Honeywell Turbo Force Energy Saving Office Fan, 10.9-Inch

Last updated date: February 10, 2022

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Honeywell Turbo Force Energy Saving Office Fan, 10.9-Inch

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We looked at the top Office Fans and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Office Fan you should buy.

Update as February 10, 2022:
Checkout The Best Office Fan for a detailed review of all the top office fans.

Overall Take

For quiet operation, you can't beat this office fan, which operates at a noise level up to 25 percent lower than competitors. The aerodynamic design pushes air out at a rate that's powerful enough to cool a midsized room. You can also mount this fan on a wall to free up desk space.

In our analysis of 111 expert reviews, the Honeywell Turbo Force Energy Saving Office Fan, 10.9-Inch placed 3rd when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

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What experts liked

A silent fan with adjustable power and efficiency. This baby is quiet!
- The Sleep Judge
One may think that even though this Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan is small but mighty that its going to be expensive. The good news is that it really isn’t and comes in at a cost of about $19.84.
- Does It Really Work
Due to its design and quality-build, the fan emits minimal sound, so it is perfectly suitable for use at night.
- HouseholdMe
By using this appliance you can save up to the twenty-two electricity bill. It can be operated in 3 distinct speed levels and provides a great airflow of up to 32 feet.
- The Z8
It is the most affordable option on our list and is 25% quieter than similar models.
- Wise Bread
The Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce is a good budget stand-in.
- The Spruce
The turbo-force aerodynamic design allows the maximum movement of air. This one is a lot quieter than the other models.
- The Famous Plaza Cafe
We love how the larger fan blades produce a more focused and stronger team of air. Minimal energy usage even at high settings.
- BestReviews
The tilt feature on this desk fan is quite commendable given that it allows you to tilt the desk fan upwards at 90 degrees.Because of this, you can easily control the airflow in a room and move any warm air that may have accumulated at the ceiling.
- A Quiet Refuge
This table fan boasts Aerodynamic TurboForce design that allows it to move air much better. By so doing, the fan will bring a cooling effect and make your place comfortable.
With this fan, you will get energy-saving air circulation. This air circulator fan is a consumer favorite. This is because when compared to similar models, it operates 25% quieter.
- Top Ten Product Review
With sleek and slim construction, this fan brings great convenience and space saving. Therefore, it can be used in compact places without causing stress.
- Dotbeasts
Due to its compact design, this air circulator fan by Honeywell can be placed on the table to provide you with cool air while you are going about your business. It can also be mounted on the wall to further improve its performance. The compact design means you will be able to carry it anywhere and use it anytime, including on camping trips. Despite its small, compact size, the fan puts out enough air to cool small to medium-sized rooms.
- Portable Beasts
It is 25% quieter than similar models hence the right fit for you if you don’t like noise.
- A Great Reviews
The fan saves energy hence your money because it uses a DC motor that consumes less energy. It operates quietly and oscillates for times to provide a cooler environment.
- Paramatan
Its head pivots 90 degrees for changing the angle of the airflow, which is pretty powerful for its compact size.
- Wiki EZ Vid
It has a quieter system (up to 25%). As such, you can use it in your living room or bedroom without issues. It is also one of the best fans for cooling offices.
- Top 10 Best Pro
This aerodynamic TurboForce fan is designed to provide maximum air movement without using too much power. Not only that but it is also about 25 percent quieter than most portable fans in its class.
- Savant Magazine
One of the most notable elements of this device is the fact that it has a head that can make ninety-degree pivots. Along with three speeds and a seven-inch blade, the fan will deliver maximum air movement.
- Top Home Stuff
It can be easily cleaned as the grills are removable.
- Review168
This superb super cool Air Circulator fan black offers quiet operation. It operates at around 25% less noise than its competitors. The air circulation that is created with this high-quality floor fan is sure to save you energy.
- Product Expert
This cooling fan does not require any kind of installation to set up for air cooling option. It constitutes the ability to provide the breezing range of up to 27 feet away from the device.
- Best Fan Reviews
It is convenient to bring from one place to other thanks to its mild weight.
- Product Best Reviews
It is 25% quieter than comparable to other models and can be set on a level surface as is or even wall-mounted.
- What Fans
This fan works very quietly. It produces quite less amount of noise than most of the fans out there.
- 420 Expert Adviser
This fan comes with aerodynamic turbo force design so that it can maximize air movement. The plastic seems ridged, cheap and lightweight for easy transport.
- TopCareLab

What experts didn't like

You won’t find it easy to clean. Seems as if you have to take it all apart, to get it cleaned up and possibly re lubricated. Some users state the fan will just stop working after a number of years, could possibly be from dust build up or lubrication dry out.
- The Sleep Judge
The plastic isn't of the same quality level, keep that in mind if you have children or pets as the plastic on the grill will be easier to bend.
- The Spruce
Based on a table doesn't provide the same amount of stability as larger mounting options.
- BestReviews
The higher price is really high
Build quality is not good and the material used is also not that tough.
- Review168
Powerful fan can add a bit of noise.
- Product Best Reviews
Does not have an easily removable grill.
- What Fans
A few users aren’t satisfied with the customer service.
- 420 Expert Adviser

An Overview On Office Fans

If you feel like your office is always the wrong temperature, you aren’t alone. In fact, the standard for building temperatures was set way back in 1966, based on a few variables and studies of middle-aged, 150-pound men. When the office is overly chilly, you can grab that cardigan you probably keep on the back of your chair. But when the temperature rises, you can’t exactly disrobe.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

That’s where an office fan comes in. Although many offices have banned space heaters, you probably are allowed to have at least a small fan on your desk. If you haven’t shopped for a fan recently, you probably don’t realize just how powerful desktop fans have become over the years. Being able to direct airflow also means you can set up your office fan to blow directly on you, making the most of its cooling power.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

The first decision to make while choosing an office fan is the cooling capacity you need. If you’re only using it on your desk while seated in front of it, a fan with shorter reach will do, but there are small fans that can cool a midsize room. Even if you only occasionally need to use it at home, or if you want a fan for larger office spaces like conference rooms, a fan with stronger airflow can be a big help.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Noise is another consideration. The gentle whir of a fan may help shut out outside noise. But some fans can be so noisy, they distract you from your work. Using it in an office means you’ll also need to think about how the noise will affect those around you. If you’re buying an office fan for home use or to take on the road as you travel, the noise may disrupt your sleep or bother others in the room with you. A fan with quieter operation can be more versatile.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

The Office Fan Buying Guide

  • Whether using your fan in the office or at home, chances are you don’t want it to be too noisy. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan operates up to 25 percent quieter than competing models, making it best if silence is a priority. The Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan also features quiet operation.
  • Don’t be fooled into spending excess money for your desktop fan. You can get the Honeywell Turbo Force Fan, Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan for a very reasonable price.
  • Energy efficiency isn’t just better for the environment. It reduces your electricity bill. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan has an aerodynamic design that maximizes airflow while minimizing power usage.
  • The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan also excels when it comes to speed options. You can choose between three separate speeds, where the Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan offers just two speeds.
  • If you’re trying to cool a larger office or even a big room at home, airflow will be essential. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan maintains its strong airflow up to 32 feet, thanks to the turbo-force design. It also has larger blades for more power. The Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan has a powerful motor, and the blade design pushes air out for noticeable cooling.
  • The small build of many office fans makes them better suited for direct cooling, meaning only the person seated directly in front of them will benefit from airflow. However, the Honeywell Turbo Force Fan can cool even a medium-sized room, thanks to its 32-foot range.
  • One of the benefits of the Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan is that it comes with a clip, allowing you to attach it to a desk, bookshelf or any other surface. Unlike other clippable fans, the clip on this fan is so sturdy, you won’t have to worry about your fan falling. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan can be mounted on a wall to help free up desk space.
  • If you prefer an oscillating fan, look for one where you have the option to either oscillate or keep it in one direction.
  • Being able to tilt your fan is essential to controlling airflow. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan can be tilted upward as much as 90 degrees. The Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan also allows you to adjust the head.
  • The great thing about smaller fans is that they take up very little space. They’re also lightweight, making it easy to transport them from the office to home and back again, even if you take public transportation. The Genesis Table-Top & Clip Fan weighs only 1.89 pounds and measures 5 x 6 x 10 inches. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan is slightly less compact. The Honeywell Turbo Force Fan measures 10.9 x 6.3 x 10.9 inches and weighs 2.6 pounds.