IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Upholstery Mattress Cleaner Machine

Last updated: October 8, 2023

IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Upholstery Mattress Cleaner Machine

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We looked at the top Mattress Cleaning Machines and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Mattress Cleaning Machine you should buy.

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If you'd like a vacuum that works just as well for your mattress as it can your other furniture, this portable option comes with a handy color-coded feature to let you know when the area is clean. It has a long cord for flexibility.

In our analysis, the IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Upholstery Mattress Cleaner Machine placed 6th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

This portable vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning mattresses, couches, stairs, and more. Dust sensors and indicator lights on vacuum easily show the dust level. Extra-long cord for added cleaning reach and ease of use. Lightweight handheld vacuum for easy maneuverability. Dimensions: 9.80″L x 5.70″W x 15.90″H.


Even if you might cover your mattress with sheets or a mattress cover, you’ll still have times where you need to give your mattress a deep cleaning. Whether your mattress collects dust that irritates your allergies or you spill some food or drink while relaxing in bed, daily wear-and-tear along with mishaps can occur. While you can always dust off a few crumbs or use a towel and cleaner for a simple stain, finding the right mattress cleaner machine can help you give your whole mattress a quicker and more thorough cleaning.

One common type of mattress cleaner machine is a vacuum cleaner that works well for cleaning crumbs, dust and other dry debris off your mattress. While you could use a standard vacuum cleaner with a hose or other attachment for the job, vacuums designed specifically for furniture items like mattresses usually are more compact and easier to handle. They also often come with special attachments that can get into the seams and other small crevices where debris can easily hide.

When shopping for a mattress vacuum cleaner, you’ll find handheld models that run on battery power as well as those that use a standard cord. These units often are lightweight for comfortable use and come with several power modes. Cordless models will come with a charger so you can easily replenish the battery for your next cleaning. Handheld units in general usually have a smaller capacity than larger vacuums along with less power, but they usually still handle a mattress cleaning job well.

Depending on the model, some mattress vacuum cleaners come with extra features that can help destroy bacteria or treat problems like bed bugs. For example, some models will have an ultraviolet light to sanitize the mattress, while others will blow very hot air that can both dry any damp spots on the mattress as well as potentially kill bed bugs present.

The other type of mattress cleaner machine you’ll find allows for wet cleaning and is often called a spot cleaner or upholstery cleaner. This device works well to help remove stains and smells from a mattress since you’ll have a tank where you put water and some detergent. Some models heat the solution to allow you to tackle tough stains more easily, while others work without heat. The machines usually have a hose with a nozzle or brush attached to the end that can spray the solution and clean the mattress.

Although they tend to come in larger sizes than mattress vacuum cleaners, spot and upholstery cleaners are usually still portable and lightweight enough for comfortable use. The main difference is that you can expect to choose from corded rather than cordless models due to the power needed to run this device. You can find models with and without special attachments, and the standard attachment on the hose can usually handle cleaning a mattress.

Whether you decide on a vacuum, spot cleaner or both for cleaning your mattress, keep your intended use in mind when exploring your options. For example, if your bed is far away from a power outlet, opt for a model with a long cord or cordless option for your convenience. At the same time, you’ll also want to consider the capacity of the device carefully so that you don’t end up buying something you’ll need to empty and refill several times during your mattress cleaning. You also won’t want to get something too heavy if you have a large mattress to cover.

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