Gramercy Kitchen Protective Pad Unpolished Granite Mortar & Pestle

Last updated: July 9, 2020

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In our analysis of 89 expert reviews, the Gramercy Kitchen Protective Pad Unpolished Granite Mortar & Pestle placed 8th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

mortar and pestle set gramercy kitchen company co We designed our mortar and pestle to work perfectly in your kitchen – with ALL the features you’ll need. Because of the thoughtful care we’ve taken at developing this product, this mortar and pestle set will quickly become your new favorite kitchen tool. The mortar and pestle is one of the oldest kitchen implements around – and was one of the few tools used in ancient times in cooking food. The flavors and aromas achieved when our seasonings are grinded and pounded are impossible to achieve with any other technique – modern food processors cut, but they can’t crush. Crushing changes and deepens the flavors fundamentally. But, even with all that magic happening – there are certain features that show up in some mortar and pestle sets that can make a mortar and pestle very difficult to use, and some features that make using it a joy. Our mortar and pestle was carefully designed to function perfectly. mortar and pestle set WE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING While other other mortar and pestle sets are small or lightweight, our solidly built set weighs about a hefty 5 pounds – keeping it in place on your counter while you work and ensuring a set that will stand the test of time – you’ll have this forever. mortar and pestle set COMES COMPLETE WITH GARLIC PEELER Because we know you’ll use lots of garlic in your mortar and pestle, we include a handy garlic peeler. Because crushing garlic in your mortar and pestle breaks down the cell walls, processing garlic with your m&p releases a whole other level of flavor in your garlic. And our peeler makes it super easy. mortar and pestle set A PERFECTLY DESIGNED SET We feature the most important feature that will make your work more efficient – deep groves on the inside of our mortar bowl. We’ve also included all the key other features that make grinding your favorite seasoning easy and quick – a deep bowl that will keep ingredients from splattering, a footed bowl which adds steadiness while you work. We didn’t miss a thing. We also made sure to design our pestle with a wide, broad head to grip as much as possible for efficient grinding and a tapered end for your hand’s comfort. Our pestle is also longer than others – which will keep your knuckles from banging against the side of the mortar while you work. mortar and pestle set NO SCRATCH, SKID PROOF PROTECTIVE PAD We’ve included a non-skid protective pad to keep your counter top safe from scratches and to keep your implement in place when in use. So you’ll get the benefit of having a hefty implement for long term use, and there will be no skidding around on your counters. TRY US OUT – WE BELIEVE YOU’LL BE THRILLED mortar and pestle set mortar and pestle set mortar and pestle set LONG PESTLE, LARGE HEAD FOR CRUSHING We’ve designed the pestle of our set to be quite long. Shorter pestles cause you to hit your hand on the mortar bowl when you work. The pestle has a wide large head that is machined to fit perfectly into the curve of the bowl. This makes sure that you can grind very efficiently as the large head grips as much as possible while the custom shape fits perfectly, making sure there are no areas where food will go un-crushed. LOOKS BEAUTIFUL ON YOUR COUNTER Not only is your mortar and pestle incredibly functional, it looks beautiful displayed on your countertop as decor. The classic look of GKC’s set will perfectly complement any decor scheme. We made sure our set item is perfectly functional and also beautiful. CARING FOR YOUR MORTAR AND PESTLE Caring for your set is easy. Our set comes with full instructions for how to season your mortar and pestle before its first use. Because our set is crafted carefully from real stone, a couple easy steps will make sure you’ll get the best possible life out of your unit. We include full instructions with your unit for taking care of this! TRY US OUT! If you are at all dissatisfied, we are committed to making sure you are happy.

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