Imarku Pakkawood Handle Meat Cleaver Knife

Last updated: August 31, 2022

This meat cleaver has it all, including a blade built using a special type of steel called 7Cr17mov. The ergonomic handle has antibacterial properties to help keep you and your family safe. Great edge retention means you'll rarely have to sharpen this cleaver.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This meat cleaver comes with an attractive gift box, making it perfect for giving as a gift.

In our analysis of 83 expert reviews, the Imarku Pakkawood Handle Meat Cleaver Knife placed 4th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

CLEAVER Imarku 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife This is an ideal cleaver knife that can be used for multipurpose such as chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing etc. You really don’t need to change knives while cooking as it is pretty convenient. If you need to slice meat into pieces then this blade is the perfect option.The sharpness itself will allow you to cut through and it saves the hassle of butchering it with imarku sharp butcher’s knife! Tips: *This knife isn’t designed for use over a hot flame or cutting frozen foods since it can become blunt and may make the blade lose its sharpness. *The knife is not designed to be washed inside a dishwasher as this may affect its effectiveness. It should be hand-washed using clean water and mild soap. *It would be unadvisable to cut wood through such cleaver as it isn’t suitable for that task and can make your hands sore. *Keep the knife in a knife block ,drawer or other similar places.When storing a knife make sure that the edge never comes into contact with other metallic objects. *The recommended cutting surfaces are wooden or plastic boards.Never use glass boards. The above recommendations will help you to enjoy the sharpness of the knife for a long time 1 Chopping Mincing Slicing Dicing Chopping Mincing 1 2 How to sharpen a knife properly First place the chefs choice knife sharpener on the platform, one hand hold the steel sharpener handle and the other with a knife. According to the degree of blunt tool, choose the following one or two steps: ①: Fine grinding: honing knives②: Coarse grinding: blunt knives③: Ceramic grinding: ceramic knives After the knife is sharpened, wipe the knife sharpener with wet cloth or rinse with water,then dry. Take out the grinder head, clean it, and then dry and store. Features and Specifications : Blade material: High Carbon stainless steel Model of stainless steel blade: 7Cr17Mov Thickness: 2.5 mm Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC): 57±1 Handle material: Pakka wood Total Length of the knife: 12 inch Blade Lenght: 7 inch Classic Chef Knife, 8-inch Kitchen Knife Chef Knife, 10-inch Kitchen Knife Santoku Kitchen Chef Knife Fishtail Chef Knife, 8-inch Kitchen Knife 7″Nakiri chef kitchen knife Bread knife,10-Inch Serrated Bread Cake Slicer Knife Blade Length 8 inch 10 inch 7 inch 8 inch 7 inch 10 inch Total Length 13 inches 15 inches 12 inches 13 inches 12 inches 15 inches Blade Material Type 7cr17mov 4116 steel 7cr17mov 4116 steel 7cr17mov 4116 steel Handle Material Pakkawood Pakkawood Pakkawood Synthetic wood Pakkawood Pakkawood Rockwell Hardness 57±1 56±2 57±1 56±2 57±1 56±2 imarku About imarku Imarku is a professional kitchen knife brand on the block manufacturing all kinds of knives and kitchen tools.We place an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, aesthetics and detail. Imarku fastidiously crafted kitchen knives have been proudly produced for excellent performance,taking over 45 days from start to finish.The high-quality kitchen knives series are manufactured from high-carbon 7cr17mov stainless steel ,German steel with stunning beautiful yet comfortable pakkawood handle.All crafted kitchen knives are designed for professionals who include chefs, culinary experts, food caterers as well as an ordinary person,our aim is to enhance the experience of your culinary creation and have them becomes your best kitchen companion.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Additionally, the knife makes a perfect gift to chef students, with its beautiful gift box.
The blade of this cleaver is no less impressive than its handle, and you will know why once you know that it is made of a special type of stainless steel called 7Cr17mov.
Its ergonomic handle is not only gentle on the hands but also has antibacterial properties making it really hygienic to use.
Excellent edge retention and long-lasting sharpness
The best part of Pakkawood is its handle with a better ergonomic and your hands end up having antibacterial effects applied to them.
While I used it, I did not need any other knife during the process of preparation because this cleaver managed to replace them all. The blade is really sharp and proved to be of an excellent durability. If I compare it to other cleavers which I have used, this one is rather lightweight.
Excellent edge retention: You don’t have to sharpen this cleaver after every use since the blade can stay sharp even after rough use.
Indeed, the tool is so versatile that I do not need to switch to another kind of knife during cooking. The product is durable and lightweight that it makes cutting fruits and vegetables fast and easy. I also like to share that this Chinese cleaver comes with a first-class package that is attractive enough for a gift.
Another thing that I like about this knife is that it comes with a mirror-like shine that will help you determine whether this knife is completely clean or not. Even though it isn’t dishwasher safe, it’s smooth stainless steel exterior will provide you with no hassle at all when it comes to cleaning.
We also love the well-designed handle that offers you with good flexibility and grip enabling you to do various cutting tasks effortlessly.
It has an ergonomic pakka handle, made from wood. This handle is not only comfortable to hold, but it also has an antibacterial effect on hands, which means that nothing harmful would be transmitted from it or the hands.
Even though this is made of high-quality stainless steel, it’s super lightweight making your cutting experience easier and more at ease. You’ll notice you’ll have a faster cutting speed, but always make sure even if you’re adept at cutting vegetables or meat you should always practice safety precaution.
It is also dishwasher safe, however, it is recommended to be hand washed in order to preserve the precision of the blade.
The best feature of this cleaver is its ergonomic Pakka handle which gives an antibacterial effect on your hands. The stainless steel blade is rust-resistant and seems to hold its edge for a very long time.
The blade is 7 inches in length and the handle is 5 inches, giving you a total length of 12 inches. This size is big enough to deal with vegetables and meat if you want to reduce them to smaller sizes.
Its blades offer a lightweight, sharp, and superb durability. The design was great and grip comfortably, no-slipping with its pakka wood handle.
For a meat cleaver, this multi-purpose knife is not that heavy. Its balanced weight will help you perform your kitchen duties way more efficiently.
The blades are extremely sharp, and they’re resistant to stains and discoloration. The stainless-steel blade features durability whilst retaining great edge quality.
Imarku offers a lifelong warranty on this cleaver butcher knife which has been designed to withstand years of use and abuse. They also offer a money back guarantee if you do not like the product.
Ease of maintenance is one more thing that can possibly make you like this knife. It is made from a material that is not demanding in terms of the care that it requires, making it a snap to ensure its long-term functionality.

What reviewers didn't like

The price is not a budget price
It cannot be used to cut frozen food
Must be cleaned with mild soap.
Not ideal for heavy-duty meat processing tasks
More expensive than other cleavers
Not suitable for dishwashers
Requires some more effort to maintain
This blade is not designed to be used over hot flames, and it is not advisable to use it with frozen food, as it could become blunt
Will rust if left wet
Not as durable as expected, especially the handle
The Pakka wood tends to break when cutting very hard materials like bones
It might be pricey than the other cleavers or butcher knives.
Not suitable for cutting through frozen foods as it might dull or damage the blade.
A bit awkward to handle
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