IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

Last updated date: September 18, 2020

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IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

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Planning an outdoor picnic or a family reunion at the park? Grab this portable ice maker to keep your guests' drinks nice and cold. It features a 68-ounce water reservoir and can make 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours. In our analysis of 0 expert reviews, the IKICH IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine placed 4th when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note September 18, 2020:
Checkout The Best Ice Maker for a detailed review of all the top ice makers.

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From The Manufacturer

IKICH quick ice maker machine works fast, just 6 minutes to get 9pcs of chewable, delicious, bullet-shaped ice-cubes per cycle and up to 26 lbs./12 kg of ice in 24 hrs. With simple control panel, just add water, plug it in, press the power button, select the ice size and forget it. The indicator lights up when the ice is full or you need more water. No plumbing required, easy to fill and clean. With a outlet and drain plug at the bottom, easy to empty the unused water. Don't need any complex installation. 2 ice sizes optional. Popular bullet-shaped ice, not easy to melt and stick together, great for cooling drinks or small water bottle openings, food and for first aid. Large translucent window for easy observation. BONUS-removable ice basket and ice scoop, convenient for you to transfer ice cubes to your drink or ice bucket.

Overall Product Rankings

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1. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine
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2. Crownful Countertop Ice Maker Machine
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GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
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IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine
4. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine
Overall Score: 8.8
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TRUSTECH Portable Ice Maker
5. TRUSTECH Portable Ice Maker
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An Overview On Ice Makers

The days of filling ice cube trays with water and waiting for them to freeze are long gone, thanks to built-in ice makers. But not everyone has a state-of-the-art freezer. Even if you have one at home, you may buy an RV or own a rental cabin that lacks ice-making capabilities.

For those situations, a portable ice maker is all you’ll need. Taking up minimal counter space, these appliances act as a handy addition to any modern kitchen. You’ll simply need to routinely add water to the reservoir, then wait for the container to begin to fill with ice. Although many ice makers require a full day to fill the container completely, many begin providing ice in less than 15 minutes.

But in recent years, ice makers have become popular even with those who have the capacity built into their freezers. Some dispense cylindrical ice, similar to what you get from a hotel ice machine. However, others offer that small, bullet-shaped ice similar to what you get at fast-food chains like Sonic. If you’re shopping for ice makers for that reason, pay close attention to the type of ice each one produces to make sure you’re getting what you want.

DWYM Fun Fact

The popular habit of chomping on ice can actually be a sign of an underlying health issue, particularly if it’s become a habit. Known as pagophagia, compulsively chewing ice is a form of pica, which is a disorder related to eating items with no nutritional value. Studies have linked compulsive ice chewing to iron deficiencies, which are very common in pregnant women, and much more common in women overall than in men. By chewing ice, you send more blood to the brain, which helps improve thought clarity and alertness. But the habit can be dangerous for your teeth, not to mention the harm that can come from leaving an iron deficiency unchecked. If you can’t seem to stop chewing ice, it might be time to schedule a physical to make sure your habit isn’t a sign of underlying health issues.

The Ice Maker Buying Guide

  • One thing to consider before buying a portable ice maker is that you’ll have to manually refill the reservoir on a daily basis to keep the ice going. Some ice makers can use melted ice cubes to make new ice, but once you’re out of water, new ice will no longer be produced.
  • It’s also important to consider the water capacity of the water reservoir. The smaller the reservoir, the more often you’ll have to fill it to keep the ice flow going.
  • If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, look for an ice maker with eco-friendly options. Some can pull any melted cubes into the water reservoir to make fresh cubes. Still others draw less power, saving on electricity.
  • Noise is a consideration, particularly if you spend time near your kitchen. If this is a concern, look for an ice maker that boasts quiet operation.
  • Ice size is an important factor in the ice maker you buy. Some units come with multiple ice size options, letting you switch back and forth between larger and smaller cubes.
  • If you plan to only use your ice maker occasionally, note how long it will take to produce the first few cubes of ice from the time you insert water. Many start providing ice in less than 10 minutes, which can come in handy if you’re just occasionally firing up your machine.