Happy Healthy Parent Food Catching Silicone Baby Bibs, 2-Pack

Last updated: August 5, 2023

This baby bib offers excellent stain protection with its silicone material, and we love that this is dishwasher-safe and so easy to clean. The catch-all pocket along the bottom keeps food from hitting baby’s pants or the floor, which can be a game-changer when it comes to cleaning up. In addition, we love the fun, vibrant colors this bib offers and that it comes in pack of two.

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Key Takeaway: The catch-all pocket on this baby bib is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning up. The silicone is so easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

In our analysis of 84 expert reviews, the Happy Healthy Parent Food Catching Silicone Baby Bibs, 2-Pack placed 4th when we looked at the top 19 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Are you sick and tired of always having to clean stains from your baby’s clothes? Do you want an easy and time-saving solution for those messy mealtime accidents? Looking for a cute and adorable baby shower gift? Presenting The Ultimate Silicone Baby Bib By Happy Healthy Parent! Now you can finally save time, effort and above all, your hard-earned money with the most convenient and practical baby feeding bib set available! Raising a child is challenging enough without all the cleaning and washing and we know that! That’s why our stunning silicone bibs are here to make your life easier and your kid’s clothes stain-free! Our adorable silicone bibs feature a wide, stay-open front pocket that will save your child’s clothes from stains, drips and messy accidents easily! And the best part?The silicone we use is 100% waterproof, food-grade and stain-resistant, so you can rest assured that your cute bibs will not absorb any water or food! *On young babies, keep the bibs off the child’s skin as the texture of the silicone can cause mild irritation. Why settle for conventional, low-quality bibs when a safe, hassle-free alternative is available? The fun design and super-trendy colors of our premium silicone baby bibs will have you and your child thrilled! Designed with great attention to detail, the Happy Healthy Parent toddler bibs are soft, flexible and extremely practical! Plus, we know that your time is valuable, so our elite baby bibs can be washed with simple soapy water for maximum convenience! That way you won’t have to wash and dry your baby’s bibs.They’ll be always available! Meal time will become your child’s favorite time of the day!

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Large extended front pocket easily catches messes. Neck is adjustable for child's comfort and growth. Silicone easy to clean with a simple rinse in soapy water. Comes in a pack of two.
This Amazon bestseller is made of 100 percent food grade silicone and will help cut down on your laundry, thus saving water because you won't need to wash them like cloth bibs.
It is very easy to clean even by hands. Thus, saves water and time. It boasts 100% food grade silicone that resists any form of stain. It instantly sheds any messy material that your baby encounters. Another fantastic feature is the wide pocket that intercepts any food material, keeping the whole family clean and happy.
It's essentially a piece of soft silicone shaped into a sleeveless bib, and many of the reasons we liked it stem back to the material, which is BPA- and PVC-free. The adjustable neck band has four latches that are easy to secure.
It's made entirely of food-grade silicone — i.e. no fabric — so food and liquid doesn't get absorbed and it's easier to wipe clean. It's also dishwasher safe, so you can toss it in with baby's bowls and spoons
It is made from food grade silicone which is 100% waterproof and is free from BPA, lead and phthalate. It features a wide silicone pocket and has closure with snaps in the back. The neckband has buttons and slits that can be used to adjust the size to fit the baby.
Our top pick is this waterproof silicone bib by Happy Healthy Parent because it is affordable and effectively catches all food and spills and does not absorb water keeping your baby dry and stain free. It features a large catch-all pocket that contains all food and spills while staying open throughout. In addition, it comes with fun design and an array of colors and patterns that will buzz your child.
These bibs are very easy to clean as they have a waterproof rubber-like design that allows food and water to slide off easily. To clean, simply go to the sink with soapy water and the bib will look like new again. The wide pocket below stays firmly open and catches all falling food.
Easy & quick to clean. Sturdy front pocket. Flexible material.
Being 100% waterproof, these bibs will not absorb any liquids or food, so you won't have to worry about stains or odors. Rolling the bibs up also makes them super easy to transport around as they take up little room.
They’re incredibly easy to wash. Just wipe them down after use and they’ll dry in a heartbeat — they’ll be ready to use again in no time. For a more thorough wash, just throw them in the dishwasher and you’re done!

What reviewers didn't like

Child's hair can get stuck in neck adjustment. Prone to tearing.
Granted, the bib takes a bit more effort to put on the baby than other contenders that had Velcro neck straps, like the OXO silicone one, but the adjustability means you can use the bib as the baby grows and the silicone on the strap won't wear out like Velcro will.
Just keep in mind that it's bulkier than other bibs, so it's not one you'll want your baby to wear all the time.
Since it is made of silicone, it is not absorbent. This makes it less suitable for babies who are drooling and dribbling. The pocket can be distracting for some babies due to its width.
The material may irritate skin. Minimal neck space. Trouble lying flat.
Bib could be longer
It’s unclear if these are a substantially better value than a less expensive version like the PandaEar bibs above.
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