Ivation Vibrating Multifunctional Foot Spa

Last updated: June 5, 2023

If you work on your feet all day, you will appreciate the intense vibrating massage of this foot spa. Water jets throughout the spa create soothing bubbles. The spa also heats up for soothing comfort.

Ivation Vibrating Multifunctional Foot Spa

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This foot spa offers warm, bubbling water and soothing vibration.

In our analysis of 184 expert reviews, the Ivation Vibrating Multifunctional Foot Spa placed 8th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

A relaxing spa retreat is as close as your own home! For men and women who work tirelessly on their feet, the complete resort experience is just a button away with the Multifunction Foot Spa by Ivation! Integrating all the best features of acupressure, shiatsu, heat, and hydrotherapy, our all-in-one bath delivers massaging, bubbling bliss to your achy soles and toes. Simply plug in the unit, fill the basin with water, and select your ideal spa session. Take a cool dip, or quickly heat the pool up to 122° F in mere minutes. Then, choose from a full suite of functions designed to target your various foot complaints. Activate the bubble feature to encourage circulation, while allover vibration soothes soreness and pain. Two built-in motorized rollers let you focus on tired heels, soles, and the balls of your feet after an intense workout or long day at work. In the spirit of luxury, your at-home spa also arrives with 3 attachments for a full pedicure treatment. Toss in some salts or oils, and you’ll be pretty, pain-free, and totally peaceful in no time! What You Get 1 Ivation Multifunction Foot Spa 1 Brush Attachment 1 Acupressure Attachment User’s Guide A sensational spa from the comfort of home! Specs & Details Power Rating: 120V, 50Hz – Plug 110v Power Output: 450W Dimensions: 16.5” x 14.9” x 9.2” Weighs in at 6.7 lbs. Display: LCD Features: Timer, Heat & Massage Controls How to Enjoy Place unit on flat surface and plug into outlet Fill spa according to water level marked inside basin Press power button, and prepare to relax Choose temperature and set timer Feel bubbly bliss and massaging magic Soothe, soak, rub, and exfoliate Save a ton on professional spa services!

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Adjustable heat setting. Motorized rollers, powerful vibration, and soothing bubbles relieve foot pain. Extra attachments for pedicure treatments.
It comes with 2 removable massage rollers that are motorized to provide an effortless kneading massage to your feet.
We loved using the pumice stone after we were done with the foot spa to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin.
The heating element here is decent and can heat up room temperature water fast.
- Heavy
It works great with essential oils and aromatherapy as well, which can add to the relaxing environment.
The oxygenating bubble action helps relieve pressure and pain from your feet. You can control the water temperature as well as the intensity of the massage.
It has an intense vibration for an invigorating massage and to improve your blood circulation. The bubbles will provide oxygenating action and are powered by multiple water jets to provide calming relief to pressure and pain.
You can also add oils and salts to the bath, making for an even more decadent soak. It’s very customizable, with multiple functions being able to be used at once. And, it’s got a handle that makes it easy to carry for clean up once you’re done soaking.
In addition to oxygenating bubble action, the unit vibrates to help encourage blood circulation and soothe weary feet even more. It even includes an infrared light so that you can add red light therapy to your personalized mix of foot care and relaxation.
By massaging your worn-out feet with this Ivation Foot Spa Massager, you will get super soft and comfortable Heels, Toes and Arches, Ankles.
The huge advantage of this foot spa is its high-quality massage features. Whereas many foot baths require you to move your feet along rollers, the motorized massagers in this bath do all the work for you and provide a high-intensity level for penetrating muscle tissue.
You can also have the bubble feature activated to aid in circulation, the vibration also helps in soothing the pain and the soreness.
Everyone agrees that the pain relief from using this water massager machine is fantastic and many people mention wishing they had bought it sooner because of how much joy it’s brought them, as well as how much they’ve saved on trips to the spa and salon.
Has a very pleasant bubble and massage roller features to improve your experience
Our top choice for the best foot spa could be your Ivation Foot Spa Massager which targets all troublesome areas round the feet and delivers a relaxing, rejuvenating experience for tired spirits and soles.
The Ivation is an incredible foot spa and given its moderately low value; you should hop on it the primary possibility you have.
This foot spa reaches temperatures of up to 122 degrees F., and it features deep-kneading Shiatsu massage rollers for maximum relief for sore feet. It even comes with acupressure rollers that will decompress even the most worn-out feet.
The massager also comes with the LED Display that readout the temperature and heat. For the great blood circulation, the massager allows you to experience bubbled water spa.
Self-heating with adjustable temperature, and intensity settings for bubbles, massage, and timers, you can find and create the perfect spa experience for your individual needs.
Pumice stone: to achieve perfectly smooth feet. Specially useful for the ones that suffer from calluses or have cracks on the heel. Soak your feet until the skin is soft and then rub them against the pumice stone to smooth the rough parts and remove the calluses.
This foot massager also has a LED display with it. This display views all the function performed by the device effectively.
The Ivation is a great foot spa and given its relatively low price, you should definitely jump on it the first chance you have.
This heat will work to help give extra soothing comfort to tired and aching feet. This foot spa massager also uses a LED display that you can easily use to set the timer and activate multi-function features.
What we liked the most about this machine are the three massagers which apply just the right amount of pressure to provide a firm foot massage, but without overdoing it and hurting the feet like some of the other foot spa machines do.
Massaging rollers are also an excellent addition to take the stress and tension from your soles. This massager has that. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some water jets too? Well, this massager also comes with that.
This is the perfect product for athletes and peoples who mostly work on their feet. It features the intense vibrating massage which is helpful for soothing to weary feet.
This amazing foot spa massager will rightly help you in relieving sores and softening your feet. Featuring multifunction massaging, the foot spa will soothe your achy heels, toes, and even ankles.
Customers love it and some claim they wish they had purchased it sooner. Others call it the best five minutes ever! This is a great unit from Ivation and has satisfied many people.
The heated bath goes nicely with the massage and the jet bubbles feature.
The easily accessible LED display controls all the various functions such as: heated water to warm and soothe tired tootsies, removable automatic massage rollers that provide relief to the balls, soles and heels of your feet, water vibration to help with soreness or pain, and soothing bubbles to aid in circulation.
Another cool feature is the oxygenating bubbles which relieve pressure and pain on your lower side of the foot. The bubbles are created when the water jets come into action.
It has anti-skid feet so the unit does not slip or slide on various surfaces.
There is a button on the top of the foot spa to control the motorized rollers for your feet. The foot spa is just as effective without the rollers as it is with them, so this feature is more about personal preference.
I always and I love to infuse my foot spa massager with my favorite essential oil which is lavender scent.
Ivation spa is quite portable, relatively light (6.7 pounds) and also has a easy to use digital temperature feature.

What reviewers didn't like

Heavy when full, and there are no wheels for easy transport.
The design is not its strongest point – it looks more like a bucket.
The only other design issue we encountered was that the basin doesn’t have enough room to avoid using the acupressure nodes.
Have to lift to empty
- Heavy
Accessories are not comfortable to use.
No drainage hose or wheels.
The unit is also aggressively priced
The Ivation foot spa is a little more on the expensive side
accessories definitely need improvements because they are not convenient to make use of
A con of Ivation massager is that some customers seem to have received defective units, but they have received replacements at no cost.
The pumice stone and brush are some of the accessories you will enjoy this model. However, you will have to move your feet when using them because they are unmovable.
The water takes a while to heat if you fulfill it directly for the cold faucet
Individuals with bigger feet (estimate 13 or more) will probably observe it be unreasonably little for them.
Hard to drain water.
The Ivation spa is overall a very good machine, but it does have a few minor issues. For starters, the basin could afford to be a bit bigger. People with larger feet (size 13 and above) will likely find it to be too small for them.
While it is a very simple foot spa product to use, it does tend to produce weak bubbles.
This foot spa bath is best used by women or men with smaller feet, as it doesn’t really feel comfortable for anyone with feet larger than size 11.
The massage is strong and thorough.
The water might leak from the bottom.
This Ivation unit is higher priced than the Kendal
With dimensions of 16.5” x 14.9” x 9.2” people with larger feet might not fit well in it.
May Not Fit Men's Size 14
The bubbles are rather weak and cannot replicate the powerful jet experience.
Feet compartment could be larger. Those with larger feet say it gets very uncomfortable and makes using its features hard because feet does not fit properly. Foot size of 13 or larger seems to have an issue using this spa.
Water heater can be unpredictable
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