Hypnoser All Natural Weighted Cooling Blanket

Last updated date: March 14, 2022

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Hypnoser All Natural Weighted Cooling Blanket

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We looked at the top Cooling Blankets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cooling Blanket you should buy.

Update as March 14, 2022:
Checkout The Best Cooling Blankets for a detailed review of all the top cooling blankets.

Overall Take

If you're searching for a natural sleep solution, this high-quality cooling blanket is the answer. It's made from 100% cotton and weighted to give you the sensation that you're being hugged. The stitching is durable, which means you'll even be able to clean the blanket in the washing machine.

In our analysis of 16 expert reviews, the Hypnoser All Natural Weighted Cooling Blanket placed 7th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

100% Cotton. RENEW YOUR LIFE: Hypnoser’s all-natural heavy blanket provides the warmth and comfort of a gentle hug. Helps you fall asleep faster. Sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up feeling renewed! EVEN NON-LEAKING TECHNOLOGY: Our Ultra-Premium, Luxury Design and Precision Computer Programmed sewing method means every heavy blankets are made to perfection. Smaller diamond pockets (only 5 x 5 inches) make the glass beads evenly distribute over your body for optimal mental and physical well-being and keeps the fillers noise-free unlike many of others. The Diamond sewn design brings luxury and style to another level. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE & WEIGHT :Measuring 60″x80″ & weighing 20 LBs. Choosing the suitable weight would make the most of this blanket. A 20 lb heavy blanket is for 190-230 lbs individuals. Due to its weight, it’s not necessary to choose an oversized blanket. We recommend the 60”x80” for Queen Size beds, 78”x85” for King sized beds. EASY-CARE: Our Hypnoser heavy blanket is double lined and stitched. The inner weigbted blanket is best washed bv hand. Similar colours onlv Lay flat to dry. Cool iron if needed. Dry cleaning acceptable. A Hypnoser removable duvet cover (sold separately) is highly recommended for easier cleaning. AFTER-SALE SERVICE: We stand behind our product so if you are not happy with the product for any reason at all, we have a 30 day money back. Three year after-sale service: provide free mending (not include shipping label) We’re available to answer your questions, 24/7, and are always happy to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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What experts liked

The baffled boxes are a 4 x 4 square and allowed for what I felt was the perfect size to distribute the bead filling. I never felt that the product was too heavily distributed along one side or the other, and when it is laid over the body- it feels like a ‘hug’ has settled over you.
- The Sleep Judge
I believe that the use of sandglass is a real masterstroke and makes this quilt really stand out. I have tried many filling options from plastic pellet to metal beads, and I can honestly say that glass beads are my favorite. Unlike most weighted comforters that are stitched with a box pattern, the Hypnoser blanket features a unique diamond pattern to keep the filling in place.
- Weighted Journal
The diamond pattern of the blanket ensures even distribution of weight in the blanket. The quality workmanship in this product is easy to see and feel. This is a great value!
- Anxiety Attack Solutions
Made of 100% breathable natural cotton, this makes it perfect for even the hottest sleeper. An Amazon user decided to give it a chance after hearing it could increase serotonin levels. She says her son enjoys the blanket.
- Wide Open Country
May be a good option for couples who keep each other up at night tossing and turning. The deep touch pressure and gentle weight that this blanket provides can help still the body and promote restful sleep.
- Weighted Blanket Guides
The blanket is made from a 100 percent cotton cover with sewn small pockets for even weight distribution, non-toxic glass beads, and a polyester padding for the filling. The cotton cover is designed to be breathable and sleep cool.
- Nest Maven

What experts didn't like

In a warm atmosphere, it also is not comfortable for long periods of time despite the cooling, breathable cotton.
- The Sleep Judge
When it comes to color options, they are scarce, to say the least. You can choose from three colors: Navy Blue, Dark Grey, and Light Black. All the options are rather dark. People (mostly kids and teenagers) who prefer brighter colors might be disappointed.
- Weighted Journal
People have said that the blanket is too heavy when they order the recommended weight. You might want to order it at a little bit less weight than is recommended for you.
- Anxiety Attack Solutions
Some consumers reported the beads shifting after a few uses, making the weight uneven
- Weighted Blanket Guides
It does not come with a removable duvet. Some users did find it too hot, especially in warmer weather. If you tend to sleep hot, you may want to opt for a lighter blanket, to avoid overheating.
- Nest Maven

An Overview On Cooling Blankets

Is there anything worse than waking up in the middle of the night because you’re too hot? Not only does the temperature disrupt your sleep, but it can also stop you from dozing back off. Whether you live in a warm climate or are just a warm sleeper, being hot and sweaty at night is uncomfortable. However, for many people, the solution is not as simple as taking off their blankets. Being covered while sleeping offers a sense of coziness and comfort that many people need in order to relax.

The solution is a cooling blanket. This is a kind of blanket that is designed to help people regulate body temperature. They are made from a lightweight material that is highly breathable so that warm air can be released, instead of staying trapped inside near your body. While you’re having a deep sleep, your body actually stops thermoregulating. So, if you become too hot, your body will not be able to cool down unless you wake up. With a cooling blanket, however, the warm air can flow through the blanket, helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

When selecting a cooling blanket, the most important thing to note is what material it is made out of. Always opt for a breathable fabric. Woven cotton is a good option as it has a light and airy feel that doesn’t trap in heat. Linen, which is made from the flax plant, is a highly breathable fabric that is durable. It actually gets softer with each wash. Silk, while not common in blankets, has the ability to adjust to your temperature. It can help cool you down when you’re feeling hot. Synthetic options like polyester are fairly common as they are lightweight, cost-effective and easy to clean. Bamboo is another option you’ll see on the market. It’s cool to the touch and is good at retaining coolness as well.

The Cooling Blanket Buying Guide

  • When buying a cooling blanket, opt for a breathable material that enables air to flow through, such as cotton, bamboo, microfiber, linen or silk. In addition to the actual material, be sure to consider how tight the weave is. Ideally, a waffle weave is best in a cooling blanket because it allows more air to freely move in and out of the blanket. This makes sure heat doesn’t get trapped inside.
  • Durability is a major factor for many shoppers, as you don’t want your cooling blanket to fall apart after a few washes. Look for blankets that are well constructed with strong stitching. Most natural fabrics can stand up to years of washing. Linen is especially durable, lasting around 10 years in most cases. Plus, it gets softer after every wash.
  • If you are a warm sleeper, it’s likely you sweat in your sleep, even with a cooling blanket on. As a result, it’s important to wash your cooling blanket frequently to ward off any bacterial growth or unpleasant odors. Blankets made from synthetic or polyester can go in the washer and dryer. Those that are made from cotton, linen or bamboo can also go in the washer and dryer, but you may get better results by letting them air dry instead. Keep in mind that it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Cooling blankets are available in different sizes. You can find one that matches your bed size, such as a double or queen, or look for an individually sized one for yourself.
  • If you want the cooling effect but also like the feeling of weight for comfort, consider getting a weighted cooling blanket. These are filled with small glass beads for added weight but don’t cause you to get hot and sweaty at night.