Instant Pot DUO

Last updated date: March 21, 2019

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Overall Take

The Instant Pot DUO is best overall, setting the standard for electric pressure cookers thanks to its affordability and versatility. You can use this Instant Pot to make meats and vegetables or creamy items, like yogurt and cheesecake. The three-ply stainless steel bottom ensures even heat distribution and retention. In our analysis of 76 expert reviews, the Instant Pot Instant Pot DUO placed 1st when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 17, 2019:
Checkout The Best Multi-Cooker for a detailed review of all the top electric pressure cookers.

Expert Summarized Score
8 expert reviews
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28,724 user reviews
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What experts liked
Thanks to the stainless-steel exterior and bowl, the Instant Pot makes for a sturdy countertop appliance that is sure to last you for several years.
- Instapots
September 28, 2018 | Full review
This is the only device to have dishwasher safe utensils. The measuring cup, steamer rack, ladle and rice spoon are all dishwasher safe so you can drop them in the top rack and let your machine take care of the cleaning.
- Top Ten Reviews
The cooking pot is made of Food Grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel (which is amazing!) with a 3-ply bottom for even heat distribution and retention.
- Pressure Cooker Tips
Thanks to the fact that the IP-DUO60 can be safely left unattended, you can double-check that everything’s right for the next day instead of anxiously watching the soup that looks as if it’s just about to bubble out of the pan, not to mention what sautéing that green pepper filled chicken steak will do to your painstakingly ironed outfit.
- Pressure Cooker Pros
Combining the speed of an electric pressure cooker with a variety of other functions, it offers hands-off cooking that frees you to do other things. It doesn’t make better-tasting food, but it's faster and easier than cooking on a stovetop.”
- Consumer Reports
September 28, 2017 | Full review
t’s simple to use and will turn out delicious meals in a fraction of the time conventional cooking requires—you can cook black beans from scratch in 20 minutes, for example.
- New York Times Wirecutter
October 22, 2018 | Full review
For the vast majority of people out there, we think the Instant Pot DUO60 is the best pressure cooker available.
- Tech Gear Lab
By far the most popular multi cooker on the market. The price makes it an absolute bargain. It stews, roasts, steams and sautes with the the touch of a button.
- BestReviews
What experts didn't like
The gasket smells after making something with a strong flavor, and it can be difficult to get rid of the smell. Some said they had to buy another gasket, the Instant Pot Sealing Ring, to have one for regular meals and one for flavored items. The gasket isn’t covered under the 1-year warranty.
- Instapots
September 28, 2018 | Full review
It took longer to cook rice than many of the other machines. In our testing, the 6 Quart Duo took the third longest time to cook rice
- Top Ten Reviews
Might be hard for users to adapt their own recipes.
- Pressure Cooker Tips
The Instant Pot lacks the power to sear meat, so while our Kung Pao chicken cooked nicely, it didn’t brown.
- Consumer Reports
September 28, 2017 | Full review
Because every model has a little trench where the lid latches on, and in every case that trench gathered up crumbs and was somewhat hard to clean.
- Tech Gear Lab
Instant Pot is a relatively new brand in the kitchen space, but given the quality of this appliance, it doesn't seem to matter.
- BestReviews

From The Manufacturer

Instant Pot is a smart Electric Pressure Cooker designed by Canadians aiming to be Safe, Convenient and Dependable. It speeds up cooking by 2~6 times using up to 70% less energy and, above all, produces nutritious healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion. Instant Pot Duo is a 7-in-1 programmable cooker, it replaces 7 kitchen appliances as it has the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker & warmer. 14 built-in smart programs (Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Sauté, Steam, Rice, Porridge, Multigrain, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Yogurt, Pasteurize & Jiu Niang) cook your favorite dishes with the press of a button. A 24-hour timer allows for delayed cooking. Automatic keep-warm holds the temperature of the food until you serve it. Instant Pot generates almost no noise and leaks no steam. It traps all the aromas in the food without heating up the kitchen. The 3-ply bottom stainless steel inner pot is extremely durable and leaves no health concerns associated with non-stick coatings. The slim body design has lid holders for both left and right handed users. The brushed stainless steel exterior is finger print resistant. Its elegant and durable design makes it easy to clean and pleasurable to use for the years to come. Instant Pot Duo uses the latest technology with an embedded microprocessor, which monitors the pressure and temperature, keeps time and adjusts heating intensity. The cooking programs have been lab-tested hundreds of times for optimal effect. These greatly improve cooking result and maintain consistence. Instant Pot is carefully designed to eliminate many common errors that could cause harm or spoil food. It passed the stringent UL certification giving you uncompromised safety and peace of mind and protects you with 10 proven safety mechanisms and patented technologies.

Overall Product Rankings

1. Instant Pot DUO
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 8
2. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 9
3. Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 10
4. Ninja 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 4
5. Instant Pot Ultra
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 4
6. Instant Pot Smart WiFi
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 3
7. Instant Pot DUO Plus
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 3
8. Instant Pot Smart WiFi
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 3
9. Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt.
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 2
10. ZENY 6
Overall Score: 7.7
Expert Reviews: 1
Overall Score: 7.3
Expert Reviews: 1
12. Gourmia GCR1700
Overall Score: 7.2
Expert Reviews: 3
13. Instant Pot Lux
Overall Score: 6.5
Expert Reviews: 9
14. Tayama TMC-60XL
Overall Score: 5.8
Expert Reviews: 4

An Overview On Electric Pressure Cookers

Cooking at home means using a wide array of preparation methods. You could have a dozen single-use appliances cluttering your countertops and cabinets in order to make delicious meals quickly and easily. Or, you could have a single multi-cooker that does everything you need and helps your home feel tidy and calm.

If you have limited space in your kitchen or simply appreciate the peace that comes from having a decluttered place to prepare and enjoy meals, a multi-cooker could become your most treasured appliance.

Multi-cooker capabilities vary from one brand or model to another. However, there is a good chance you can find one that performs many of the meal prep procedures you regularly use to feed your family.

While most multi-cookers can slow cook meals, a slow cooker is not necessarily a multi-cooker. Slow cookers might have multiple heat settings but only one function, while multi-cookers can have a slow cooking function as well as several other options.

Some multi-cookers can boil, bake or brown food. You can meal prep a batch of hard-boiled eggs one day and bake a ham the next.

Other multi-cookers might steam, stew and slow cook foods. You can use them to whip up your favorite crockpot meals, put together a thick and hearty soup or make a big batch of perfectly fluffy rice.

There are multi-cookers that can grill, roast, simmer and even fry your favorite foods. You can fill it with ingredients in the morning and have a meal ready when you get home.  Or you can pull frozen meat out of the freezer after work and use the cooker to have dinner on the table before everyone gets hangry.

You are not limited to using a multi-cooker for making main courses, either. You can have warm, nourishing oatmeal at the ready when everyone wakes up in the morning. You can create creamy, fresh yogurt for snacks or cooking. You can even make fun, decadent dishes such as fondue or cheesecake.

Having fewer appliances or pots and pans can mean lighter dishwashing duties, a cooler kitchen and quicker cooking time all around.

A multi-cooker could also be handy at holidays when the oven and stovetop are all in use, but there is one more significant dish you still want to prepare.

Multi-cookers typically have glass lids, allowing you to keep an eye on foods while they are being prepared. They usually have built-in timers that automatically shut off the appliance when the food is ready. In addition, most have non-stick interiors that make cleaning up fast and easy as well.

DYWM Fun Fact

The cutting-edge features of modern multi-cookers might make it seem as though these trendy tools are a brand new idea. However, multi-cookers have been around for decades, although they have taken many different forms. In the 1970s, Sunbeam introduced the Vista Multi-cooker Frypan. The portable appliance consisted of a square pan with rounded corners that rested on a heating element encased in metal on the bottom and large, flat, plastic handles on either side. The tall cover had a handle as well as a vent that opened and closed with the twist of a dial. The power cord featured a temperature dial along with cooking temperatures for a variety of foods, such as bacon at 340; fries at 320; and cake at 300. This multi-cooker could serve as a wok as well.

The Electric Pressure Cooker Buying Guide

  • When shopping for a multi-cooker, it is essential to consider what you plan to cook. If roasts and stews are some of your favorite meals, it would likely serve you well to search for an appliance that bakes, roasts and slow cooks. If it’s just not dinner for you unless pasta is involved, you might want to look for a multi-cooker that has a built-in stirring feature as well as a strainer insert.
  • Consider how much space you have available. If a new multi-cooker will be replacing multiple other appliances, you might have the option of opting for a cooker with a larger footprint. However, if real estate in your kitchen is at a premium, looking for something slim and streamlined will likely make you happier in the long run.
  • Think about accessories and extras that are included with or can be purchased for certain multi-cookers. These can provide even more options when it comes to the types of dishes you could make. They can require additional storage space as well.
  • Comparing the power capacity of similar multi-cookers can help you determine which is a better fit. An appliance with a higher wattage will cook foods more quickly and tend to stand up better to heavy usage.
  • If you are considering a multi-cooker that has pressure cooking capabilities, make sure that it includes adequate safety provisions such as a locking lid and a steam-release valve.
  • Find a multi-cooker that includes features to help keep foods safer as well. A timer with automatic shut-off is wonderful for preventing burnt or overcooked, dried out foods. But if your cooker turns off before you get home and your meal is not kept warm, it might not only be less palatable, but dangerous to eat as well. Another feature to look for is 3D heat mode, which ensures that all of the food in the appliance is surrounded evenly by heat so that nothing is over or undercooked.
  • Look into how easy (or difficult) a model is to clean and maintain. Sealed touch panels can be easier to wipe down and keep free of debris than buttons or dials are. In addition, all parts that require cleaning should be simple to remove, easy to wash (dishwasher safe is ideal) and a breeze to put back together when you are finished.
  • Of course, your budget is an important consideration when shopping for any new kitchen appliance. Multi-cookers can be highly affordable, especially if you only want something basic. The Zeny 6-quart model, for example, typically comes in under $50. Those that have more advanced features, include additional accessories or are made using higher quality materials can cost significantly more. The Instant Pot Duo, for instance, can range in price from $80 to $150, depending on the size. Determining what characteristics matter the most to you can help you select the best multi-cooker within your desired price range.