JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Last updated date: September 1, 2019

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JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

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We looked at the top Band Saws and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Band Saw you should buy.

Update as June 3, 2019:
Check out The Best Band Saw for a detailed review of all the top band saws.

Overall Take

For a top-of-the-line band saw that gets the work done, you can't go wrong with this option. Although a bit pricey, this tool packs plenty of features, including a high-end motor that reduces vibrations and noise. The included 15 X 15-inch work table can tilt in either direction for angled cuts.

In our analysis of 83 expert reviews, the JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit placed 1st when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The JET 14in. Deluxe Band Saw shown with optional fence is designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding woodworkers. There is no need to add a riser block this 14in. band saw comes with a massive cast iron frame for increased power that makes it ready to meet all resaw applications head-on. Couple this incredible feature with a new high tension spring design and many more amazing features, and you have a band saw that will last for years to come. Cutting Depth at 90 in. 12, Cutting Angles 10 left, 45 right, Blade Size L x W x Thickness in. 93-105 x 1/8-3/4, Cutting Capacity SFPM 1,500/3,000, Stand Included Yes, Variable Speed No, HP 1 1/4, Dimensions L x W x H in. 29 x 28 x 77, Volts 115/230, Cutting Capacity – Flat Stock in. x in. 13 1/2 x 12. Built-in 12in. resaw capacity for cutting larger pieces of wood 2-speed poly-V belt drive system Newly designed upper and lower cast iron frame for increased strength and rigidity Easy to view blade tracking window Blade guide post with rack and pinion adjustment Upper and lower ball bearing guides reduce friction for longer blade life Quick-release blade tension for convenience Enclosed stand with storage shelf and easy access door Built-in retractable blade guard moves up and down from 0-12in. resaw High tension spring design allows for greater blade tensioning 15in. x 15in. table 43 1/2in. table height 4in. dia. dust port 300 CFM minimum dust collection 14in. wheel diameter.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

The price-to-quality ratio of this machine is great. It’s not a cheap piece of equipment by any means, but the overall quality of its components, as well as the chassis, is extraordinary. In other words, it’s designed to withstand intense projects and yield consistent results at all times.
- Tool Nerds
February 13, 2018 | Full review
We’re not going to spend too much time here, so trust us when we say that this saw is easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you will have no issues operating this machine.
- Woodwork Boss
Features cast iron wheels, frame and table. Adjustment and blade changes are easya and straight forward, and you won't be dissapointed with its performance.
- BestReviews
While the gadget generates the various operations, the tension coil design permits for augmented blade tensioning. Attributable to this, the gadget can achieve an impressive cutting deepness while cutting angles as well. Its blade dimension exemplifies its cutting capability with changeable velocities.
- Zentiz
September 17, 2015 | Full review
The impressive blade speed (1500 / 3000 SFPM) and heavy-duty cast iron frame make this saw more than capable of tackling even the toughest materials.
- Table Saw Geeks
There’s an easy to view blade tracking window that allows for optimal precision and safety, as well as blade guide post with rack and pinion adjustment.
- Thoroughly Reviewed
Some features that stand out on this product include a sturdy cast iron frame that can withstand years of heavy use, a built-in retractable blade guard, a 15 x 15 inch work table for your biggest projects, ball bearing guides to reduce friction, various precision and safety features like quick release blade tension, and an easy-view window.
- Top Rate Ten
This band saw has 15X15-inches sturdy work table, this table designed tilt 10 degrees left and 45 degrees right. The JWBS-14XPRO gives the user the flexibility to meet the unique demands of the new projects.
- Smart P Tools
And it has the added benefit of adding some more storage space in the lower cabinet.
- Fundamentals of Wood Working
The blades are easy to change fast with the ball bearing guides and tires marked with yellow to make it easier to see the blade.
- Tool And Go
The kit aspect of the JET JWBS-14DXPRO Review is that it comes with its complementary stand readily inclusive in the purchase. And boy do we love it!
- Tools Adventure
December 15, 2017 | Full review
For a saw that has high ratings, it is important that you always get it right. There is no doubt this one feels that way thanks to the high cutting capacity you get with the model. The model comes with enough power that can handle cutting through materials of various sizes. It comes with an amazing cutting capacity width of 13.5 inches and 12 inches for the height.
- Miter Saw Buzz
The rugged and durable cast iron frame allows for the toughest jobs related to cutting and sawing. This is facilitated by a blade speed of 1500/3000 SFPM, and together, these features saves th ser from the trouble of using the rider block.
- Saw Critic
It is very easy to set up, install and begin using this band saw.
- Band Saw Report
Other that this, the performance is pretty impressive and the combination of great design and solid performances has assured it’s place in almost all best band saw reviews.
- Power Saw Reviewed
High-end motor holds vibrations facilitating steady and quiet work
- Band Saws Expert
And speaking of the blade, users are happy to report that (while not expensive by any means) the included blade is adequate for quite a few jobs.
- Garage Tool Advisor

What experts didn't like

The vast majority of pictures online show the fence on this unit, even though it’s not included by default. It can be a deceiving thing, especially if you’re on a strict budget.
- Tool Nerds
February 13, 2018 | Full review
Surprisingly, there are no extras with this saw. That means you won’t get a miter gauge or even a fence – something that’s basically become a standard accessory on benchtop models. That’s disappointing given the price although not a deal breaker by any means.
- Woodwork Boss
Doesn't come with the fence featured in the product photo.
- BestReviews
It does not include a fence.
- Top Rate Ten
Another drawback is blade tension. Jet provides two stamped metal feet that bolt to the out fid side of the base. Without them the band saw would tip over when running thicker stock post the blade.
- Smart P Tools
The dust collection system includes a four inch dust port is on the blade path beneath the table, and a brush on the lower wheel. When properly connected the dust that usually accumulates in the cabinets is taken away as it is created. It not perfect but it works.
- Fundamentals of Wood Working
Not compact and definitely not lightweight.
- Tools Adventure
December 15, 2017 | Full review
The fence is not included.
- Miter Saw Buzz
- Saw Critic
The lower bearing guides cannot be accessed conveniently as it is placed at quite a lower position and is small in size.
- Band Saw Report
Another problem is this band saw does not include a fence or a miter gauge.
- Power Saw Reviewed
Factory installed band gauge is not made of good quality
- Band Saws Expert
There are a couple complaints with this saw. The biggest one is the need for foot attachments to maintain stability instead of making the base a solid unit.
- Garage Tool Advisor

Band Saw Rankings

Band Saw Overview

A band saw is a multi-part tool, involving a stand and work table. If you’re ready to tackle some heavy-duty projects that require cutting wood or metal, this is the tool for you. But choosing the right band saw can be challenging, with so many features typically factoring into your decision.

The first thing you’ll take note of while shopping is the build of the band saw. You’ll be putting the tool through some challenges, so it’s important to choose a band saw with some durability. Build also plays into some ease-of-use issues, including whether the saw vibrates while you’re working. Excess vibration can make it tough to work for long periods of time, as well as impacting how safe the work area is. Some band saws are also designed in a way that cuts down on noise, which can be helpful if you’re working with neighbors nearby.

As for the pricing of various models, it’s important to note what’s included with each band saw. Some come with tables and others don’t, and some come with essential accessories, like a fence or a miter gauge. If you have to buy any of these items separately, it will push up the price, so make sure you factor that in from the start.

If your band saw comes with a table, pay close attention to its build. You’ll be given a very specific workspace measurement, and this is the area you’ll have to work with as you cut various items. Some tables also tilt, making it easier to cut at an angle. You may never use this feature, but it’s handy to have in case you ever need it.

The blade is a very important element in a band saw. You’ll need one with a good blade, but precise cuts rely heavily on tensioning. Some band saws make it easy to adjust that tensioning, providing a knob that simply requires a firm twist. You’ll also find that some allow you to adjust the tension in a way that allows for more precise cuts.

Portability is another consideration. The very thing that makes a band saw so sturdy and reliable makes it also tough to move around. If you plan to set your tool up and never move it, that won’t be as much an issue. If you need to take it from one place to another, though, a cordless band saw or one that is lighter in weight may be a better choice.

Buying Advice

  • The first thing to look at when shopping for a band saw is build. The iron frame on the JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit means it can withstand even the biggest projects. Ball bearing guides cut down on friction to help you make precision cuts easily. It also comes with two stamped metal feet to keep the band saw stable while you’re working.
  • The Rikon Bandsaw With Fence features a solid steel frame that keeps it in top condition through even your most intense projects.
  • The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw is built with steel and aluminum among other impressive metals. It’s not only built for power and stability, but it also resists kickback to keep you safe. The gears and ball bearings are made from stainless steel to provide smooth, reliable performance.
  • The DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw is dramatically different from other band saws in that it’s cordless. It runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. You may find that it doesn’t have the power you get from a corded version, but being cordless does offer more portability. Its cutting capacity is 5 X 4¾ inches for rectangular objects and 4¾ inches for round and square objects.
  • One nuisance with a band saw is vibration and shaking. This can make it difficult to work, reducing the stability and putting your safety at risk. The high-end motor in the JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit keeps vibrations at bay, as does the Rikon Bandsaw With Fence.
  • Although all band saws will make some noise while in use, you can cut down on the noise by going with the JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit or Rikon Bandsaw With Fence. You’ll still hear the motors in these saws, but the noise won’t be excessive.
  • Most band saws come with a table, and the build of that table plays an important role in the overall usability of any saw you choose. The JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit comes with a 15 X 15-inch work table that can tilt 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. Being able to tilt your table means you can achieve angles that wouldn’t have been as doable otherwise. The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw has a 14 X 12½-inch work table that can tilt up to 45 degrees. The Rikon Bandsaw With Fence has a cast-iron table that provides a 13 ¾ x 12 ½-inch work area. Although the build is a plus with this one, you won’t get the tilt you get with other tables.
  • A good fence is essential to making those precise cuts. Unfortunately, not all band saws come with a fence, even when you see one pictured on the product description site. The Rikon Bandsaw With Fence and WEN Two-Speed Band Saw both come with a fence.
  • Another product you’ll need to purchase if it’s sold separately is a miter gauge. The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw comes with a miter gauge, in addition to the fence. With other saws, you’ll have to purchase one.
  • Band saws vary widely in price, so take a close look at features to make sure you’re getting value for the extra expense. The JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit is by far the most expensive, retailing for more than $1,000. On the low end are the Rikon Bandsaw With Fence and WEN Two-Speed Band Saw, which can both be found for less than $300. Considering it doesn’t come with a work table, the DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw is a bit expensive, with a price tag that tops $300.
  • The blade plays an important role in how well a band saw performs. The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw can take on some types of wood that are too much for other band saws, thanks in part to a 1¾-inch throat.
  • Band saw blades need to be stretched as tightly as possible in order to do a good job, so tensioning controls are essential when you’re shopping for a band saw. The JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit has a tension coil design to provide cutting depth that wows. You’ll also find you can cut at a specific angle more easily with this model. One of the best things about the Rikon Bandsaw With Fence’s tensioning is a built-in knob that makes it easy to adjust. The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw’s tension knob tends to be on the flimsy side.
  • Occasionally, you’ll have to change your band saw’s blades, and some are much easier to change than others. The JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit has ball bearing guides and yellow marks on the tires to make it easier to see the blade while switching it out. With the DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw, you’ll need to double-check to make sure you’re ordering the right blade since it has to be a very specific size.
  • Chances are, you’ll set your band saw up and never move it. But if you do need something that can travel with you, consider the DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw, which is not only cordless but weighs only 15.79 pounds. The WEN Two-Speed Band Saw, at 73 pounds, and Rikon Bandsaw With Fence, at 79 pounds, are both maneuverable. But the 258-pound JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit is designed for those who plan to set a band saw up and leave it there.
  • A light can be a huge help, especially if you’re working in poorly-lit areas. The DEWALT 20V Max Deep Cut Band Saw’s LED light automatically snaps on, following a 20-second delay, to light up the work area. You’ll also get an LED light with the WEN Two-Speed Band Saw.
  • The blade-tracking window on the JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit lets you monitor your blade for more precise cuts. You’ll also get a blade guidepost that helps with rack and pinion adjustment. When combined with safety features, like quick-release blade tension and a retractable blade guard, the extras may make the extra expense worth it for some.