JOTO Waterproof IPX8 Universal-Size Pool Phone Holders, 2-Pack

Last updated date: January 6, 2022

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JOTO Waterproof IPX8 Universal-Size Pool Phone Holders, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Pool Phone Holders and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Pool Phone Holder you should buy.

Update as January 6, 2022:
Checkout The Best Pool Phone Holders for a detailed review of all the top pool phone holders.

Overall Take

This pack of two waterproof phone pouches can handle being 100 feet underwater and accommodates phones as large as 7 inches. You'll get a secure lock and touch sensitivity. You can choose from seven color combinations with the same or different colors.

In our analysis, the JOTO JOTO Waterproof IPX8 Universal-Size Pool Phone Holders, 2-Pack placed 1st when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

2 Pack Universal size waterproof case dry bag with black color, fits all smartphones up to 7″ diagonal size (Certain big screen phones need to remove protective case); Credit card wallet money waterproof dry bag for pools, beach, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and water park activities. Clear Window on both front and back sides, perfect for taking pictures, videos and checking emails. 100 feet IPX8 Certified waterproof; Offers waterproof / snowproof / dirtproof protection for your device while maintaining full touch screen functionality. Compatible with devices up to 3.35 x 6.69 inches (clear window 3.2 x 6.37 inches); Comes with a neck strap for convenient carrying. Features a simple snap and lock access, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt.

An Overview On Pool Phone Holders

When you plan to spend time at the pool, bringing your phone comes with the risk of potential drops and water damage. However, you can get some convenience and reduce the risk if you use a good pool phone holder. This accessory allows you to avoid the hassle of being without your phone, and provides the peace of mind that’s needed when using an expensive device near water.

The most common type of pool phone holder resembles a transparent pouch made of a waterproof plastic material. Often, you’ll see the pouch rated for protection up to a certain depth, such as 100 feet. You can either hang the pouch from your neck with the attached lanyard, carry it in your hand or store it in your pocket.

The plastic used for the pouch is usually thin enough so that you can still access your phone’s touch screen. This makes this pool phone holder a great option for taking pictures or sending messages while in the water. The pouch will usually also float if you drop it.

Waterproof phone pouches will have a secure closure on top to prevent the pouch from coming open in the water. Often, this is a zipper that you simply slide closed. However, you can find a special locking mechanism on the most secure pouches.

Sizing for waterproof phone pouches is often universal so that a single option will fit most major phone brands and models. However, sometimes you’ll find extra-large pouches for the largest phones. Going with a larger pouch can also come in handy if you want to store additional items or if your phone uses a particularly thick case.

Another type of pool phone holder looks more like a caddy that will float on the pool’s surface. You’ll often inflate the caddy like you would a pool float, and it will be very lightweight. This option offers the most space since it usually has compartments where you can put your phone, along with drinks and snacks.

However, you’ll want to keep in mind that a pool caddy alone offers a bit less protection. Since the phone compartment on the caddy is usually an open space, you can run into issues if your phone falls out. You’d likely still want to use a protective pouch with this option, especially if you plan to handle the phone in the water. You can look out for caddies that include a phone pouch to get the best value.

The Pool Phone Holder Buying Guide

  • It’s a good idea to test your waterproof phone pouch before you start using it in the pool. Try putting a piece of paper or cloth inside, closing it securely and putting the pouch in a bowl or sink full of water. Leave it submerged for at least a few minutes and then check whether the contents inside remain dry.
  • Phone pouch manufacturers often list several popular phones when they address compatibility. If you have a less common phone, you can go by the maximum screen size the pouch says it supports. If your phone’s near the limit, consider going with a larger pouch, especially if you use a phone case.
  • Keep in mind that water exposure isn’t the only risk to your phone at the pool. Extreme temperatures can harm the battery, so you might opt to leave your phone elsewhere on a sweltering day.
  • If your phone ever does end up falling in the pool, switch it off as soon as possible and take out any removable batteries for safety reasons. Next, try wiping off the phone’s exterior and letting any water pour out of the crevices. You might then put the phone in a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours to absorb any extra dampness.
  • When using a floating phone pouch, be aware that your phone’s weight matters. If you have a heavy phone or use a thick case, the pouch may not actually float. You might opt to remove the case if it’s adding too much weight.
  • If you go with an inflatable pool caddy and find yourself without a regular air pump, you can simply use the hair dryer you probably already have. Just use your blowdryer’s cool setting and carefully direct the air into the caddy’s valve for quick inflation.
  • Avoid putting anything sharp near a waterproof phone pouch since it can cause holes that will make it not protective.