HELEMAN TSA Compliant Portable Door Lock

Last updated date: May 26, 2022

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HELEMAN TSA Compliant Portable Door Lock

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We looked at the top Portable Door Locks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Portable Door Lock you should buy.

Update as May 26, 2022:
Checkout The Best Portable Door Lock for a detailed review of all the top portable door locks.

Overall Take

In addition to traditional door locks, this portable door lock fits deadbolts. You can use it on an outside door, as well as an inner door, such as a bedroom door or a hotel room door. It is important to note that this lock only works with inward-opening doors.

In our analysis, the HELEMAN HELEMAN TSA Compliant Portable Door Lock placed 5th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Additional Security & Privacy Door Lock] Made of heavy-duty steel with the anti-rust feature. With portable door locks, TAKE YOUR SECURITY EXPERIENCE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, not just you’ll be able to lock the doors of your house, but you’ll be able to lock down the doors of every room you’ll be in. Just lock your doors with HELEMAN portable door lock. Nothing will be able to breaking. Secures the lock with inevitable strength. Ensuring a tight, secure lock from the inside of the door. Small & Lightweight, Portable Door Lock for Travel: A great feature for women traveling alone who want to feel more secure. Carry door lock whenever wherever you want. Small travel door lock, carry door safety lock in your pocket. HELEMAN portable door lock has got your back by confirming the ultimate security in every place. Not just home, you can use it to keep your security checked anywhere you go. Hotel, school, college, dormitory, apartment, short-term rental, Airbnb, bathroom, bedroom. Install in Seconds, No Tools Required: Setting it up is so easy that you can do it all by yourself within seconds. After inserting the claws into the strike plate, just close the door and insert the metal rod through the hole. If you don’t want to take the hassle to screw the nuts and bolts of your door lock, portable door lock is the ideal catalyst for you. Easy to set up, remove from a door with no damage. Portable door lock gives you the ultimate easy-installation experience. Ideal Door Lock for Almost All Door Types: The portable door lock contains two holes of different sizes(0.8-0.95 inches) to ensure that all types of door locks are matched. It can be used on most doors that are swing inwards. A portable travel door lock can only be applied to your door if you are in the room. Let it be your home, school, or hotel you’re staying in, this door lock will blend in ideally with every door. It is a great choice for women living alone or with small children. Professional Worry-Free Warranty: HELEMAN portable door lock is the second protection for home security, bring you better safety and privacy. We used all brand upgraded durable material to ensure the door lock will remain as good as new for a very long time. You will also enjoy our professional return and exchange warranty from the day you receive the door security lock. We are confident that you will find it is essential for your home.

An Overview On Portable Door Locks

If you’ve ever worried about the strength of the locks in your hotel room, you know the benefits a travel lock can bring. In fact, with more people staying in vacation rental homes than ever, portable security locks have gained attention in recent years. You don’t know who has access to your vacation home when you’re staying there, so an extra lock can provide protection against previous guests who still have the keycode.

A secondary lock should be small enough to slide into the pocket of a purse or suitcase without weighing you down or getting in the way. But it should also be sturdy enough to provide the security you need, use after use. Hopefully, you’ll never have to test its strength in a real break-in situation, but you’ll want the security of knowing it will work if necessary.

For best results, look at the materials used to put the security device together. It should be made of heavy-duty materials like steel. Any secondary pieces should easily hold up. Some security locks are built to slide over the strike plate, while others are more of a doorstop, sliding under the bottom of the door to keep it from budging.

With the type of lock that fits over the strike plate, the key is to fit over the existing setup without damaging it. These devices can vary in how they work, but usually, you can put them in place in a matter of seconds. You may need to follow the instructions the first couple of times but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s easy.

Before you buy a portable door lock, check the door specifications. Many of them only work with a door that opens inward. These locks are designed for hinged doors, too. If you have a sliding door, you’ll need a different kind of security lock.

The Portable Door Lock Buying Guide

  • If you’re buying a portable door lock for use in vacation homes and hotel rooms, make sure the design won’t damage the door.
  • Although you can easily tuck your portable door lock into a pocket, having a storage pouch can be useful. If your lock doesn’t come with one, consider purchasing one separately.
  • With some portable door locks, the red handle is everything. This is the piece that blocks the door when someone tries to open it. Look for a handle that’s thick and solid and can withstand great force.
  • Some portable door locks come with a built-in alarm. If someone tries to open the door, the alarm makes an ear-piercing noise. It’s not connected to emergency personnel, but it could be enough to scare someone away.
  • Before you slide the lock into place, look carefully at any instructions. Some will let you test it before you install it.
  • You may want to test the lock to make sure it’s secure after it’s installed. Have someone stand outside the door and try to open it.
  • Although portable door locks are great for traveling, if you’re looking for something for a longer-term residence, like an apartment or dorm room, it might be worth investing in a deadbolt lock. If one isn’t provided, check with your landlord or dorm advisor to ask if it’s okay to install such a thing.
  • How the device behaves when it’s removed is important, as well. You’ll want a lock that doesn’t break into multiple pieces as soon as you extract it from the door.
  • For hotel rooms, doorstop-style locks work well. They can handle a wide range of door stops and will easily store in your luggage or carry-on bag.
  • Try to avoid leaving valuables in your rental house or hotel room when you’re out. You won’t have your extra security lock to protect everything. You may want to use the hotel room’s safe or bring your own if you’re staying in a rental house.