Impresa Products Jumbo Pack Monkey String Wiki Sticks

Last updated date: August 1, 2020

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Impresa Products Jumbo Pack Monkey String Wiki Sticks

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With this set, you'll get more than 500 6" pieces in 13 different bright colors. These thinner, more pliable monkey sticks aren't as sticky as other Wiki Sticks, making them more ideal for projects that don't involve combining sticks. They're made from nontoxic wax and yarn and are safe for children ages 3 and up. In our analysis of 7 expert reviews, the Impresa Products Impresa Products Jumbo Pack Monkey String Wiki Sticks placed 2nd when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 1, 2020:
Checkout The Best Wiki Sticks for a detailed review of all the top wiki sticks.

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From The Manufacturer

INSPIRES KIDS' IMAGINATION: Our Monkey String is perfect for inspiring imagination and creativity in kids ages 3 and up. Made from brightly colored, non-toxic wax and yarn, children can create virtually anything they can dream up BRIGHT COLORS AND NO-MESS PLAY: The jumbo pack includes over 500 6" pieces in 13 primary and neon colors. No glue is necessary (as they are naturally just-the-right-amount of sticky), no preparation is required and there's no mess during or after play MAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT IN 2D OR 3D: Build, draw or decorate nearly any object. These colorful wax yarn sticks can bend, wrap, twist and stick together so you can make all sorts of 2D and 3D figures PERFECT FOR CREATIVE PLAY FOR CHILDREN OF ALL NEEDS: Perfect for creative play in the home, school / classroom, on trips and anywhere else. Also makes a great activity for special needs children. Excellent as party favors SAME FUN AT A BETTER VALUE: Compare to wiki sticks / wikki stix / wicky stixs / wikisticks / wikkistix / wikistix or bendaroos at a better bulk value

Overall Product Rankings

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Impresa Products Jumbo Pack Monkey String Wiki Sticks
2. Impresa Products Jumbo Pack Monkey String Wiki Sticks
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 2
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7. Wikki Stix Wiki Sticks For Doodlers
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An Overview On Wiki Sticks

Craft projects have long been a way to keep kids occupied while also helping them develop creative skills. But many of the classic popular craft projects can tend to be messy, forcing parents to supervise at all times. They’re also tough to take on the go with you since you probably don’t want your children making a mess in your car or wherever you’re staying.

Wax craft sticks are a great, mess-free alternative to popsicle sticks and glue. Made with a combination of yarn and nontoxic wax, these sticks can be bent into a variety of shapes to create fun, unique art projects. Many of them have a stickiness to them, which means you can attach them to paper or other wax sticks to create 3-D projects.

Due to their wax build, these Wiki sticks typically become more pliable when they’re warm. Simply press the stick between your hands to warm them up, then start working with them. Kids will find, over time, that they’re warming up the sticks without even giving it much thought.

One of the best things about wax sticks is that they can be used over and over. If you make a mistake in your design, you just pull them apart and start over. Over time, you may find the sticks pick up dirt from your hands and the surfaces they’re set on, leading to a need to replace them. They don’t wash easily.

Wax sticks can be great for goody bags and other gifts. They’re small and compact and easy to slip into a gift bag. If you’re having a sleepover or birthday party, you can also use them as a fun group activity. Give everyone a bundle and let them get started creating. That portability also means you can keep a pack in your handbag or tote to bring out whenever kids need something to do while you’re traveling or waiting for your food in a restaurant.

DWYM Fun Fact

The original wax sticks were created in 1989, when a marketing consultant first learned about the product, then called Sticky Wikki. The consultant, Kem Clark, was fascinated with the toy and decided to patent it, creating a new product category: waxed yarn. Since that initial patent, though, the demand for mess-free toys that engage children’s tactile senses has increased. Today, parents gravitate toward wax sticks because they can be calming, similar to a fidget toy, as well as helping with developing creativity and motor skills. As a result of this growth in popularity, parents now have many options when looking for wax sticks, including various brands, colors and lengths.

The Wiki Stick Buying Guide

  • Wiki sticks don’t just help children refine their creative skills. They’ve also been shown to assist with developing motor skills and learning. Children with sensory processing issues may find the process of creating with the sticks helps with focus and learning.
  • Although wax sticks are safer than many other types of toys, it’s still important to keep an eye on kids while they’re playing with them. Wax sticks aren’t recommended for kids under the age of 3 because they pose a choking hazard, so keep that in mind even for kids over the age of 3.
  • Pay close attention to the type of wax used in your wax sticks. Typically, you’ll find they’re nontoxic, but food-grade wax, similar to that use in chewing gum, is ideal.
  • Wiki sticks come in a variety of lengths, but you can easily cut them to whatever length you need.
  • Wax sticks are packaged as bundles, available in fixed amounts. If you’ll be handing them out as gifts to kids, though, look for a way to package them up separately if they don’t come that way.
  • The fact that wax sticks are reusable means you’ll need a way to store them between uses. You can use a plastic bag, but you may want to invest in a small box or vinyl bag for storage.
  • Some wax sticks come with ideas for projects. These may be printed on the packaging or contained in an enclosed booklet. Even if you don’t get that bonus, you can find great ideas online.
  • You aren’t limited to the wax sticks themselves when it comes to the crafts you can create. With a little construction paper, your little ones can make decorative masks. They can also decorate a gift box, make books, decorate rocks and seashells and much more.