Honey-Can-Do Round Pizza Stone, 16-inch

Last updated date: November 22, 2019

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 193 expert reviews, the Honey-Can-Do Honey-Can-Do Round Pizza Stone, 16-inch placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note December 3, 2019:
Checkout The Best Pizza Stone for a detailed review of all the top pizza stones.

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18 expert reviews
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2,046 user reviews
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What experts liked
The stone warms up moderately and locks it in, so pizzas stay warm for the longest time.
- Kitchen Folks
June 25, 2019 | Full review
Beautifully round, thick and sturdy, and with ridges on the bottom, Old Stone Round Pizza 16 is a great option for a pizza enthusiast. While the price of the stone is high, the crust of pizzas made with this stone are fantastic.
- Kitchen Byte
It also can withstand the high temperatures of a hot grill. The Firebrick construction allows for excellent heat retention.
- Best Consumer Reviews
The stone is large enough to make a full-sized pie or even bake biscuits, rolls, or rounded breads. The flat surface makes it simple to remove slices and cut them from baking stone.
- Cookware Junkies
June 13, 2018 | Full review
The stone's extra large size is great for family sized pizzas and its flat surface makes it very easy to cut and remove slices right from the baking stone and serve at your dining table.
- Morning Chores
It is made of durable material that is durable enough not to break when a shift in between a cold and hot temperature.
- 5 Product Reviews
August 24, 2019 | Full review
Allowing for the ultimate in heat retention and distribution, this stone will give you the crispy, doughy crust that you crave, while perfectly melting all the toppings in about half the time that you would otherwise spend baking a pizza in your oven.
- Thoroughly Reviewed
The durable, 16-inch round stone comes with raised edges on the bottom so it's easier to pick up out of a hot oven, and the more you use it, the more seasoned it gets.
- Bustle
August 26, 2019 | Full review
Despite the large design, it can fit into most standard ovens. It’s also perfect for making family-sized pizzas.
- Simple Green Moms
September 11, 2019 | Full review
Unlike the former model, this one is relatively thicker and can endure heat up to 2000 degrees F. This means that you can expect better baking from this model. It will also not crack or break very easily.
- Home Gear X
The price is mid-range, but the performance is competitive with more expensive models. It's a good stone that many clay enthusiasts are likely to prefer.
- Chew The World
The quantity it can hold can serve a medium-sized family. It heats up evenly to ensure that it gives a crisp crust on your pizzas.
- All Kitchen Pro
Besides, it is absolutely durable and tough to last for a lifetime. Also, it won’t be easily warped or blended because the stone can withstand the severe heat of your oven or grill up to 2000F degrees.
- Cook Kitchen Utensils
The underside has raised edges. This makes it much it easier to pick up than flat based stones, especially if you have on oven gloves. But not only that, you can rest this on your counter or table, and it won’t transfer the heat to your countertop.
- Chef's Resource
July 25, 2019 | Full review
Constructed of durable stoneware and handmade in the USA, you can count on the quality that this pizza stone will offer. It will easily withstand the high temperatures of your oven, BBQ, grill, or any other surface that you use it on.
- The Lively Kitchen
March 2, 2018 | Full review
Because of its size, you can rely on this pizza stone to be more efficient. If you have a huge family or often have friends over for dinner, this will help you feed everyone to the brim without having to slave away in the kitchen.
- My Pizza Stone
Perfectly delivers the heat through the surface and makes the pizza crunchy-chewy crust
- SparqUSA
It is extremely durable and does not crack easily. The stone is created from a combination of lead-free clay types.
- Foodies Wiki
October 10, 2018 | Full review
What experts didn't like
The stone may crack due to quick temperature change, so it has to be put in the oven to preheat.
- Kitchen Byte
A bit heavier than expected making it little difficult to use
- Cookware Junkies
June 13, 2018 | Full review
Porous stone absorbs moisture which can cause it to smell or attract mold
- Morning Chores
No handles to lift easily.
- Simple Green Moms
September 11, 2019 | Full review
The only pitfall here is that this stone will give you hard time while cleaning.
- Home Gear X
Doesn't always yield an ideal crispiness to the crust
- Chew The World
However, prior to using, you should preheat the stone at least 30 minutes and dust with some flour or cornmeal to prevent your doughs from sticking to it.
- Cook Kitchen Utensils
Dough tends to stick to its surface
- My Pizza Stone
Baking something on it when it is still wet, it could be a reason for damaging the stone and your baking also
- SparqUSA

From The Manufacturer

It’s movie night, and the swarm of preteen boys in your living room have a case of growing and hunger pains. Fortunately you’re not asking where to buy a pizza stone—you’re prepared with this Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone and cook up a mega pie that feeds the masses. The 16-inch pizza stone and bread stone is crafted from the same firebrick material found inside kilns and blast furnaces, helping procure the pepperoni pie of their dreams. Its material is durable enough to move from your cold fridge and into your hot oven without cracking, even though you might. The best part? The baking stone’s symmetry keeps your pizza toppings tidy and in line, which is more than you can say for your rowdy movie night crowd. Amazon.com Often homemade pizza never tastes the same as a pie from your local pizzeria. However, this baking stone is made of the same firebrick material that lines kilns and blast furnaces and duplicates the results of old stone ovens to produce superior-quality and crispy pizza crust at home with all of your favorite fixings on top. The stone heats evenly and retains heat well so pizzas stay warm for a while after they come out of the oven. The material also withstands thermal shock so uncooked pizzas prepared earlier in the day move from the refrigerator to the oven without producing cracks in the stone. The baking stone has a 16-inch diameter, which is large enough to make a family-sized pie or can also bake rolls, biscuits, or circular-shaped breads. A flat surface area makes it easy to cut and remove slices right from the baking stone. Eight circular stone feet keep the pizza stone uniformly balanced on an oven rack so cheese or toppings wont slide off. --Cristina Vaamonde

Overall Product Rankings

1. Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan, 14-inch
Overall Score: 9.6
Expert Reviews: 21
2. Honey-Can-Do Round Pizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 18
3. Heritage Products Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inch
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 33
4. Hans Grill Pizza Stone, 15-inch
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 0
5. The Original Baking Steel Pizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 10
6. CastElegance Pizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 18
7. NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 19
8. Pizzacraft Rectangular ThermaBond Pizza Stone
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 14
9. Honey-Can-Do Rectangular Pizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 32
10. Love This KitchenPizza Stone, 16-inch
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 10

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