JiBen Modern Wipe Clean Shower Mirror

Last updated date: December 31, 2021

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JiBen Modern Wipe Clean Shower Mirror

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We looked at the top Shower Mirrors and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Shower Mirror you should buy.

Update as August 26, 2022:
Checkout Create A Luxury Shower With The Best Shower Mirror for a detailed review of all the top shower mirrors.

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In our analysis of 95 expert reviews, the JiBen Modern Wipe Clean Shower Mirror placed 11th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a nice hot shower to shave in front of a foggy mirror. Not only is shaving over the sink messy, the cleanup can be a hassle too. With our fogless mirror you can combine your shower routine with your shaving routine, saving time and headaches. Shaving in the shower also provides a smoother and closer shave. Ladies will find our mirrors great for tweezing, exfoliating and facial cleansing. Why choose JiBen Fogless Mirror? Our mirror is made out of high quality plastic that will not shatter, rust or crack. Our mirror has a built-in razor hook. There is no need for additional attachments. It is light weight and ideal for travel. The diameter is the perfect size at 5.75 inches. The powerful suction lock ensures that it stays wherever you attach it. Unlike other mirrors that use silicone or tape, our mirror easily releases without damaging your wall. You can attach and detach with ease, adjusting to any angle and height. The suction lock only needs a surface area of 3 inches. How it works? Our fogless mirrors are coated with a special ANTI FOGGING chemical that REPELS fog. Simply SPLASH or WIPE with warm soapy water once during each shower and it will remain fog free throughout your shower. You do not have to wait for it to warm up or use a squeegee ever again. Clean surface of dirt and grime before attaching. The suction cup works best on flat, smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, glass, porcelain, marble, granite and fiberglass. Avoid grout, stucco, drywall, wallpaper and other textured wall. Clean with warm water and a piece of soft fabric. Using any kind of solvent or chemical will strip the mirror of it’s fogless properties.

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What experts liked

With our fogless mirror, you can unite your shower routine with your shaving routine, saving time and concern. Shaving in the shower provides a smooth and shave nearby. The ladies for travel, exfoliating and facial cleansing will get great in our mirrors.
- Homeplix
June 3, 2019 | Full review
This mirror is small and lightweight but still gives you the right view and also folds back so that it’s out of the way when you don’t need it. It gives you a clear picture and is entirely shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. There’s a total satisfaction guarantee, which says that you’ll be happy with this mirror or you’ll be able to return it with no problems at all. That means you’re going to have something you can count on.
- Geek Wrapped
The JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror with Power Locking Suction has a built-in razor hook and 360-degree rotating adjustable arm. This is a great feature that allows you to check your face from any direction. You can easily switch to any angle when needed. Its powerful suction cup lets you stick it to any surface that can hold it without using any tools. It’s very easy to use for a fuss-free shower. To clean the mirror you can easily splash or wipe it with warm soapy water and you’re good.
- The Toilet Zone
JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror measures 5.57 inches in diameter, and you use a suction cup to stick it to the wall. You only need a surface area of 3 square inches. It comes with a swivel arm so that you can rotate it any which way, and it also comes with a built-in razor hook. Because it’s small, very light, and uses a suction cup, it’s very portable.
- Shower Hacks
Affordable, durable, versatile and convenient! Is this what you have been looking for in your top pick product? Then you just found the right versions: JiBen fogless shower mirror. The premium product sells at a pocket-friendly price which has left most customers pondering their mouth. When it comes to its efficiency, it’s incomparable. Why? Jiben mirror integrates a fog-repellant coating which requires a simple warm/soapy water wiping before you take your shower and the falls into line automatically.
- The Z9
March 15, 2019 | Full review
JiBen is yet another customer favorite fog free shower mirror. With high quality plastic frames that prevent wall rusting or damage, the low budget mirror could survive in your shower for quite a long time. Like fellow top rated mirrors, JiBen is a shatter free product to make it friendly for use even in the presence of kids. In addition, the fogless mirror is easy to install, efficient and asks for little maintenance.
- Shower Reports
It is easy to clean and maintain. Comes with a fog repellent chemical. An attractive design that complements any bathroom.
- Top Products
The JiBen Power Locking 003 features a clever frame design that seamlessly forms a caddy for your razor at the bottom. Its suction cup is extra strong, thanks to a twisting mechanism that pushes out any air between itself and the wall for a tight seal.
- Wiki EZ Vid
April 12, 2018 | Full review
JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror made with out of high-quality plastic which makes it shatter-proof. However, high-quality plastic ensures that it will not crack or rust. It includes a built-in razor-hook. No additional attachment is needed for this mirror. This lightweight mirror is ideal for travel. This mirror can attach and detach easily, and the adjusting system is fair enough. For section lock, it needs only 3inches of space.
- Simple Toilet
In case you are looking for a mirror that adjusts so that you can have the perfect shave, then the JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror is the best option. This mirror adjusts in some ways. The best part is that it will even stay parallel to the floor, providing you with a perfect angel while shaving the neck. To make certain that it retains the fog free property, all you need to do is wipe the mirror with the warm water.
- Best Brand HQ
March 1, 2019 | Full review
Its modern design incorporates a chrome frame that surrounds the mirror and a built-in hook that can hold your favorite razor. The included suction cup both locks and unlocks with a simple twist, making it easy to reposition the mirror or to remove it when cleaning the shower. JiBen offers a satisfaction guarantee because it believes you’ll love this mirror.
- The Best Flushing Toilet

What experts didn't like

Doesn’t stay on the tile for a long time. Does not stick well to walls.
- Homeplix
June 3, 2019 | Full review
Suction cup only works on a clean and smooth surface. Solvents can easily tear its anti-fogging capacity.
- The Toilet Zone
It is not magnified but works as advertised.
- Top Products
Average quality
- Best Brand HQ
March 1, 2019 | Full review

An Overview On Shower Mirrors

Shaving in the shower instead of at the bathroom sink is becoming more and more popular among men. Perhaps this is because less mess is made, making clean-up is a breeze. Another reason may be the fact that the bathroom mirror fogs up repeatedly, making the entire shaving process take much longer than it needs to.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Shaving mirrors are an excellent tool to speed up your morning routine. Before you buy one, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

Make sure the model is shatterproof. The last thing you want to do while installing the shower mirror is drop it and risk getting a nasty cut.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Next, look for a protective coating that is both fog-free and shadow-free. Stopping to wipe the mirror constantly while the steam continues to build in the shower won’t save you time. You want a model that states it is guaranteed not to fog, or stay fog-free, for life.

How is the shower mirror attached to the wall? Does it use adhesive or suction cups? Suction cups work well, but they don’t hold their grip as long as adhesive. Additionally, you want to make sure the adhesive is removable so that you can adjust the mirror as needed.

Determine how adjustable the shower mirror is. Can you tilt it down when shaving your chin and then tilt it back up to shave across your cheekbones? Perhaps the unit hangs from a rope. This option would also allow you to position the mirror in a myriad of ways.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Check for any extras. For example, does the model feature a shelf that can hold your razor or is there a light to make it easier to see when you close the shower curtain and block the bathroom light? Does it come with a squeegee to wipe down the mirror after each use? Sometimes it’s the extra features that help you decide between the best two options.

The Shower Mirror Buying Guide

  • It’s always a good idea to dry the shower mirror off at the end of each shower with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
  • Over time, soap scum can build up on your mirror. When that happens, you’ll need to use one of several methods to remove it. You can use shaving cream or shampoo. Simply rub the mirror with the product to dissolve the soap scum and then rinse clean. Another option is to wipe down the mirror with a dryer sheet.
  • Never use vinegar or an abrasive cleaner on the shower mirror. These agents are harsh, and they will remove the protective coating that prevents the mirror from fogging up. The abrasive cleaner may also scratch the surface of the mirror, making it harder to see during a shave.
  • Should your mirror’s fog-free coating start to lose its effectiveness, apply a thin coating of a rain-repellent product made for car windshields. This is a handy solution to extend the life of your mirror.
  • Command makes large water-resistant strips for use in showers and bathtubs. If the adhesive on your shower mirror starts to come loose, these strips will work well to get your mirror back in place.
  • When considering the price of a shower mirror, you’ll need to take a look at a few features. For example, mirrors that use a more reliable adhesive will cost slightly more than models that use suction cups. Size is also a factor, as larger surfaces command a higher price. If you’re willing to forgo extras, such as an attached shelf for storing your razor, you’ll be able to purchase a shower mirror at a lower amount.