Hatch Baby Rest Multi-Functional Custom Color Noise Machine

Last updated: December 7, 2022

If your baby or toddler has trouble falling asleep, this noise machine can help. It works with an app on your phone, so you can easily turn it off or lower the volume after your little one falls asleep without ever stepping foot in baby's room. The unit is also compact, so it won't take up much room on your child's nightstand.

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: Parents will love that this noise machine doubles as a night light.

In our analysis of 137 expert reviews, the Hatch Baby Rest Multi-Functional Custom Color Noise Machine placed 5th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Both night light and sound machine, Rest is designed using scientifically proven light colors that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production with white noise to aid sleep. Rest is fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from your smartphone. As your child moves from bassinet to big kid bed, Rest grows with your needs – first providing soft light for middle of the night diaper changes and nursing sessions, then alerting your toddler when it is ok to get out of bed in the morning. Reinventing bedtime to get your family a better night’s rest.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

You can control it all from your phone – you don’t have to crawl on your stomach like a marine in training to turn the light down
it is Wi-Fi-enabled and portable so you can take it with you when you travel.
The sound quality and light options for the Hatch Baby Rest are excellent and I actually love using the app to control it.
This device uses scientifically proven light colors that promote healthy circadian rhythms so your kids can enjoy a good night’s rest. It is also proven effective in stimulating melatonin production with white noise to help a baby or a toddler fall asleep. It uses the same principles as that of the Soundspa Lullaby that also has adjustable volume, plays lullabies and emits lights.
It's synced to my phone via Bluetooth, so I can make adjustments as needed without stepping inside her bedroom.
The Hatch Baby Rest is fully customizable and programmable to match your unique child’s sleeping patterns, and help train them to a sleep pattern that’s more healthy (like getting their full 8+ hours, instead of waking up at 4 AM).
The music and sounds that come out of the speaker are crisp and clear each time.
The speaker on the Rest is crisp and clear, and the digitized audio sounds realistic
You can even program the nightlight and sound to turn on when it’s time for bed (so you can say, “The light says it’s time for bed!”) and to turn green when it’s OK for your toddler to get up in the morning.
You can control the light and sounds remotely with a tap of your phone, or set automated times for them to turn on, so no more tiptoeing around a sleepy baby!
The Hatch Baby Rest also serves as a night-light and sleep trainer. The night light can be white or basically any color of the rainbow, and it has adjustable brightness. The sleep trainer aspect is a time-to-wake indicator for your toddler, which can be set to change night light colors in the morning after a certain time.
The Hatch Baby Rest combined all my children's needs in one adorable lamp: A sound machine, a night light, and a time-to-rise.
- Wired
This is a great grow with your baby product. The Hatch baby white noise machine offers a lot of value. You can use it with your newborn to develop a healthy sleep schedule and drown out household noises
It provides soft and gentle lighting if you’re using it during the middle of the night or bright and cheerful colors to help wake your child up from a nap or in the morning.
The Rest from Hatch Baby is a comprehensive sleep system that combines light and sound therapy in a device that can be accessed using any cell phone or other smart device.
- Tuck
In addition to the white noise machine, the Hatch Baby also gives off a soothing white light. The right light is important as screens and other artificial light can disrupt sleep as discussed by the Sleep Foundation.
This night light and sound machine is designed using scientifically proven light colors that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production with white noise to aid sleep. It is fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from your smartphone.
I also really like the time to rise alert which makes the light turn green to signify that's time for the child to wake up
As a sound machine, the Hatch Baby Rest is great. It has a plethora of options to choose from. Whether your baby enjoys traditional lullabies, the static of a television, or the chirping of crickets at night, you’ll have something to pick from.
The control panel underneath has your typical buttons such as power, forward and backward, play/pause, volume, and brightness. You don’t have to worry if you have a very curious child that might find out about these buttons. Hatch Baby Rest has a solution called the toddler lock so that curious hands can’t control and play with the device.
This Bluetooth-enabled white noise machine can be controlled through your smartphone using the app from Hatch Baby. Turn the sound machine off, set and control automated programs, or adjust the lighting—all without having to enter the nursery and disturb your sleeping baby. Parents say this is a major plus and a hard to find feature among white noise machines.
Easy to use and works great
The sounds are all soothing and unique to sounds found at home and in nature
This baby sound machine can be connected to your smartphone via an app, so you can be super sly about adjusting its settings without disturbing your little bub. This is especially effective for the first line of defense when it comes to soothing.
A major plus point for this innovative machine is its accessibility, as you can change brightness, color, sound and volume right at the tip of your fingers via its smartphone app.
One unique thing about this white noise machine is that it has a time-to-rise alarm for your kids to keep a good schedule for their bedtime. It can be programmed with your smartphone, which is very awesome and modern.
The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine with night light and Time to Rise technology is multi-functional as it combines all the best bits that any parent is looking for: peaceful lighting at night, gentle white noise, and even allows for waking the baby up for easy routine building.
It’s really to use. You can set it on automated mode or if you want you can control it via phone with the help of Hatch baby rest app. You can even turn it on manually. There is no need to wake up the sleeping baby.
This is a great item if you intend to use it for long times. You can use it as a white noise device for your baby when the baby grows up you can use it as a nightlight.
This device encourages better sleep for your baby which contributes to their general wellbeing. The device is a multi-functional one as it combines nightlight with the sound machine. You can also customize the color, brightness as well as the volume level.
One of the really cool things Hatch Baby did. with their sound machine was they put a metal touch ring on the top of the sound machine. By simply touching the metal ring you can turn off the sound machine or turn on and it will default to the last setting.
One of the nice features of this machine is that it has different sound options. I usually use the white noise feature at nap time and bedtime.
Easily the function that makes this sound machine our Best All Around White Noise Machine for Baby is the patent-pending Toddler Lock feature that prevents your toddler from changing the settings and makes the device more childproof. If you have a two year old, you know EXACTLY why this is important for a time-to-rise product!
The ability to control the Hatch Baby Rest from a smartphone makes life easier.
The Hatch Baby is very easy to use - whether you program it to turn on automatically, tap it manually for instant adjustments, or use your phone to control it remotely, it’s gonna take you very little of your time, either way.
The white noise function is the core feature of the Hatch Baby Rest device. It provides a steady hum of noise that’s perfect for helping little ones fall to sleep in their first months of life.
The night light and sound machine, Rest is designed using proven light colors that promote circadian rhythms and melatonin production with white noise to aid sleep. Rest is fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from your smart phone.

What reviewers didn't like

Even though it has a great selection of music and sounds, I wish I could play my music through it like an actual speaker sometimes.
I really wish you could charge it and go cordless. This would be especially helpful for parents of newborns who need to walk around with some light at night. But the cord is pretty long, so if you need to walk over to the changing table, change a diaper, and walk back to nurse in your chair (for example) it will probably reach. But I do wish it were cordless.
Physical buttons at the bottom of the device
If the app is being used by someone else, you can’t connect: If my husband is using the app to change the color of the night light, for example, I can’t connect as well and try to change things around at the same time.
The machine itself is sensitive to touches. Even if you accidentally lightly touch it, there’s a chance it could shut off.
Bluetooth functionality was hit-or-miss on our Android test phone
The Hatch Baby Rest must be plugged in to work.
It uses Bluetooth rather than wifi to connect to your smart phone, which means that the range is relatively limited (about 30 feet indoors); we never ran into an issue, but we have a smaller home.
Only one Phone can control the device at a time
It doesn’t use Wi-Fi to connect to the app to the device. Instead, it uses Bluetooth. This is an issue because Bluetooth’s range isn’t nearly as large as Wi-Fi’s. For example, if your child’s room is upstairs and you want to adjust the Hatch Baby from downstairs, you will have to move closer. Generally speaking, Bluetooth is only effective from around 2 to 3 rooms away. Depending on the way that your house is set up, this could either be a minor issue or a major one
The app may not load properly on everyone’s phone.
App can’t be used by two people simultaneously
Some sounds, for instance, the white noise is a little loud even in its lowest setting
The machine relies heavily on the app
A bit pricey
With a speaker built into the Hatch Baby Rest, it would have been nice if Hatch added the ability to stream your own choice of sounds or music from the device via Bluetooth rather than the built-in presets. However, I’m sure this would have added to the component cost and drive up the price of the device so the tradeoff may have been worth it.
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