iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor

Last updated: October 30, 2019

iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor

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We looked at the top Trash Compactors and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Trash Compactor you should buy.

Overall Take

The iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor is great if you need to compact large items, like pizza boxes. The extra-wide opening also allows you to squeeze those items in. You'll use a provided tool to manually compact your garbage, making it a quiet, affordable alternative to traditional motor-driven compactors.

In our analysis of 160 expert reviews, the iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor placed 1st when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Compact Waste to Save Space! It’s easy to compact trash with the iTouchless Squeeze Compactor Sensor Trash Can. With a touch-free, sensor-activated lid and built-in compacting tool, it’s the easiest and most hygienic trash can available. Premium Features Include: Compact Trash the Easy Way – use the built-in tool to fit more trash in every bag 100% Touch-Free Lid – just the motion of your hand opens the lid Stainless Steel finish that is fingerprint-proof, smudge-resistant, and easy to clean Trash Bag Retainer Ring – prevents a full bag from falling in Air Vents at the Base – create airflow to ease removal of a heavy, full bag STARTER PACK INCLUDED! 1 replaceable Odor Filter absorbs and contains trash odors 3 disposable Compactor Plate Covers provide an extra layer of sanitation – no need to clean the compactor plate 2 Premium Trash Bags that won’t tear or leak. 13 Gallon size. Unique Status Alert Technology Solid green means the lid is in Stay Open Mode. Blinking red means lid is about to close. Stop Trash Odors Stainless steel waste basket trash can garbage rubbish bin recycle Replaceable Odor Filter absorbs trash odors. Your first Activated Carbon Odor Filter is included. Premium Features Easy 3-Step Compactor Remove tool from lid Unfold tool & lock it in place Push down to compact trash. That is it! It is easy and hygienic Bulky Trash is No Problem The extra-wide 12″ opening makes it easy to dispose of milk cartons, pizza boxes and other big and bulky trash. Smudge-Resistant Stainless Steel The elegant brushed stainless steel can body is fingerprint-proof, smudge-resistant, and easy to clean. Stainless steel waste basket trash can garbage rubbish bin recycle Why choose an iTouchless trash can? Designed and manufactured by trash & recycling bin experts with dozens of years of experience High-quality materials and construction Design based on convenience, durability, and visual aesthetics Customer Care – We are committed to your satisfaction as long as you own your iTouchless product!

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The lid is touch free, and odor control is built in. Holds 13 gallon. Stainless steel outer can resists smudging. When trash is manually compacted with included tool, the process is hygienic for the user.
This machine requires no touching. It has a touchpad on top of the can. It’s the standard size of most compactors but can crush your trash better than all the others. The I-Touchless Compactor is a perfect choice. It’s hands-off, easy to use, and is more affordable than others of this quality.
It has a tight-sealing top and odor-control filters that perform well to ensure the environment is odor free. What’s more, the smooth interior and exterior are easy to clean. The unit, like other top choices, is made of stainless steel. It will handle the load, compacting, movement, regular cleaning, and bangs or knocks well. Also, the super sensitive touchpad allows you to crush the contents effortlessly.
With the ITouchless Squeeze Compactor Sensor Trash Can, it is easy to compact trash. It is the most hygienic trash can on the market and also the easiest to use. It is designed with a touch-free, sensor-activated lid, and built-in compactable tool. The sleek and stylish brushed stainless steel body is smudge resistant, fingerprint-proof and is very easy to clean. Disposing of milk cartons, Pizza boxes and various other big and bulky trash would be easy through the extra-wide 12-inch opening.
The iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor is a particularly unique device that offers features you do not see in many of the compactors that are currently available. What makes this particular device so unique is its touchless operation. Many devices are promoted as touchless trash compactors, but that simply means you do not have to use your hands to open up and activate the device – usually, such devices have a foot pedal.
The clever and innovative design of this garbage compactor saves you both time and money. The touch-free lid is automatic and opens when you motion hand. This prevents you coming into contract with dirt and germs.

What experts didn't like

Carbon odor filter must be replaced. Not an automatic appliance; you must initiate compaction manually with a tool.
The compactor does not fit under the sink. It’s cheaper than the others, but also not as durable.
Foldable rod is not that strong. Weighs a lot.

Our Expert Consultant

Vicki Liston 
Home Improvement Expert

Vicki Liston writes, produces, and narrates “On The Fly…DIY,” an award-winning home improvement and DIY show of unique project tutorials for the casual DIY’er.

Home improvement and all things DIY have been Liston’s passion since she bought her first house in 2007 and she started making video blogs in 2014. She’s performed hundreds of DIY projects, from small ones to major, wall-smashing renovations and can teach you how to make a trendy DIY barn door for cheap. The proceeds earned from “On The Fly…DIY” are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations.


If you’re taking the trash out far too many times each week, a trash compactor could be just the solution you need. A compactor consolidates your trash so that you can go longer between trips. Large families find compactors handy every day, but even a smaller household will find it useful when friends or relatives are visiting.

At one time, if you wanted a trash compactor, you had to go with a motor-equipped unit. Having a motor automatically upped the price you’d pay. While compactors that use motors are still around, there are also trash cans that make it easy for you to manually compact. You’ll just use a tool and some elbow grease to consolidate your trash as you notice the can is beginning to fill.

One thing to keep in mind before you buy a trash compactor is that your garbage doesn’t reduce in weight because you’ve crushed it. For that reason, many compactors come with wheels so that you can more easily transport your garbage to your outdoor trash bins. If you don’t have this feature, you’ll want to at least occasionally test the weight of your bags to make sure you can carry them.

Whether you buy a trash compactor or regular trash can, sensors can come in very handy. Instead of touching the lid or pressing a foot pedal to open it, you simply wave your hand near the top. Newer trash cans also automatically close as you’re walking away. This hands-free operation helps keep your hands clean so you can continue working in the kitchen without worrying about bacteria.

By their very nature, trash cans harbor odors. This can be a problem if your can is in your kitchen, where you’re also trying to cook and eat. If you’re buying a trash compactor, you’ll be dealing with food sticking around even longer before you take it to your outdoor cans.

“I highly recommend looking for a trash compactor with built-in odor control,” says our home improvement pro Vicki Liston. Her award-winning show, “On The Fly…DIY” has tons of fun home tutorials. “Think about it — you are using this appliance so you can squeeze four to six times more garbage in per bag. More garbage means more smell and more room in that can means longer timeframes between taking it out. You are definitely going to want constant and continuous odor control so your kitchen doesn’t smell like a landfill.”

If you’re shopping for a trash can that compacts your garbage, you’re likely concerned about how much your can will hold before it needs to be emptied. Although many compactors have similar capacities to trash cans, that capacity is calculated before the trash has been compacted. So you’ll need to look at a compactor’s rate of reduction. If you can cut a full can of garbage down by 50% or more, you’ll find those trips to the outside cans are dramatically reduced.

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