Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Last updated date: September 23, 2019

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Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 48 expert reviews, the Infantino Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow placed 8th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note October 10, 2019:
Checkout The Best Breastfeeding Pillow for a detailed review of all the top breastfeeding pillows.

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8 expert reviews
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241 user reviews
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What experts liked
The unique layered design of Infantino Nursing Pillow can support different nursing positions, such as the cross-cradle or football position. It lets you adjust the position of your baby into three elevation levels.
- The Alpha Parent
The Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow is an entirely new design made to support baby in multiple positions no matter the mother’s posture. Made from a series of stacked pillows, each layer can be flipped over to create a thicker support surface joined together by a bolster like center.
- The Sleep Judge
The "book-like" style of the pad allows you to flip support layers to get baby's head to the best height for breastfeeding with less strain for mom. This adjustability can create a hands-free device, which is convenient.
- Baby Gear Lab
You can elevate your baby to the height that makes latching on best for you both. There is a neutral position, a moderate elevation, and a maximum elevation position. These positions can also help babies that have Gerd or acid reflux.
- Fathering Magazine
October 14, 2018 | Full review
When not in use, the pillow folds conveniently for neat storage and transportation
- Best Advisor
This pillow’s most outstanding feature is its unique, multi-layered flip design that allows you to adjust the height from neutral to moderate or maximum elevation.
- A Web To Know
It features a unique, multi-layered design, which is really handy because it allows the user to adjust the height of the stand, making it great for mothers of all heights.
- Maternity at Home
January 7, 2017 | Full review
The Infantino Elevate features three adjustable heights to help you get the perfect angle for nursing your baby. As a mom to a baby with acid reflux, I love the idea that it supports upright nursing which really helps the Littles with reflux or GERD. The pillow folds nicely for storage too.
- The Pumping Mommy
What experts didn't like
May not work well for cross-cradle holds
- The Sleep Judge
While the quality is durable, it may come at the cost of scratchy material and firm padding
- Baby Gear Lab
The center portion sticks out so you cannot get the pillow flush to your body.
- Fathering Magazine
October 14, 2018 | Full review
It may seem somewhat firm
- Best Advisor
Does not strap around you (might slide a lot)
- A Web To Know

From The Manufacturer

Get the perfect latch with a flexible nursing pillow that elevates your baby to breast height; supporting successful nursing in whatever hold feels right to you. Three adjustable heights allow you to achieve the optimum nursing angle and improved latching. As your little one grows, change the height to adjust to their size. in addition to traditional nursing positions, at full elevation the pillow supports upright nursing, ideal for babies with acid reflux or gerd. Plus, the pillow's gentle curve allows the Elevate to be used cross-cradle (on your lap) and in the football hold (at your side). Football hold is a recommended position for moms recovering from C-sections as it keeps pressure away from the incision site. When nursing is complete, fold the pillow in half and secure with the colorful ribbon for compact, neat storage

Overall Product Rankings

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow
1. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 5
Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow
2. Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 2
Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow
4. Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 9
My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow
7. My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 4
Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow
8. Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 8
My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
9. My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 5

An Overview On Breastfeeding Pillows

As any new parent knows, breastfeeding isn’t always easy or comfortable (or even possible!). The strain of holding the baby while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding can cause mothers to have neck, shoulder, back, arm, wrist and hand pain. Having an improper posture while breastfeeding can also cause the baby to have a shallow latch on the breast, which can lead to cracked or bleeding nipples for the mother. The poor latch can result in low milk intake from the babies, leading to hunger, frustration and slow weight gain.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

A nursing pillow is especially helpful when parents are first getting the hang of feeding newborns, Kate Desmond, an infant safe-sleep expert and mom of two children, says.

“Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, a nursing pillow can prove useful and provide extra support for you and your baby,” Desmond says. “No matter how light your child may seem, after 15-20 minutes of feeding, even a pint-size baby can start to feel heavy in your tired arms.” 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

For breastfeeding mothers, the main goal of a good breastfeeding pillow is to bring the baby closer to the mother’s breast, without having to put strain on the mother, especially given how often newborns need to eat. Being closer enables the baby to latch on to the mother’s breast properly, reducing the chances of sore nipples and poor milk intake.

“There is a reason one brand of these magic pillows is named My Breast Friend,” Desmond says. “You will spend almost as much time with this pillow as you do your actual baby.”

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Most nursing pillows are in a U shape. They are designed to go around the caregiver’s waist while he or she is sitting comfortably in a chair. The baby is then placed on the breastfeeding pillow in her caregiver’s lap. For nursing mothers, the pillow raises the baby to the proper height that the mother needs in order to latch the baby to her breast. For bottle-feeding, the pillow provides much-needed support to help the caregiver comfortably feed the baby. The height of the pillow can be adjusted by adding blankets or pillows underneath to raise it to the right level.

“Most nursing pillows come with removable covers,” Desmond points out. “This is key because feeding a baby can be messy. I like to have a spare cover or two so I’m never without one. Covers come in anything from cotton to muslin to fleece. You can even find a cover to match your baby’s nursery.”

Desmond says that added features like a pocket for your phone can be helpful, too. 

Breastfeeding pillows aren’t just for feeding. In fact, they have many other uses. During pregnancy, women can use a breastfeeding pillow to provide much-needed back support while sitting. If placed backward with the curve at the back instead of the front, it alleviates some back pain.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

If a mother has had an episiotomy as a result of the birth, a nursing pillow can be used to provide comfort during sitting. Sitting on top of the breastfeeding pillow can alleviate pressure from the stitches.

When babies start to sit up around six months of age, they can be a bit wobbly and fall over from time to time. A breastfeeding pillow can be placed behind them to provide them with sitting support and to soften their fall.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

“Just make sure you use the nursing pillow when you are awake,” Desmond cautions. “A nursing pillow is never for sleeping, so just be mindful to move your baby to a safe place if they fall asleep while feeding.”

DWYM Fun Fact

The benefits of breastfeeding are well-known, which is why infant experts encourage parents to give their babies breastmilk when possible — and it isn’t possible for everyone, of course, which is where the popular “fed is best” messaging applies.

For babies, breastmilk can reduce the risk of viral illnesses, UTIs, gastroenteritis and ear infections. Breastmilk is also linked to a decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Breastfed babies are also less likely to be obese later in life.

The benefits of breastfeeding are not just for babies, though — moms also benefit from nursing their children. Women who breastfeed have a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer. It can also help new mothers to lose pregnancy weight, as breastfeeding burns an additional 300-500 calories a day. The oxytocin released during breastfeeding helps the mother’s body to heal after delivery. The uterus contracts during breastfeeding, which reduces the chances of post-delivery blood loss.

The Breastfeeding Pillow Buying Guide

  • The most important element to look for when searching for the right breastfeeding pillow is comfort. The main purpose of using a breastfeeding pillow is to make nursing or bottle-feeding easier for the caregiver. That’s why it’s important to look at the ergonomic design of the nursing pillow and feel the material to ensure that it’s comfortable for you.
  • The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow has a unique design that wraps around the mother and provides back support, which is crucial during nursing. The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Boppy Original Nursing Pillow are both plush and offer comfortable arm support while holding the baby. On the other hand, the Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow has two surfaces. One side of the pillow is firm, while the other side is plush, so moms can choose which side they want on their laps and which side they want to lay the baby on.
  • Not all moms and babies breastfeed the same way. There are many nursing holds mothers can try in order to find one that is most comfortable for them and the baby. Depending on what kind of hold you use, you may need a particular kind of pillow to support your hold. The most common breastfeeding holds that can be aided by a breastfeeding pillow include football hold, cross-cradle hold and cradle hold. Depending on the mother’s and baby’s preferences, a soft or hard surface may be required.
  • The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow has a sturdy and firm surface, while The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Boppy Original Nursing Pillow, Peaceful Jungle both have a soft and malleable surface. The Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow comes with both surfaces, providing additional flexibility.
  • Breastfeeding can be messy. It’s common for newborn babies to spit up during and immediately after nursing, which is why it’s important to consider how easy your breastfeeding pillow is to clean. The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow has a removable and machine washable cover, as does the Boppy Original Nursing Pillow, Peaceful Jungle. The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Boppy Original Nursing Pillow, Peaceful Jungle can be put into the washing machine as well, in addition to any separate covers. The Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow can be put into the washing machine after removing the foam insert and pillow belt.
  • Not all mothers are the same size, so it’s important to try out your breastfeeding pillow to ensure it fits your body type. The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow fits smaller women. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow, Peaceful Jungle fits women of all sizes.
  • If you’re a mom on the move, you may want a breastfeeding pillow that is easily portable. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow and The Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow are bulky and may be difficult to take with you wherever you go. On the other hand, The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Boppy Original Nursing Pillow, Peaceful Jungle are easier to cart around as they are soft and malleable.