoves. You’ll love its loop handle and long bamboo handle design for carrying and cooking.
Ergonomic phenolic handle to stay cool.
The Joyce Chen 22-0060, Pro Chef Flat Bottom Wok is durable enough, and it is supposed to last for lifetime use. This type of high carbon steel wok is also free from rust and toxic chemical.
One of the coolest things about this wok is the ergonomic phenolic handle which stays cool as you cook. This means no more burning yourself or wearing oven mitts just to make dinner.

What reviewers didn't like

However, like any other carbon steel pan, you will be required to season it before using for optimal cooking experience.
Although the non-stick coating works fine and is in many ways easier, I do feel that an uncoated and seasoned carbon steel wok works just as well, and is in many ways more authentic.
It’s a bit heavy comparing to standard 14 inches wok weight
The extra thickness makes this wok heavier than other units.
Sensitive to high fame, could burn the food in no time.
The handle is rated to withstand heat up to 350 degrees, so you can pop it in the oven with care.
The only negative here, which isn’t exclusive to this wok, is what I’ve already mentioned: the seasoning and the continuous care. This can’t be skipped and is an integral part of owning this type of wok.
We weren’t impressed with the evenness of heating, and it had hot spots all over the place.
Requires de-coating and seasoning before first use.
Handles become loose gradually.
It requires seasoning where you are supposed to rub two tablespoons of cooking oil over the whole inner surface of the wok.
The inner factory coating can be a little difficult to scrub off and this can make it little of hassle after cooking.
The wok would have been better if the handles were strong enough for transporting heavy foods
Some complain that the factory oil coating is very difficult to clean off before seasoning the wok.
It is more difficult to handle than other choices on this list.
Furthermore, you need to season it frequently to keep it from rusting.
It is a bit heavy, making it more difficult to lift when full of food.
Of course, the extra weight means it’s harder to flip the contents while you’re cooking your food
Needs to be seasoned before use
Although non-stick, re-seasoning it is still needed. I also found it a bit stressful to wash.
Wash only with hot water.
If it is not seasoned it correctly, it may affect rust
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