Jomilly Mini Pocket Personal Fan

Last updated: August 29, 2019

Jomilly Mini Pocket Personal Fan

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In our analysis of 59 expert reviews, the Jomilly Mini Pocket Personal Fan placed 11th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Jomilly is the seller which is specialized in offering the cute safe mini portable fans, colorful fine star disco lights and puppy chewing toys,we are working our best to offer the best service and products for all customers.Any delivery and products problems, we are very happy to get feedback From you and provide service at any time. Ladies Handy fan PIPNK Handheld pocket mini foldable little USB rechargeable summer fan for women,2 colors and 2 styles for your choice,single head green pink fan and dual head pink green fan for your summer travelling,get the jomilly mini personal handheld fan to get the amazing cool summer’s day. 1 Jomilly Mini Handheld Personal Pocket Cooling Fan Bring this cute fan to home, bring cool wind to your office. Mini size, 3.6 inch, compact and lightweight, convenient to carry travel fan. Automatic droping fan blades, soft TPE material, 100% safe. 2 adjustable speed, solf&strong modes, one button to control the mini handy fan. 270 degree foldable mini fan. Q&A –Is this kind of folded fan safe? –Absolutely, it is made from ABS and TPE soft material(one kind of soft rubber), even accidentally touch the fan blades, the fan blade would stop and auto folding, will do no harm to your hand. 12 Product Specifications Product Name: Jomilly Mini Pocket USB Fan Battery Capacity: 300 Amh Rated Power: 0.5W Input Power: DC 5V 0.5A Main Material: ABS+TPE Item Dimension: 1.2*1.4*3.6 inch (Folded) Net Weight: 60 Gram Q&A –Does this small fan have patents? –Yes, we have appearance and utility model patent of this product, any product adopting same auto folding fan blades and the same folding structure might cause patent infringement. More Outstanding Features 111 4 333 Rechargeable Mini Fan Charging through charger, powerbank or laptop. Q&A –How long is it for full charging? –Around an hour, after full charging, using high speed last about 2-3 hours, soft mode works around 4-5 hours. Multifunctional Personal Fan A great personal mini fan for home table, office desk, car cooling, camping, also perfect for outdoor activities and travel to breathe the fresh air anywhere anytime. What You Will Get Mini Pocket Fan Pink USB cable Manual Great after sales service, fastest&quick respond for message send from you.

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Anyone who’s been through August (or say, any month at all in Florida) can tell you how dependent we are on air conditioning. But we can’t always be indoors, and when it comes to cheap and portable ways to get cool, there are few solutions better than a personal fan.

In fact, even when we are indoors, a good breeze from a small desktop fan can make a big dent in your energy bill. They use far less wattage than your AC unit, and if you tend to stick around in a home office, they can help keep your computer cool in the bargain.

Most personal fans essentially do one thing: Rotate their fan blades as quickly as possible to get the air moving. They typically do this by way of simple electric motors, though one that uses a brushless motor might be liable to last longer — and probably cost more.

Companies will throw out stats like RPMs to boast of how powerful their fans are, but there’s really only one measurement that matters when it comes to power: CFM. That stands for cubic feet per minute, and in this case, it refers to the volume of air that a fan can move through a given space and how forcefully it can do it.

Ceiling fans might have a CFM rating of 6,000 or more. For box fans or tower fans, that might get up to 2,500. Personal, desktop fans and the like can vary a lot — anywhere between 100 and 1,800. With that in mind, the positioning of a fan can be just as important as its power. Fans placed in a corner or against a wall will generally work better than those in the middle of a room, and at night, they are best placed in front of an open window where they can bring in the cooler evening air.

Of course, there’s a lot of other factors to consider: portability, safety and energy efficiency, just to name a few. Do yourself a favor and get in some research on your new fan before buying.

Buying Advice

  • The term “personal fan” covers a lot of ground, from mid-sized, stationary units to tiny clip-on gadgets that you might use to keep a baby cool in the stroller. The first question you’ll want to ask, then, is where will your fan see the most use? Flat-base models tend to pack a bit more power, but more expensive smaller fans can be just as effective. If you’re looking for versatility, some fans even come with adjustable bases that can be attached to different surfaces.
  • If you’re getting a portable fan, check the power source. Cheaper fans might rely on standard-issue batteries, so considering investing in an energy-efficient model or expect to pay more down the line. For just a bit more, you might be able to get a fan powered by a range of modern methods, everything from rechargeable batteries to solar power. Smaller desktop fans might even come with a USB so you can plug it directly into your laptop or another device, but check the reviews: The output on these fans can vary depending on what source they’re drawing from.
  • Even if you’re just buying for yourself, an oscillating fan can be a good investment. Models with a head that moves back and forth are fairly common and can be the difference between a constant, annoying blast of air and a gentle, occasional breeze. Needless to say, they also circulate the air much more evenly.
  • No matter how powerful your fan, it will be a lot more energy efficient than running your AC, especially if well-positioned. To maximize that advantage, check the wattage consumption on your fan.
  • Noise level can be a huge factor, depending on where you use your fan. The comfort of a good, stiff breeze can be quickly offset by the loud drone of a particularly cheap fan. On the other hand, some people might not mind or even prefer such a model. White noise can be a great sleep aid, after all. Loudness can be tough to quantify since many fans operate at multiple speeds, and the official stats on some models can be less than helpful. Be sure to check the reviews.
  • If you’re using your fan in a house with small children or pets, give a thought to the safety features.  Check the casing around the fan blades to make sure your little one’s fingers won’t be able to get through, or be vigilant about placing it up high. Smaller, pocket-sized fans or those made specifically for strollers might feature blades made of felt or similar material that won’t hurt tiny hands, but be advised that they can still be a hazard if hair gets caught inside.