HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack

Last updated: May 18, 2020

The HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack is a well-designed diaper bag with multiple pockets of various sizes. It has an insulated section that can hold three bottles. However, it does not include a matching change pad.

We looked at the top Diaper Bags and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Diaper Bag you should buy.

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Key Takeaway: The HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack has many pockets to organize all your items.

In our analysis of 204 expert reviews, the HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack placed 1st when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

3 About HaloVa Original Design No matter the appearance or the function, every detail is carefully considered from the design aesthetic to pragmatic use. Craftsmanship Excellent in workmanship and details, which meets or exceeds international quality standards. Premium Quality Using high quality material ensuring the long-term durability. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Classic Premium Leather Mixed-color Minimalist Camouflage Cartoon printed Color Multiple Colors Multiple Colors Multiple Colors Multiple Colors Multiple Colors Multiple Colors

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Made of a lightweight, sturdy, waterproof oxford fabric, the Land series diaper bag has a large, easy-to-clean interior with multiple elastic pockets, an inside zippered pocket, and lots of space for all of your baby’s gear. A zippered, insulated front pocket is designed to hold several bottles; there’s also an additional large zippered pocket in the back, a zippered tech pocket, and a wet pocket.
It has an outer pocket which is comprised of waterproof material to keep it from getting dirty, and it’s insulated as well to keep a few bottles at the right temperature.
Made from durable oxford fabric, which is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. With a large main compartment, separate storage pockets with insulation, and wet clothes pocket, you can put a milk bottle, water bottle, clothes, diaper, towel and more in their section.
A zippered opening allows you to access the bottom of the main compartment without having to dig through all the contents from the top.
It has a smooth interior for added comfort and nice straps for easy carrying. The materials of construction are strong and won’t fade, rip, shrink or expand even after long use.
The insulated bottle pockets are equipped with elastic straps that hold the bottles in place for less worry of spillage.
This product has been created with 600D oxford fabric which makes it water resistant and easy to clean. You do not have to worry about spilled milk or water.
The HaloVa Land diaper bag impressed us from the start with its stay-open top and its ability to stay upright as we dug through it. One of the external side pockets is designed to make tissues easily accessible through a slot, but we tried it with a pack of wipes and that worked well. The front pocket offers three insulated slots that will fit bottles up to nine ounces perfectly.
The main compartment and well-placed pockets inside and outside the bag make for easily organizing and remembering where your must-haves are.
- Slant
It is very lightweight, and can balance out the weight of the things that are inside.
I love the “fish mouth opening” design that allows you to easily rummage through your bag without having to unload everything. It offers access to your items from the top and also from a zipper located on the lower part of the back panel.
While the interior can hold up to three bottles, the bag is even equipped with an exterior side pocket sleeve that can hold another bottle or your travel water bottle (the other side is designed to dispense wipes).
It has an abundance of space, with two side pockets for water bottles, three insulated pockets for baby bottles and a large main compartment (that stands open on its own!) with even more pocket options wide enough for diapers, baby wipes, formula and more.
The best part is the use of water resisting oxford fabric.
It is fabricated with durable water resistant exterior that will wipe clean with ease. It has a large, deep main compartment that will store a lot of diapers and outfits, but it will also be easier to lose little items at the bottom.
It has many interior zippered and elasticized pockets for everything from pacifiers to stuffed animals. Rave reviews sing its praises including one that declares its love in all caps and goes on to say the bottom zipper gives easy access to items “without digging through the whole bag. Overall the bag is a huge lifesaver making traveling so much easier.”
It features insulated pockets for milk bottles, side pockets that can also hold a pocket or function as a tissue dispenser, a separate wet cloth pocket, a back pocket that allows you to access stuff at the bottom of the bag, and 5 interior pockets in the main compartment.
There are many organizational pockets.There are five internal pockets, three insulated bottle holders, and a convenient tissue pocket on the side.
The backpack is waterproof. Yes, seriously. If you don’t have your little bundle yet, you may be shrugging in apathy, but trust you me that waterproof (especially if you have a “happy spitter” like our Poppy) is a beautiful thing.
The back of the bag features a lower, outside main compartment to allow storage of wet or soiled clothing or other like items. The large inner main compartment contains 5 pockets for optimal organization. The backpack is made with waterproof oxford fabric and is available in 8 colors! Not too bad for a very affordable diaper bag!
It has a number of compartments and pockets which lets one easily store baby items and accessories with ease.
Ergonomic shoulder straps are a godsend on long walks. We’re not sure why more diaper bags don’t feature the pocket on the back of the bag, an easy exterior zipper that’s a great place to store things safely (i.e. not in a pocket with a zipper facing directly behind you).
This bag is made of high-quality, durable Oxford fabric, making it water-resistant and easy to clean. Therefore, it gives you confidence when arranging your baby items in the bag.
Its sleek design works for any travel situation, and the water-resistant fabric is easy to wipe clean.
The fabric wipes clean and is water resistant, making it ideal for all seasons and can withstand dirty diapers, messy laundry, and food storage.
We love this backpack because its more than a diaper backpack. It looks like a stylish everyday carry bag and can be worn on the bag or carried as a tote while still combining the space and functionality of bigger bags.
The materials used for this bag are so high quality. The waterproof oxford fabric is smooth to touch and is very easy to wipe and clean. So spilling milk, or getting it splashed with water is never a problem.
Comes in 7 different color options.
The material is of the best quality, and it is water resistant and easy to clean including the stains and spills of liquid you carry. There are separate compartments inside the bag to put specific items in specific places so that you can organize everything neatly and find them when needed.
This diaper bag is aesthetically appealing, and appealing on your wallet.
It is also easy to keep clean. If you or your baby spills on it just use a damp cloth to wipe it up.
It has a pocket at the back that makes it easy to take out things from the bottom without opening the main compartment.
If you are all about style then this backpack is the perfect backpack for you!
The bag is made from high-quality waterproof Oxford material that is easy to clean. With the quality material used in making the bag, it is bound to serve you for a long time.
The HaloVa is convertible; you can use it as a backpack or as a handbag, a fashionable yet functional choice indeed!
The Holava Diaper bag has a very big storage capacity that allows you to carry everything you need for your baby and yourself. The material is of very good quality and as a result, the bag is very durable.
The bag comes with a large capacity and features several compartments, insulated pockets, and storage pockets to put all your twins’ necessities such as towels, bottles, and diapers as well as your personal belongings.
The bag is very durable and allows you to clean it easily. You don’t have to worry about milk getting spilled in the bag as you can clean by just wiping it.
Additionally, the HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack also has a waterproof pocket for any wet clothes.
This is a modern diaper bag that doubles as a purse. It comes in 16 modern colors, and moms say it's surprisingly soft for such an inexpensive bag. You can wear this baby bag on your back or carry it as a shoulder bag.
One of the least expensive bags we tested.
LOTS of pockets – One of the best things for diaper bags, in my opinion, is pockets. I love to have things separated and in specific places- otherwise, I’m spending more time trying to find the item
So Many Colorful Choices– While some people may care about the look of their diaper bag, others will want to like the look of the bag they will be taking everywhere with them. This bag comes in 15 different colors and with such a low price, you can buy more than one.
Its really perfect. Main zipper part has DEEP storage and functional pockets.
The interior lining is easy to clean. The back pocket is also easy to access. The front outer pocket has 3 pockets with an insulated lining that’s great for baby bottles.
This bag is lightweight, sturdy, and made with waterproof oxford fabric. The inside is quite large and made to be easy to clean with elastic pockets. HaloVa added a zippered, insulated front pocket to hold bottles.
What we also love about this bag is that it stands on its own. No tipping, which is amazing if you are trying to juggle multiple items (or kids for that matter).
This affordable, waterproof diaper bag has plenty of pockets for storage and comes in several different colors! The HaloVa diaper bag is perfect for function and fashion!
Includes 5 interior pockets and several exterior pockets, including a wet clothes pocket that keeps moist items separated from the bag’s contents and a wipes pocket
With a total of 11 pockets, the bag remains well-organised, no matter what you stuff inside it. It has 3 external pockets, 1 bottle pocket, 1 tissue dispenser pocket, 1 wet cloth pocket, and 5 interior pockets.While you can use the different pockets according to your unique needs and preferences, they are all designed especially for those products and fits them absolutely perfectly.

What reviewers didn't like

On the downside, this diaper bag backpack doesn’t come with a changing pad, so you’ll need to provide your own.
Lining, while waterproof, rustles too much.
Some issues with seams ripping.
No stroller straps.
Stroller straps and changing pad are not included.
Some claim manufacturing could be better.
The main opening's zipper cannot be opened and closed using one-hand. Although it runs smoothly, there are angles at the bag's edges that requires you to hold the bag steady with one hand while zippering.
- Slant
The strap that goes on your shoulders has a rough texture and might cause chafing on the skin.
It doesn’t seem that any of the straps are actually removable. So, while you do get to choose whether you use this bag as a backpack or purse, all the straps will remain intact throughout.
Zippers can malfunction and you get what you pay for in terms of durability.
However, the bottle pouches won’t fit wide bottles and you can’t close the insulated pocket if you’re using tall bottles like Dr. Brown’s.
There are only two carrying methods.
Difficult to open the zippers with one hand.
Does not include a matching changing pad.
The quality could use some improvements.
The tissue side pocket removes any pretense that this thing isn’t for dads, and it’s also not the most stylish choice (even if it is crazy useful). There also isn’t a laptop compartment, so if you need yours on the go this isn’t a great choice for you.
Not all bottle sizes fit.
The shoulder straps sometimes does not sit comfortably on the shoulders and it can hurt when wearing it for a prolonged period of time.
Zipper for the small interior pocket is of lesser quality than outer zippers.
Shoulder straps uncomfortable with too much weight.
It doesn’t have a stroller strap but you can buy D ring separately to attach it to the stroller.
No stroller straps.
The shoulder or hand handles can also become uncomfortable if you’re going to carry this for long durations if it’s filled with lots of things inside.
Interior zippers are not that great.
This bag is cheap, but some moms feel it's also cheaply made.
The main zippered compartment opens up like the Skip Hop Mainframe, with a structured mouth that stays open on its own. But the Land’s opening is much narrower and less convenient to use. The bag itself is also one of the smallest we tested, and the three insulated pockets in the front compartment are meant for milk bottles and are awkward to repurpose once your kid has outgrown those.
Both side pockets are zipped – This is totally preference but I don’t like that both side pockets are zippered. I like to have an open side pocket for a drink or anything else for easy access. Sometimes, with my old diaper bag, I would put my wallet or phone in the side pocket and could access it while walking. Now, I would need to take it partially off my shoulder, unzip it, grab the item, and zip it back up.
Stitching Came Undone– A few reviews have stated that the stitching came undone, however, they have a policy to replace bags without asking questions, so this should not keep you from feeling comfortable buying this bag.
One thing to note is that the HaloVa doesn’t come with a changing pad, which is a bit of a bummer. It only has handles with no shoulder straps for strollers.
Straps are a thinner material with no padding.
Does not come with a changing pad.
It cannot be carried as a tote bag if the need ever arises.
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