Handy Pop-Up Flexible Laundry Hampers, 2-Pack

Last updated: October 5, 2023

Handy Pop-Up Flexible Laundry Hampers, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Laundry Hampers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Laundry Hamper you should buy.

Overall Take

As a great value, this laundry hamper can collapse to take nearly no space, and pop-up to hold a full load of laundry. The handles are wide and comfortable enough to carry your load of laundry and an additional jug of detergent with confidence. During our testing, we liked that this hamper didn't need to be full to stand up straight. It's sturdy and easy to store.

In our analysis of 71 expert reviews, the Handy Pop-Up Flexible Laundry Hampers, 2-Pack placed 3rd when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

This lightweight hamper opens easily to hold a full load of laundry. It is constructed from mesh material; this permits air to circulate throughout the hamper eliminating moisture and typical laundry hamper odors. Two sturdy handles at the top of the hamper make it easy to carry in one hand, allowing you to carry along your detergent or other needed items as well. No need to figure out where to store a bulky laundry basket, this hamper folds flat. The frame on this hamper is flexible, so you can fold it flat for convenient storage when it’s not needed. This foldable feature makes it particularly useful for college dorms, camping, traveling, small apartments or anywhere space is limited. This mesh bag is also ideal to take along as a beach bag to hold your beach towels and toys. The sand will slip through the mesh, so you won’t find yourself taking the sand home along with you. The Mesh Foldable popup Hamper measures 14 inches X 24 inches. It is available in the following colors: black, white, red, and navy blue.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The hamper is extremely lightweight at a weight of 6.4 pounds. It opens easily and carries a load of laundry. The two handles at the top allow you to carry it using one hand. Apart from the lightweight design, the hamper’s frame is highly flexible, meaning you can easily fold it and store away conveniently, which is good for camping, college dorms, traveling or for small apartments.
Besides its heavy-duty construction, reviewers also note the hamper’s impressive capacity. “It actually holds more laundry that you would think by looking at it,” writes one, and another says, “I can transport both my clothes and large tub of laundry detergent in it without feeling like it will rip.” It’s not surprising that one reviewer says this workhorse of a hamper “makes doing laundry almost fun.”
At less than $10, this laundry hamper is really affordable. The laundry hamper is made with mesh material, so it’s breathable and will keep your clothes and towels from getting musty. You can easily transport this hamper as it has two handles for carrying, which makes it great for dorm students or those who have to use a laundromat. The hamper is also really flexible and can fold flat, which makes it great for storage and travel.
- Heavy
For lightweight use – even if filled to the brim – it’s a handy little hamper. My kids carry it over their shoulders like a bag to the basement laundry room. It's not bulky, is easy to use, and you can’t beat the price.
This is a fairly simple laundry hamper. It is easy to store when it is empty. It has 2 handles for easy mobility. Its black design is very versatile and fits in with most rooms. It is lightweight and is easy to either move around your home or move to another location.
The pop-up hamper comes in several colors, and when it’s unfolded, it measures in at 14" x 13" x 24". However, it folds up into a flat 14" x 13" for easy storage, and reviewers say it is simple to break down. The hamper, which has a sturdy wire frame, includes two fabric handles on the top for easy transport, and its mesh sides allow your laundry to breath to minimize odors and moisture build-up.
Two durable handles make it easy to carry this popup hamper to the laundry room. The durable mesh material allows air to circulate in order to eliminate moisture and odors.
When not in use, you can easily store the hamper flat to reduce space. In addition, it’s suitable for both men and women, due to the wide range of style choices. Due to its small size, it’s a top pick for college students who are new to dorm life as well.
This navy blue pop-up mesh laundry hampers are great for any room where you stay together because it is featured with the mesh materials which make the laundry hamper breathable to eliminate laundry odors and moisture. Moreover, this product is so flexible because it is lightweight and fold flat when not in use, yet it offers the full load of laundry with no worry of being torn or broken. It also has the roomy side pocket for storing detergents and two handles for portability.
This is a wonderfully lightweight mesh and wire laundry hamper. We recommend it as another space-saving product for dorm rooms and apartments. It’s collapsible from the sides, unlike the ring hamper mentioned above. So this is also a highly portable laundry basket you can easily store in your closet. It has a box-shaped design that can hold an incredible amount of clothes
No more messy closet or dirty clothes all over the floor; thanks to the Handy Laundry Mesh Popup Hamper. It is lightweight and spacious enough to enable you to carry everything you need to the Laundry room. This hamper has a flexible frame so you can fold it flat when not in use.
This laudry hamper can carry lots of items thanks to the very flexible and stretchy mesh that also provides good air circulation. The large openings also allow any water to drip away and chances of mold or bacteria are minimal. When not in use, it folds to a very small unit that can be stored conveniently.

What experts didn't like

Handles may rip over time and can’t hold more than one load of laundry
- Heavy
I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy-duty fabrics like jeans and blankets.
The mesh design might pose a problem for you if you like things to look nice and tidy. You can easily see through the design to the dirty clothing.

Our Expert Consultant

Kate Desmond 
Parenting Pro and Safe-Sleep Expert

Kate Desmond is a writer and infant safe-sleep expert. She has spent the last eight years working as the marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to educate families about SIDS and safe sleep. In that role, she travels around the country learning and educating caregivers and providers on the latest and greatest safe-sleep information to prevent infant death.

As mom to two elementary-aged daughters, she spends hours researching the best and safest products for her own kids. She is quick to get in the weeds with other mamas, and uses humor to cope with parenting woes from potty-training to teaching kids to read.


Dirty laundry has a sneaky way of piling up into small mountains for many of us that live busy lives or have large families. Being able to get those odoriferous clothes off the floor and out of sight is a must for anyone who wishes to maintain a tidy and pleasant living space between their laundry days. Clothing hampers are designed to help hold your dirty laundry. Some will have compartments to let you separate your clothes based on colors or delicacy while others are collapsible mesh containers with thin wire frames for those consumers focused on function at a value.

Simplemost Media

Size is a big factor when determining which laundry hamper is right for your needs, according to Kate Desmond, a parenting and infant safe-sleep expert and mom of two kids.

“I don’t know how or why but my family of four creates mountains of laundry with no summit, it keeps going and going and going,” she says. “The first thing I look for in a good hamper is size. It has to be large enough to hold all the clothes for an entire laundry cycle, be that a week or two.”

Simplemost Media

If you only have a small space to fit a hamper, or you live in a situation where your dirty laundry only piles up minimally throughout the course of the week, keep that in mind and find an appropriately sized hamper like the Handy Laundry Pop-Up Hamper which provides a simple solution to your needs. Alternatively, be sure to plan for a larger hamper if you have laundry for multiple people or you find yourself wearing multiple outfits every day between your job and workout clothes. Those needing more hamper space could look to a more oversize product that can hold two full loads of laundry.

According to Desmond, there are a few other key functionalities that help narrow down the search for the perfect hamper.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

“I am a big fan of a laundry hamper that can mask as a piece of furniture rather than something plastic that screams laundry,” she says. “I also really appreciate a washable liner. This helps keep things fresh and clean with a quick wash every so often.”

Taking these areas into account can really help narrow down your search. A washable liner can be very handy if you commonly fill your hamper with sweaty workout clothes or heavily soiled sports uniforms. Often you can toss the liner in with a similar load of laundry like towels so it’s as convenient and efficient as one could hope for. However, there is another step to take if you find your dirty clothes are putting off a quite foul aroma. Desmond adds:

“Beyond that, a good laundry hamper, for me, has two things: a lid and a divider. A divider makes it easy to separate lights from darks and delicates from towels without creating a million piles all over the floor on laundry day. The lid hides all the nasty clothes and wet towels and provides a nice little buffer between my nose and my husband’s sweaty workout clothes,” she says.

The aesthetics of a home product like this are something to take into account as well since this will be something that is generally in plain view in a laundry room bedroom or maybe even a bathroom. A cheap-looking plastic hamper will stand out against the nice finishes of a home and not necessarily draw any positive attention. Luckily there are beautiful hampers that have a natural and stylistic look.

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