Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Manual Table Fan

Last updated date: February 17, 2022

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Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Manual Table Fan

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We looked at the top Table Fans and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Table Fan you should buy.

Update as February 17, 2022:
Checkout The Best Table Fan for a detailed review of all the top table fans.

Overall Take

With an airflow of 27 feet, it's no wonder this table fan comes out on top. This compact fan won't take up much room on your desk either, so you'll still have plenty of space to work. The fan pivots and has three different speeds to choose from, which means you can customize the unit to your comfort level.

In our analysis of 100 expert reviews, the Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Manual Table Fan placed 3rd when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The 3 speed Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circular provides a quiet and efficient means of cooling a surrounding area. The HT-900 is 25% quieter than its competitors and represents a superior selection for those seeking a relatively noiseless experience when it comes to emitting large amounts of cool air. An adjustable fan head is fully capable of pivoting and reaching a 90° angle that can be used for direct cooling or circulating the air. Maximum air distribution is achieved via the inclusion of an Aerodynamic Turbo Design. This fan’s small size and efficient output opens a wealth of installation options in the home, office or dorm setting. The availability of three selectable speeds carries the added bonus of potentially reducing energy expenses. The TurboForce Air Circulator Fan can be used for personal or powerful directional cooling.

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What experts liked

This is another very compact and portable air circulation fan. It does not occupy a lot of space, thus making it ideal for personal desk cooling purposes. By using this appliance you can save up to the twenty-two electricity bill. This product produces minimal noise during operation. It can be operated in 3 distinct speed levels and provides a great airflow of up to 32 feet.
- The Z8
April 19, 2019 | Full review
This tiny fan is mighty in efficiency. It’s a silent cooling beast that is perfect for any desk, dorm room, or bedside table. If you’re looking for a little extra wind power to circulate through your room, this could be the ideal solution.
- The Sleep Judge
August 9, 2019 | Full review
With more than 14,000 reviews, this small desk fan is super-effective at moving a lot of air around. As one reviewer writes, “Let me start off by saying this: Before this fan I was sweating enough to get us out of the California drought. With this fan now I am cool as a cucumber I have not drippity, drop, dropped a single sweat in my room ever since I plopped this puppy on my desk.” Reviewers call it “a great desk fan for the office,” as it “has great air flow and is pretty quiet.”
- New York Mag
May 6, 2019 | Full review
We love how the larger fan baldes produce a more focused and stronger stream of air. Minimal energy usage even at high settings.
- BestReviews
August 1, 2019 | Full review
If you like the sound of the Vornado 660 Whole Room Fan but can’t stomach the price, the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce is a good budget stand-in. Though it’s smaller and a bit less powerful than the Vornado, it’s still effective enough to move air in a small to medium room, reviewers say. Like the Vornado, the HT-900 has a relatively simple design. There are three speeds that users can select with a simple dial, though a few owners say the dial’s placement in the rear of the fan is awkward. The fan pivots up and down up to 90 degrees. It does not oscillate or have a remote, but it can be used on a table or mounted on a wall for better air flow.
- The Spruce
May 20, 2019 | Full review
Amazon’s #1 best-seller in household fans, the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan is the perfect compact fan for most homes. It is the most affordable option on our list and is 25% quieter than similar models. It has three quiet settings and a reach of more than 25 feet. The Aerodynamic TurboForce design powerfully circulates the air in a room. The head pivots 90 degrees and it can be used on a table or mounted to a wall for your convenience. It is best for intense personal cooling or energy-saving air circulation.
- Wise Bread
August 26, 2016 | Full review
Can be mounted on the wall or placed on the table. Great for intense personal cooling.
- Ah Joo
This is a table fan that enhances your environment. It promotes good air circulation around making you ever refreshed in the hot summer. Honeywell is a trusted company that produces quality products among them the fans. The fan saves energy hence your money because it uses a DC motor that consumes less energy. It operates quietly and oscillates for times to provide a cooler environment.
- Paramatan
August 6, 2019 | Full review
It boasts of Aerodynamic TurboForce design that delivers maximum air while keeping the energy consumption low.The 90-degree pivoting head, 7-inch blade, and 3-speeds all contribute to the good working. While it’s revered for its powerful motor, simplicity, and swiveling head, this unit gets a thumb down for its plain looks.
- HQ Review
Coming in second place, our silver pick is the Honeywell TurboForce Fan. This small powerhouse is extremely lightweight at only 1 pound, but takes up slightly more room at 11.1 x 6.6 x 11.3 inches. But with that added size comes an extremely powerful personal desk fan with Honeywell’s aerodynamic TurboForce, designed for maximum air movement. What does TurboForce mean to you? It means that this fan is appropriate if you need to really cool down. It may be small, but it delivers powerful cooling action that can be used for personal comfort, to help cool down overheating computers and machinery, or for energy-efficient air circulation.
- The Smart Consumer
March 22, 2018 | Full review
This aerodynamic TurboForce fan is designed to provide maximum air movement without using too much power. Not only that but it is also about 25 percent quieter than most portable fans in its class. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has a mobile head that can pivot 90 degrees, which when combined with its 3-speed, 7-inch blade fan make it one of the most capable fans on the market today.
- Savant Magazine
This tiny powerhouse is available in 11- and 15-inch sizes. It works best for personal cooling near a workspace or in your kitchen, but it will also keep the air circulated in a larger room. The head pivots 90 degrees so it can hit most angles when mounted on the floor or table, and the price is tough to beat.
- Popular Mechanics
July 13, 2018 | Full review
From the well-recognized American brand Honeywell with their years of experience in the industry, you can expect to receive a great product from them. The Honeywell HT-900 Table fan is an excellent example. The simple construction of the fan makes use of Honeywell’s experience with making jet engines and turbines. No, you’re not getting a jet engine for a table fan, what you’re getting is a tiny yet very efficient fan thanks to specially designed fan blades that keep airflow and low power consumption in perfect harmony. If you’re feeling the extreme heat during the day, hang out on your porch and plug in the fan. The fan can be used on the ground or set at the table.
- Broad Review
According to the best table fans reviews, one of the many things that make this an excellent choice is that it comes with a unique fan design, which is basically the reason on why it is quieter by as much as 25% compared to the standard models that are available in the marketplace. Apart from such, it is also often lauded for being easy to use. For your convenience and to enjoy optimal airflow, it can be even mounted on the wall. It is also worth noting that this fan is eco-friendly. The box that is used for packaging such is recyclable and the different plastic parts as well.
- Top 5 Reviews
August 21, 2019 | Full review
Designed specifically for personal cooling, the Honeywell HT-900 is another viable option to consider. This fan has three different speed settings, and the head pivots 90 degrees for easy adjusting. The length and height of the unit measure just over 11 inches, making this a perfect option for use on desks and end tables. This product is also covered by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer as well.
- Best Reviews Now
December 18, 2017 | Full review
This fan here features the Aerodynamic TurboForce design for maximum air movement for you. You can use this fan on the table, or mount it on the wall the way you like it. The head of the fan pivots 90 degrees with 3 speeds and 7-inch blade. It works 25% quieter than most fans, and it is great for intense personal cooling or energy-saving air circulation. Black and white are the colors available for you.
- Best Reviews Today
March 20, 2017 | Full review
Its quiet design, for instance, it is one of the best for use in homes and offices. Bladed are large (7-inches) and durable, while its adjustable three-speed system and head (90-degrees) are invaluable. They boost its performance further.
- Top 10 Best Pro
The Honeywell HT 908 Turbo Force Floor Fan is efficient for the intense cooling effect to make you fresh, cool and clean without the sweat. It tends to make an adjustment with the heat portion that can able to rotate up to 90 degrees in every direction. It does not need any kind of installation set up for air cooling option. This Honeywell floor fan consists of turbo heating system to increase the air flow rate to improve the performance. It also includes 70 CFM and quick detachable grille for medium comfort to easy cleaning. This aerospace turbo design offers the maximum range of air movement around your space with less power consumption.
- Best Fan Reviews
May 24, 2019 | Full review
If you're looking for a reliable personal air circulator fan, this Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce is well worth further consideration. Combining three-speed settings with quiet, efficient delivery, it's a relatively noiseless option so perfect for your home or work desktop set-up.
- In Stash
This fan has a look relating to it. It isn’t comparable to the buffs used to make end effects in movies — just a good deal smaller. If you are seeking something with a little more energy compared to the previous two fans, the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan is definitely worth considering. As an alternative of both speeds that we’ve seen on the last fans, this little beast has three. The third speed gives a fair quantity of power for a miniature table fan.
- Tech Zimo
June 15, 2019 | Full review
Honeywell is one of the trustworthy brands known for their excellent products. Among their vast lineup for air circulator fans is the HR-908 turbo force that works to maximize air movement and regulate the temperature, adapting to the wavering season. It operates quietly, especially at the lowest setting.Despite the low speed, it still works to provide a powerful airflow, leaving volumes of air that fills the room with cool air even if you don’t any air conditioner unit at home. But if you want to adjust the speed, it has 3 speed options to choose from. As it moves at a 90-degree angle, the concrete base efficiently supports the fan and keeps it steady whether it’s placed on the floor or table.
- Top Ten Review Pro
June 9, 2019 | Full review
A home and office cooling fan that offers exceptional airflow that is sure to cool you down during the hot summer months. Powerful, quiet and efficient, this is one of the best shop fans as you can mount it on the wall out of the way. Used in tandem with your aircon, you can spread the cool air around your home, shop or office efficiently saving energy. This is one of the best oscillating fans on the market.
- Product Expert
April 8, 2019 | Full review
The brand name alone will tell you that this is a high quality product and for $16 you get three speeds, a pivoting head and a lot of quick air flow. You can use it on your desk, on a table and it can also be wall mounted. With almost 3,000 buyer reviews on Amazon, you know that this one sells a lot, and maintains good ratings.
- The Icy Spot

What experts didn't like

Base on a table doesn't provide the same amount of stability as larger mounting options.
- BestReviews
August 1, 2019 | Full review
Looks similar to the Vornado from a distance, but the plastic isn't of the same quality level, keep that in mind if you have children or pets as the plastic on the grill will be easier to bend.
- The Spruce
May 20, 2019 | Full review
The higher price is really high.
- Ah Joo
- In Stash

An Overview On Table Fans

Whether you’re in an office space, dorm room or small room within your home, a table fan is a handy tool that will help keep you cool when temperatures are on the rise. Table fans also work well to circulate the air in the room so that it doesn’t become stagnant. There are several different table fan models on the market, so it’s helpful to review what each has to offer before coming to a final decision.

Start off deciding between an electric table fan or a battery-operated one. The battery-operated models are ideal for emergency situations or areas of the country where the power tends to go out more frequently. Electric fans are better for everyday use, as you won’t have to worry about running the battery down.

Next, consider how much space you need and whether you have a place to store the table fan when not in use. The Honeywell Mini Tower Table Fan actually folds up, which makes it a cinch to store just about anywhere without taking up the space you need for essentials.

The ability to control fan speed and direction is also important. The Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Fan has three different speed settings, as well as the ability to pivot up to 90 degrees. Other fans take control one step further by also having blades that oscillate or turn from left to right to cover a larger area.

Check to see how portable the model you’d like to buy is. Does it have a handle that makes it easy to carry from one room to another, or is it so lightweight that you can simply pick it up and take it with you? This is important if you have several tasks to complete in different areas of the home.

Perhaps you’d like to invest in a table fan that has a host of extras. Look for a model that allows you to set an automatic timer to the specific hour you’d like the fan to power down. There are also models that have sleep and breeze modes, a storage compartment for the power cord and a remote for controlling the table fan from across the room.

The Table Fan Buying Guide

  • Always check for a table fan that’s durable and made to last.
  • To help make your room even cooler, you can fill a bowl with ice and set it directly in front of the fan. This trick works well in smaller spaces.
  • Fans can also be used during the winter months. Since hot air rises, place your table fan on top of a dresser or tall bookshelf and position the airflow downward. As the hot air floats to the top of your room, the fan will blow it back down to keep you warm and toasty.
  • Fans collect dust, and there isn’t much you can do about that. Fortunately, cleaning the fan grill and blades isn’t hard. Most grills are removable, and you can run them under the faucet to rinse off any dust. The blades can be wiped down with warm water and a little dish soap. Some homeowners find it easier to use a vacuum attachment and go over the fan first, before they wipe it down with a wet soapy cloth. You may wish to finish cleaning the fan blades by drying them with a lint-free towel before replacing the grill.
  • Before using your table fan, there are a few safety checks you’ll want to perform. First, make sure the grill is intact so that the blades are not exposed. Second, check the wires for any fraying. Third, look over the plug and make sure the prongs are secure and not rusting. Finally, if you need to use an extension cord, do so only for a short time.
  • There are several factors that influence the price you’ll pay for a table fan. Battery-operated fans tend to be cheaper than electric fans, like the Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Fan. In the middle, you’ll find fans that have all of the basic features you need in a table fan, plus a few extras. If you want bells and whistles, you’ll need to pay a little more. Some models have a slightly higher cost because they also have a remote control and automatic timer.