INNO RT201 No Drilling Truck Bed Bike Rack

Last updated date: May 10, 2022

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INNO RT201 No Drilling Truck Bed Bike Rack

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We looked at the top Truck Bed Bike Racks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Truck Bed Bike Rack you should buy.

Update as May 10, 2022:
Checkout The Best Truck Bed Bike Racks for a detailed review of all the top truck bed bike racks.

Overall Take

No-tool, temporary installation allows you to secure your bike upright by the front fork and seat stay without having to remove the front wheel of the cycle. Once removed from the wall of the truck bed, these bicycle tiedown straps fit in a container roughly the size of a shoebox, making them easy to store. This is a great choice for those with small garages.

In our analysis of 30 expert reviews, the INNO No Drilling Truck Bed Bike Rack placed 4th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The INNO Racks RT201 Truck Bed Bike Rack lets you mount your bike in your truck bed without sacrificing precious cargo space. This rack is made to carry just about any type of bike in the bed of every standard pickup truck. It includes two mounts for attaching ratcheting straps with adjustable rods to hold your bike firmly by its front fork and seat stay. There are no tools or drilling required and the entire process of mounting the bicycle can be done outside of the pickup truck bed. In addition, front tire removal is not necessary with the INNO Racks RT201.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

This rack allows you to store bikes on the bed railing and is a great option for anyone wanting to save cargo space.
- The Drive
Holds the bike securely to the edge of the bed. Easy to install. Easy to use.
- Rack Hungry
A simple design, easy portability, and low price make this the best choice for carrying a bike in a pickup truck’s bed.
- The New York Times
This bike rack saves a lot of space. Compatible with every shape and size bikes. Stability ensured due to D-Rings feature. Simple and quick installation guaranteed.
- Best Net Review
Quick and easy to install. Hold a bike firmly. Not disturb you while you haul other things. Allow for attaching ratcheting straps.
- Felt Racing
Smallest bike rack system. Mounts can be used as tie-downs for other items. Can load bike from the side of the truck.
- Parked In Paradise
The rack is effective for mounting one bike on a truck. It is an efficient and highly secure choice to keep your bike stable. Design is impressive, and you can expect better durability from this product. A rubber grip keeps your bike in a stable position at higher speeds also.
- Rack Pick
No drilling is required. Relatively light weighted. Easy installation. Easy to use.
- Carriage Driving

What experts didn't like

You are limited to the number of bikes you can carry. As it is a side-mounting kit, you can fit only one bike per side. A bike may get jostled around a bit during the drive and move a few inches.
- The Drive
Removal of front wheels is necessary to mount the bike. Retaining arms are short in length. Faulty design of the hinged bottom.
- Rack Hungry
You don’t have to remove the front wheel, but if your bike won’t fit in your pickup’s bed with the wheels on, you may have to lower the tailgate.
- The New York Times
Detaching the bike requires a little bit more time.
- Best Net Review
The clamp shape doesn’t work clamping to front carbon fiber oval-shaped fork.
- Felt Racing
No locking mechanism. Secures just one bike.
- Parked In Paradise
Installing this rack is a bit tricky and takes a significant amount of time.
- Rack Pick
Clamp does not tight enough.
- Carriage Driving

An Overview On Truck Bed Bike Racks

Every bike rack has a limit to how much force it can handle, and a heavier bike will exert more force on the rack during turns, as well as during sudden starts and stops. While the ideal goal is to drive carefully when hauling a bike, unexpected situations can demand unexpected action.

After all, electric bikes can range from 30 to 80 pounds, due to the battery and motor. While street bikes are designed to be as light as possible, mountain bikes are heavier, to not only endure the impact from jumps and rocky terrain but also to absorb some of it, reducing how much force is transmitted to the rider. Based on these weights, you can shop for a bike rack that would be best suited to the bicycle you have.

Not all bike racks can hold larger tire sizes, such as 29-inch diameter tires, or anything wider than 2.5 inches. Most mountain bikes have wider tires, and specialized “fat” bikes have oversized tires. Consider the sizes of your bike tires when shopping for a rack.

If you are having trouble determining whether a bike rack will fit in your truck’s bed, you can contact the company’s customer service line. They will be able to provide more concrete answers about edge cases where you aren’t sure about the compatibility of your truck bed or your particular bike with the rack.

When in doubt, measure your truck bed carefully. Compare those measurements to the manufacturer specifications for any bike rack you’re considering.

The Truck Bed Bike Rack Buying Guide

  • It’s standard practice to choose bike racks based on how they secure your ride.
    • Racks that hold bikes by the wheel are faster to use and don’t damage the paint on the frame, but they have less holding power.
    • Frame-holding racks will hold heavier bikes more securely, but they risk damaging the frame’s paint. Paint is important for preventing rust and reducing drag.
    • Fork-securing racks are best for street bikes, but they require removing the front wheel each time you use them, and they generally have lower weight limits than other types.
  • Before driving but after securing your rack and your bike(s), test the stability of your set-up.
    • Be sure that any rubber pads aren’t shifting against your truck nor against the bikes, which can damage the paint.
    • Check for dirt or debris between any securing pads and the surface where they are in contact.
  • Most bicycle thefts are spur-of-the-moment things when the thief spots an opportunity. If you are driving a long way and expect to leave your vehicle and bikes unattended for any length of time (bathroom breaks, souvenir shopping, ordering food and so on), lock your bikes through their frames, not the wheels, to prevent an opportunistic snatch-and-run.