Jerdon Glare-Free Makeup Mirror With Lights

Last updated: October 28, 2022

The Best Overall consumer rated product is this makeup mirror with lights. With superb brightness and excellent fold-out side mirrors you can see your makeup from every angle. You also can’t beat the magnification at five times the normal reflection.

Jerdon Glare-Free Makeup Mirror With Lights

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This makeup mirror with lights offers numerous settings to adjust lighting so you get the best outcome.

In our analysis of 50 expert reviews, the Jerdon Glare-Free Makeup Mirror With Lights placed 5th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish High magnification, versatile illumination, and multi-angle viewing make this tri-fold mirror from Jerdon a virtual cockpit of makeup application. Structured for panoramic viewing, the mirror features two adjustable side panels, plus a center section with regular reflection on one side and 5X magnification on the other. Two bars of fluorescent lighting offer cool, glare-free illumination, and the color-correct light menu lights your face for day or evening, the office or home. A built-in outlet accommodates curling irons and roller sets, while an adjustable backstand offers 11 angles to work from. The entire unit folds up flat for storage. Though the mirror does not feel as substantial as the company’s all-metal models, it does roll several features into one compact model. In addition, the reflection is consistently clear, and the side panels stay put where you place them. Fully extended, the mirror measures 19 by 12 inches. Jerdon includes a one-year warranty. –Emily Bedard

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The lighting is pretty strong but in a good way. It’s really good when tweezing or needing to see individual pores.
The Jerdon Tri-Fold 2-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror lights up your entire face with its side panels, making it a clear top choice.
Magnification strength: 1x and 5x options.
It doesn’t take much to attune it to meet your demands – simply slide the switch over to find the perfect lighting. Another notable highlight is the integrated electrical outlet, a feature that allows you to plug in the mirror in appliances such as curling irons.
The great advantage about this mirror is that it has four adjustable setting that is for daytime, evening, office and home environments.
It has four different light settings for various environments, panoramic tri-fold mirror, highly customizable.
The 5x magnification is enough to zoom in on the areas you want to focus on, plus you can swivel the center panel to a regular magnification to check out your overall look.
It can be folded by third of its original size. It can be taken anywhere, thanks to the light weightness and contemporary cornerless design. The magnification is fantastic; it gives 5x zoom with no blur or compromise on quality. JERDON has a built-in cord that connects it to the power supply.
It has 4 adjustable setting for daytime, evening, home and office environments.
This mirror comes with adjustable lighting setting, which is amazing. You can set the lighting for daytime, evening, home, and office environments.
There are two side mirrors and the magnification is adjustable up to 5 times. The product comes with one year of warranty. The mirrors fold flat so that you can carry them easily. It is very stylish and will enhance the beauty of your room.
The Jerdon Tri-Fold JGL9W provides an expansive view of your face, with its two adjustable side mirrors, center mirror and four light settings. It offers a maximum 5x magnification that makes it easier to apply everything from foundation to eyeliner accurately.
Some other features include controllable magnification, versatile light and some viewing angles that make it the best for your beauty preference.
The beautiful mirror has an adjustable magnification as well as an inbuilt electrical outlet, making it easy to use. The magnified mirror with light is a perfect addition to any home décor as it comes with stylish and attractive white addition. Additionally, this mirrored vanity has four adjustable settings that suit evening, daytime, office and home environs.
This mirror features three separate mirrors that fold into one contained unit. It has a modern white finish, which looks stylish in virtually any décor.
There are standard and 5x magnifications so you’ll be able to perform a thorough inspection of your face while you’re working to get yourself ready. And these magnifications are entirely adjustable by you; you can choose to magnify or not, depending on your chore and mood.
This mirror comes with adjustable magnification features. It features a built-in electrical outlet that makes everything easier. It has a perfect white finish that is very beautiful and attractive. This mirror has adjustable light settings for home, evening, daytime and office settings. It is durable, reliable and affordable.
The best feature of the model, though, is the "choose a lighting scheme" option. Most mirrors have one light setting that mimics natural daylight (to varying degrees of success). This has four different lighting schemes, and you can experiment and see how different lighting schemes affect your makeup.
This three-in-one makeup mirror will make your morning makeup routine so easy and flawless with its light settings and folding mirrors which offer a good magnification for fixing makeup mistakes.
What makes it special is that it has three mirrors and the side mirrors are adjustable for a wider view. You can adjust its brightness in four levels based on the environment such as in office, home, evening, or daylight. You can simply turn it on and off through the sole power button.
Four adjustable light settings for day, office, evening, and home. 1x and 5x magnification. One-year warranty. Folds flat for travel or storage. Adjustable back stand. Electrical cord built-in so you don't need to rely on batteries. Center mirror swivels horizontally.
The 1X and 5X magnifications make sure that you have a great time and every detail is in place. The four adjustable settings make this makeup mirror ideal for daytime, evening, home as well as office environments.
It has two lights, one of each side of the middle mirror, which provide a great amount of light straight on your face.
The tri-fold mirror also allows for a clear view of your hair and face from all angles. The adjustable central mirror can be swiveled to increase the magnification to x5.
It plugs into an electrical outlet, and it has lighting on the side panels of the center screen. Another cool feature is that it has an electrical outlet on the front left of the device, so you can plug in your hairstyling tools for easy access.
It has the adjustable magnification that you can choose from 1x to 5x. It also has up to 4 light setting options that are subject to the light condition or surrounding environment. Jerdon is also designed with a lightweight concept that allows a free and easy movement of it, so you can conveniently bring it when you travel.
The light is glare free and is very easy to set up. You can choose 4 different light settings and enjoy your makeup no matter where you are at. You can choose either the daytime option, evening, home, or office mode. Easy to adjust by sliding the switch over and finding your next wanted lighting. Also, the mirror itself is super pretty thanks to its elegant white color.
This mirror provides you with the experience of a larger mirror with the space consumption and price of a smaller one. The tri-fold mirror design makes this mirror quite compact, yet when opened it gives you just the right expanse of mirror that you need for any kind of your beauty need.

What reviewers didn't like

This mirror had a lot of promise, with a three-panel design and a double-sided center mirror. However, it’s just way too bulky and poorly designed to recommend. It feels outdated and is difficult to adjust, and the lighting isn't effective or bright enough on any setting. It's more trouble than it's worth: skip it.
Clunky design, not as attractive as other options.
While it does fold up and alleviate space on your vanity, if you plan on traveling with it, it only comes with a cord and no battery options.
It is smaller in size.
It requires an electrical connection to operate.
Bulbs are difficult to replace.
Users have said that the slider for changing the light settings doesn't work very well.
This is a bit heavy, not portable. Also, this is slightly expensive.
However, this makeup mirror demands an outlet.
It would be fantastic if it were a little brighter & had a higher magnification.
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