Guay Angled Dustpan & Broom Sweeping Set

Last updated date: September 30, 2021

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Guay Angled Dustpan & Broom Sweeping Set

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We looked at the top Sweeping Supplies and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Sweeping Supply you should buy.

Update as October 1, 2021:
Checkout The Best Sweeping Supplies for a detailed review of all the top sweeping supplies.

Overall Take

This heavy-duty set includes an angled design and a stainless steel handle that's adjustable from 28-44 inches. It also includes four layers of bristles, a built-in scraper and a dustpan with a flexible lip that locks right on to the broom handle.

In our analysis, the Guay Guay Angled Dustpan & Broom Sweeping Set placed 2nd when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

COMPLETE BROOM AND DUSTPAN SET: “A clean floor starts with a good broom.” This amazing floor cleaning set comes up with an adjustable pole where the broom head is attached; it provides flexibility and convenience while cleaning. High Quality angled broom with layered bristles that sweep dust and dirt with ease. And a dustpan that leaves no waste sweeping right in the dustpan instead of under it. Perfect for home, kitchen, office and other surface floor use. ADJUSTABLE POLE HANDLE: The broom comes with a lightweight, stainless steel handle that can be adjusted from 28 inches up to 44 inches in length according to your height or depending on how and where you use it. The long handle prevents your body from bending and making it easier to sweep without stressing your back and waist. You can sweep comfortably just by standing upright. ANGLED BROOM: The broom has the 4 rows of premium PET broom bristles that provide soft and heavy-duty cleaning. Effective in sweeping without missing any dirt, dust particles, human and pet hair, and other floor waste. It has an angled design which is ideal to clean dead corners and hard to reach areas. It also does not absorb water that gives it longer service life. It features a small built-in broom comb for simple maintenance of the broom. SMART DUSTPAN DESIGN: The dustpan has a flexible lip that touches the floor so that dust, dirt and other floor particles will not be swept under the dustpan and will be collected easily without leaving any residual. It also has a built-in scraper on both sides of the dustpan for easy removal of unwanted hair and pet hair and also keeps the broom clean from excessive dirt and debris. Designed for your convenience and provide great results without problems. CONVENIENT STORAGE: The broom snaps directly to the dustpan and locks in place for upright, compact and easy storage. The adjustable pole handle has a hole for hanging storage option.

An Overview On Sweeping Supplies

For centuries, households have used simple brooms to keep their floors clean. Sweeping is simply part of the everyday chores list. But brooms are often best for picking up larger pieces of dirt and debris. For fine particles, you may find that different supplies are necessary.

Dust mops may help. Earlier dust mops could be challenging to maneuver, thanks to a taller profile and a flat-bottomed, rectangular head that might spin too much. They also required more maintenance to stay clean. However, in recent years, the popularity of lower-sitting, disposable floor cleaners has made dusting your floors easier than ever.

With disposable sweepers, you purchase a unit that includes the handle, shaft and head. Then, you’ll choose a pack of refillable dustcloths designed to use with it. When it’s time to do the actual sweeping, you attach these cloths to the head. Once you’ve used one, you’ll throw it away — and next time, you’ll always have a perfectly clean cloth to start with.

But don’t dismiss tried and true brooms altogether. You can find traditional-style brooms and dustpans that are better than what your parents and grandparents used. For example, they may have high-quality bristles that are layered and angled to help you pick up the smallest particles possible.

Why is fine particle collection so important? Of course, you want your floors clean, but your air quality also benefits. Dust mops have the power to pick up allergens like dust mite matter and pet dander. If anyone in your household has sensitivities to these allergens, this can be very valuable.

The Sweeping Supply Buying Guide

  • If your pets shed, regular dry mopping of your floors is especially important. Cast-off fur can degrade your breathing quality.
  • Small particles can also be bad for the finish on your flooring. Regular dust mopping will keep that shine from fading.
  • The build of the cloths made for dry mopping floors can vary significantly. Some are designed to attract small particles, which then cling to the cloth.
  • If you have a brand-name dry mop, you aren’t limited to the cloths sold by that same manufacturer. Many off-brand cloths will work with brand-name dry mops, potentially saving you money.
  • Some brooms have adjustable handles. This will allow you to find the most comfortable fit for you.
  • If you buy a traditional broom, you’ll also need a dustpan to go with it. Make sure you always store your dustpan with your broom so you’re not desperately searching for it when it’s time to clean.
  • Those cloths you buy for your floor mop can also be used on your furniture. Simply pull one out and dust by hand.
  • Most dry mops will work with a variety of floor types. Everything but carpet should be covered if you’re simply sweeping the floor without applying water or cleanser.
  • You can also buy wet mops that use disposable cloths and operate on a similar concept to dry mops.